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TimB_finally fixed all my errors regarding R and RStudio, f'ing finally! \o/08:50
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MNKyDethAnyone here use Plex on Crux? There are .deb and .rpm installers but no source. Is it possible to run Plex on Crux?09:40
joacimthe server is proprietary it seems09:44
joacimhow about kodi?09:45
joacimthat's listed on portdb too09:45
TimB_I can recommend kodi as well09:49
MNKyDethI was mostly curious. I have my server on Ubuntu 18.04 and systemd keeps one core at 100% all the time. And makes my ram usage all weird. As in, very unusually high until I restart it. But the cpu and ram usage always comes back.09:56
john_cephalopodaMNKyDeth: You could check with htop what uses the core and memory.09:57
MNKyDethit's systemd it's how I usually check09:58
MNKyDethI'll look into kodi for sure.09:58
MNKyDethMy family is just currently used to Plex as it runs on all our devices. PS3, PS4, phones, tablets, computers.09:59
john_cephalopodaKodi runs on Windows Vista and later, macOS, Android, iOS, tvOS (Apple TV OS), Linux, Xbox One, and FreeBSD.10:00
joacimwhat about clients for kodi10:00
MNKyDethI'm currently looking at the kodi site. Yeah, trying to find what clients are supported.10:00
RomsterMNKyDeth, some failing service and systemd has OnRestart=on-failure set?10:01
MNKyDethThe thing that fixes it temporarily Romster is in this link.
Romsterstrange issue10:06
Romsterif that is correct there is a race issue10:06
Romsterbut since most things are SMP now... you shouldn't see much of this happening.10:07
MNKyDethI figured I would just move away from systemd on my server. I didn't have the issues with Fedora, but I wanted more of a server OS. Hence why I moved it to 18.04 Ubuntu.10:12
MNKyDethI mean it works, but it shouldn't use the cpu and ram like it is.10:12
MNKyDethseems Kodi isn't supported on the game consoles. Wonder if the wife would let me build a few htpc's. :)10:16
pedjainteresting. still can't open aframe.io10:21
pedjawireshark shows it resolves to cloudflare ip, and then nothing10:22
pedjaand direct access via ip is forbidden10:23
pedjaopens fine from server in another country :)10:35
pedjawth is going on10:35
pedjadns. of course10:53
john_cephalopodaDesoxyribonukleinsäure is the culprit.10:54
TimB_acid, please10:54
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Then it would be DNA, not DNS.10:54
TimB_you are right o:)10:54
pedjaadding quad9 magically solved that :)10:59
pedjait's nice to have access to a server on the other side of the continent for sanity checks11:03
joacimMNKyDeth: consoles tend to support DLNA dont they?11:05
joacimthink they should work with kodi if they do11:05
joacimi dont know what it is exactly. =)11:06
joacimsomething people use for streaming content to consoles i think11:07
pedjamedia sharing standard across various devices, apparently. neat11:16
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MNKyDethjoacim: I think so. Havn't really tried using it honestly. I should prolly test to ensure it works before hand.12:29
MNKyDethI havn't explored everything the consoles can do per say.12:30
pedjaapparently, is what the rich 1% like to use for mansion/yacht automation/media/etc12:55
Romsteryou can dlna to a xbox from a pc with movies on it.13:47
Romsterdid this for my brother before13:47
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jaegerI imagine plex would run fine if you have the proper dependencies installed18:20
jaegerYou can extract and install the deb or rpm version without too much trouble18:20
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