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pedjaHBO's 'Chernobyl' is amazing. terrifying, but amazing10:42
pedjaespecially if you lived thru that scare all that years ago10:43
pedjathose*. duh10:45
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frinnsthavent seen it yet13:04
frinnstI somewhat remember it happening13:04
frinnstalso when the swedish PM was murdered. I remember being angry because they cancelled the kids show the morning after13:05
frinnsteventful year13:06
pedjafrinnst, the event itself is not as scary as the sheer amount of stupidity, hubris, delusion and lies that followed13:07
frinnstyeah nobody in sweden knew why increased radiation was detected for a few weeks or so iirc13:14
frinnst wroom wroom13:15
pedjahow the hell am I supposed to get anything done with that playing :)13:39
stenurthere is sweden you had a lot of so-called russian u-boat sights too, in the 80s13:53
stenurWhen Fukushima happened a widely known german science tv-journalist presented a graph with radiation levels..13:55
stenurwhich started at an immense level in the 50s, coming down quick, and then there tschernobyl was a short little tooth peek only!13:56
stenurMaybe 15-20 percent of the plateau from the 50s!13:56
stenurThey seem to have bombed like totally insane back then.13:57
stenurI find it interesting that wild life returned so quick to this place. It must be paradise without humans, i have heard.14:00
stenurYeah, a lot of life, not only elder women which did not went away, but soars etc.14:01
stenur"Chernobyl exclusion zone, which covers an area now in Ukraine and Belarus, is inhabited by brown bears, bisons, wolves, lynxes, Przewalski horses, and more than 200 bird species, among other animal"14:03
stenurAnd even: "projects are trying to resume human activities in the area. Tourism has flourished in Chernobyl"14:08
pedjawannabe superheroes would be my guess :)14:08 I would not go, yes, i am not logical and abstracted enough.14:12
stenurAnd/But also not so "home" like the elder russian women which stayed.14:13
stenurLooks like a terribly undecided mess. Hm.14:14
stenurWell at least mother soar waved me through this morning even their kids where only two metres away, without attacking. Hm.14:15
pedja'IT Chapter Two' hype14:20
pedja'join us, you will float too'14:20
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john_cephalopodaI was in a park where they put up some "insect hotels", a bit like this:
john_cephalopodaThere were SO many insects, even though it was just a tiny thing.16:47
john_cephalopodaNow imagine what a completely unmodified and unchanged nature can do for insects and other animals...16:49
stenurI am astonished about your experience with the house. :-)16:51
stenurI hate insects except fewest. The only good thing about winter is that, has been said here on IRC, and i fully back that.16:53
john_cephalopodaInsects are extremely important.16:54
john_cephalopodaBees and bumblebees are a huge factor in plant pollination, wasps and ants clean up dead matter and help in composting, worms loosen the earth and make plants grow better.16:56
stenurYes, of course.16:56
john_cephalopodaRight now, the number of insects we find is at an all-time low. And it will have an extreme impact on our lives, if it can't be stopped.16:57
stenurYes. Not with our politics.16:58
john_cephalopodaMmh. Pesticides and destruction of natural habitats everywhere.16:58
stenurUnfortunately they are already building drones to overcome bees.16:58
john_cephalopodaThat won't work that well.16:59
stenurI am pessimistic; better green genes, better chemicals, and artificial bees for plant sex.17:00
john_cephalopodaWhen you take away an important part of the ecosystem, the consequences can be fatal.17:00
john_cephalopodaAnd the "better chemicals" are what brought us to this point.17:00
stenurChinese. Rats are no pest, they have heart and soul, are emphatic, are brave fighters, and very kind.17:01
TimB_it's like guns I think, not the chemicals problem, it did what it was designed to do ;)17:01
stenurAbsolutely!  And we do not know about them.17:01
TimB_crappy people brought us this mess17:01
stenurthose are getting rid of the human factor also, already. better than they ever did.17:04
stenurYoung men want to have their way; most native cultures try to deal with that somehow, we push them even further instead.17:05
stenurAlso one aspect of the mess. 20 year old moving more money a day than entire nations produce etc. in an entire year. That is not healthy.17:06
stenurI said that already when i was 20, i may say so.17:07
stenurOn the other hand lucky that i did not have to face ritual tortures when i was a young man.17:07
stenurAlso grazy, to see people having tattoos or doing those high jumps .. completely out and for nothing but fun.17:09
stenurBoth are originally also very painful rituals which bring together generations, villages etc.17:10
stenurAnd which generated trust, also in between generations.17:11
TimB_I dunno :^17:13
TimB_I just feel like politics looks away for profit and people just don't seem to care too much17:14
stenurPoliticians live in your neighbourhood, heh.17:15
stenurI mean, i think yes and no.17:15
TimB_not on vacation ;)17:15
TimB_I heard bahamas are supposed to be very nice17:15
stenurEverybody is thoughtless sometimes, we .17:16
TimB_no idea :)17:16
stenurMonotonie unter Palmen.17:17
TimB_I wouldn't know personally. I saw bits of our Neighbours, that's it17:17
TimB_he :P17:17
TimB_Ein Stillleben? (sorry :D)17:17
stenurIdeal song from Neue Deutsche Welle. Not part of Deutschunterricht no more :-O17:18
TimB_oh I see ;) alright17:19
pedjaGoT Season 8 episode 5 recap
TimB_lol, load 265 more images "ok thx" :D17:42
TimB_brutal episode though17:42
tilmankindly *sssh*17:42
pedjaforgot to tag that link with 30pt flaming red SPOILERS!!!!. sorry 'bout that17:49
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john_cephalopodaRelated ;รพ
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frinnstchernobyl.. fucking hell man23:34
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