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pedjaDracarys indeed11:42
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pedjaif GoT finale sucks, I am preparing popcorn, Twitter is going to lose their fscking mind11:58
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frinnstjust remember not everyone has watched it yet :)13:00
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pedjayeah, I know, no spoilers :)13:12
pedjaDarth Vader cameo was cool, thou13:12
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pedjahim killing Dambledor was epic13:14
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tilmanjust remember some people may not be able to watch the season for months if not years ;)14:58
Anselmoall the more fun for those who wish to spoil it Im sure :P15:05
frinnstmonths sure, years? tough luck15:05
joacimturns out none of it was real and was just made up15:12
pedjatilman, in case of GoT at least, post-finale spoilers will be extremely hard to avoid15:15
pedjawell, not here, on the rest of the Internet :)15:15
AnselmoI dont even watch it or care and will probably hear them ^^15:15
joacimim sure monks living deep within some north korean mountain will have it spoiled for them15:16
Anselmoack darned phone service providers15:17
pedjaI started at episode 3 this season, after several years of not bothering watching15:17
pedjaI really don't care how it ends, tbh, not invested at all in it15:18
joacimlast time i watched, someone misplaced their sausage15:18
pedjais that a euphemism?15:23
joacimyes =)16:01
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TimB_< pedja> Darth Vader cameo was cool, thou <- god damnit! :D17:25
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stenurfaad2 2.8.8 with stdin pipe support! great, dropped my own compilation.21:13
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nepugiaHey, running crux on my laptop, have steam compiled, now half life 1 complains about not beeing able to set the local to en_US.UTF-8, i have tried to generate this locale with localedef -i en_US -f en_US en_US.UTF-8, however the locale generated is called en_US.utf-8 instead, the game after this still complains22:00
nepugiaam i running localedef wrong, or is there no difference between en_US.utf-8 and en_US.UTF-8 and i am just looking in the wrong place perhaps?22:01
TimB_I haven't fully investigated locales with steam either. if you don't call steam with en_US.utf-8 you also can't type umlauts, whichs sucks22:03
TimB_maybe a link could solve that?22:03
nepugiaI am not quite sure how the locales work, they seam to be put into an archive by localedef so i don't think symlinks can really solve it22:03
nepugiai suppose steam doesn't do UTF-8 if it uses the C locale instead, running it with en_US.utf8 does seam to work though, but then hl1 still doesnt set the locale correctly (and does not display and non-latin chars... had installed noto beforehand to try the korean version)22:04
nepugiaTimB_: yeah see what you mean, i cannot type and umlaute either within steams chat (even with en_US.utf8 set)22:06
TimB_nepugia: does hl1 actually doesn't run for you or is it just an error you see in a console window?22:10
nepugiaIt does run, it throws an error box about not beeing able to set it22:11
nepugiathe error warns about limited glyph support, and since all (non-latin) text is invisible i assume that it is correct with the warning22:11
TimB_no real idea how to tackle it. the game want's it in UPPERCASE and the locale is generated in lowercase?22:18
nepugiathe error box sais en_US.UTF-8 while the generated one is en_US.utf822:18
TimB_does ubuntu use other locale names?22:19
jaegerI define mine as you have above (localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8) and set it with 'export LANG=en_US.UTF-8' - haven't tested steam with it but that seems to work in general22:19
nepugiaHad that set initially, steam does not seam to behave :/22:23
nepugiaIt does work fine for my shell though22:23
TimB_it seems very much to be steam. also doesn't seem to play very nice with WM_CLASS or the like22:25
jaegerDoes it work anywhere in the steam client? Like in chat windows22:27
TimB_there was some github issue about it but they don't seem to care much22:27
TimB_not for me so far22:27
TimB_even with native runtime22:27
TimB_I think it displays them though when others send any. I don't remember scrambled characters. I just can't type any22:30
jaegeryeah, looks the same for me, can't type chars like รถ in any steam window but fine elsewhere (using compose key)22:33
jaegerThe interface can display them, can see a few in the language list under the interface settings22:35
TimB_I am pulling an ubuntu image to have a look what their locales are called22:36
stenurI would assume such names are normalized before use22:43
nepugiaPerhaps other applications do, Steam does not seam too, and some (or all) valve games don't either23:01
stenurnepugia: normalization? Thought more in direction C locale/iconv system.23:02
stenurBest not to look into that by programs; usually go nl_langinfo(CODESET) i would presume.23:03
nepugiasure, but isn't that call a glibc call?23:03
nepugiaas i understand it glibc does this normalization, but if other applications bypass glibc and do their own soup they might not get that normalizazion then23:04
stenurEven that is sick. IANA manages a database of character sets, with preferred names, MIME preferred names, but there is no way to access that by doing it yourself23:04
stenurnepugia: would say so.23:05
nepugiawell, whatever hl1 is doing it wants to get en_US.UTF-8, which indeed seams to be the 'proper' name23:05
stenuraccess that s/by/but by/ doing it yourself23:05
nepugianot sure why it does not accept en_US.utf8 as a substitute, but it does not :/23:05
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nepugiarunning it in proton works as a workaround anyhow23:21
nepugiai will later try to just copy the locale database from my (broken) debian install to see if the different casing really is at fault23:21
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