IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2019-05-18

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stenurI have a .footprint mismatch for gobject-introspection <- glib14:20
Romstercrux 3.4 or 3.5 stenur ?14:20
Romsteri'm i the process of fixing that14:21
stenurprima, thanks.14:21
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Romstergobject-introspection fixed in 3.5 stenur15:57
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pedjaone of the neighbours passed by carrying huge flowers. I wonder what he has to beg forgiveness for this time17:43
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stenurRomster: just perfect, thanks a lot18:18
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pedjasomeone *really* wants my irc nick.19:36
pedjafirst they tried brute-forcing the password, now they are trying with sasl certs19:36
pedjaalways the same ip block, owned by one of the local cable providers19:38
joacimwhat do you think they will do with it? =)20:42
joacimand it is a very common name?20:42
joacimsome swedish asshole once stole my nick on efnet20:42
joacimmaybe he is a nice guy idk20:42
joacimi asked him to give it back and he did =)20:42
pedjajoacim, I think they are after 'deus_ex' :)20:43
joacimoh. yu have too many =)20:43
pedjawell, they are fucking 10+ years too late to register it20:43
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