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TimB_alandipert: hey, I just saw your github profile, you are involved with rstudio? I just pushed a port for it to my repo some days ago, would love some feedback if you are a user :)07:58
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pedjacynical part of me is pretty sure that the charts showing minimal impact of the latest vulnerability on Intel CPU's are carefully cherry-picked14:19
pedjaand again, 'no other vendor seems to be affected'. ffs14:20
Anselmono other vendor seems to be affected, just the absolute biggest one in the market by far ? :P14:27
pedjasounds familiar, doesn't it?14:28
AnselmoI mean, that sounds sort of like someone saying soomething just to say it and take up a bit of time or space x-x14:29
pedjaIntel is very quick to point out that other vendors are also vulnerable when they are14:32
pedjaseems only fair to mention the fact that only Intel is affected when that's the case14:33
pedja2/6 in /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities. meh14:37
Anselmobuut yeah. I do wonder sort of if tricks like this wont be the main place there's any hope for improvement in the comming years . . .14:42
stenurpedja: can we have the new Intel stuff in 3.5, please?14:57
stenurIt is so fat. Just sitting here and doing sysup.14:58
pedjastenur, it should be in 3.5 contrib14:59
stenurpedja: did not reach me yet then.15:00
pedjaah. it's not in 3.5, apparently15:04
pedjastenur, run ports -u, should be there15:07
stenuryiehaaa!  Thanks pedja!15:09
pedjanp, thanks for reminding me to push it to 3.5 too :)15:10
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joacimare we all rushing to buy Talos II systems now?16:03
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pedjaonly the rich ones :)16:28
pedjapower8/9 are cool and all, but way too expensive for most16:31
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pedjawendell is getting one :)16:34
pedjahe has built a nice system76 beast of the rig for esr16:39
Anselmoas far as security goes, I'm sure its safer generally just to get rid of things, not get new things16:50
Anselmopower's probably better than intel, but new machinesalways add new vulnerabilities ;P16:51
john_cephalopodajoacim: Only half of the world is buying Talos systems.17:14
john_cephalopodaThe other half was killed by Talos.17:15
john_cephalopoda;รพ (Marvel reference)17:15
joacimimagine the massive landfills of x86 crap17:15
pedjawith hw way modern then mine :)17:40
pedjathat's an interesting point, Anselmo. just how large is security research of Power platform outside IBM and their partners is a good question17:45
pedjaIBM does have some of the brightest minds around, but people building systems are often the last ones to see flaws in them.17:48
joacimi'm just happy to have some real free options17:49
pedjasimilar to Schneier Law in crypto :)17:49
joacimor at least free-er than much of what we have available now17:49
pedjajoacim, have you watched level1tech interview with one of the Talos engineers?17:50
joacimyeah, dont remember much17:50
joacimhad it on in the background17:50
pedjatheir work is impressive17:51
pedjaand they are more open then the latest fad, risc-v :)17:51
pedjasource code-wise17:52
pedjaif I were in money-no-object situation, I'd sure get one of those beasts17:53
Anselmojoacim: yeah, of course18:05
Anselmoseems like x86 is sometimes a horrible crufty mess, I'm just too much a cynic to beleive others will be too much better :P18:06
john_cephalopodapedja: There's tons of VHDL/verilog for risc-v.18:25
john_cephalopodaThe RISC-V ISA specification is also totally open.18:26
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