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TimB_pedja: seeing the diff of my tmux config I have to say that the "new" syntax really makes sense12:31
pedjaTimB_, agreed13:29
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pedjaI keep misspelling 'colour', thou :)13:30
pedjain theory, when I change base16 shell theme, tmux should pick up the change too.13:34
pedjaI might just hard-code monokai as one true theme, thou13:35
pedjaAzure Beast server has 4Tb of RAM. how long does *that* take to reboot, I wonder13:37
pedjagreat talk by Mark Rusinovich(sp?) about Azure, btw. some cool technology13:39
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joacimwhgy tho14:20
joacimi dont care if it is better14:20
joacimnow i have to change a config that have been working for over a decade14:20
TimB_I dunno, but it wasn't hard to change all the options because it basically made three lines to just one with a basic pattern.. I wasn't too mad about it14:22
Anselmooh, blah14:40
Anselmois it not even backward compatible14:40
TimB_not anymore, it was until the last update14:41
TimB_ this is what it looks like basically14:42
joacimold way was easier to read14:43
Anselmomeh. it is what it is.14:50
AnselmoI'll probably put off updating for a while though . . .14:50
pedjahow complicated are your tmux configurations when you whine this much :) ?15:01
Anselmolike 20 lines, but there are a couple different configs for different classes of machines15:05
AnselmoI just dont like fixing computers so I will grumble if ever I need to15:05
pedjafair enough15:07
joacimnot as bad as awesome and their total rework of their config system =)15:43
joacimbut if i have to change a config that was already working, i'm going to be unhappy15:43
pedjaanyone else having issues opening
TimB_works over here16:56
pedjahm. can't open it now, and it worked a couple of days ago16:57
TimB_sounds like routing to me16:58
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