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jaegernot so far03:04
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pedja<GoT finale SPOILERS> cool episode </>12:59
pedjaI am glad Sauron and Batman finally got together13:02
pedjaotoh, only 2 episodes left for 'Chernobyl' :(13:03
frinnst3, no?13:07
pedjatonight's the 3rd, 5 episodes total?13:09
pedjamy math is way off13:10
pedjaregardless, too few episodes left ( I should've just said *that*)13:13
pedjabut I am looking forward to what will the series creator do next13:15
pedjawhatever it is13:15
SiFuhif any of you guys run the 'date' command alone without any flags, does it show up in 24 hour time or 12 hour time?13:44
frinnstm�n maj 20 15:45:10 CEST 201913:44
frinnstdepends on your locale13:44
frinnstis what I use13:45
SiFuhI use UTC13:45
SiFuhoh sorry13:46
SiFuhi read localtime not locale13:46
SiFuhfrinnst: thanks13:49
Anselmomine puts out 24 hours too, (using UTC)14:15
Anselmo(and en_US.UTF-8)14:16
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pedjafrinnst, looking to add another mech keyboard to collection?
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joacimcobra kai was a bit ok16:09
joacimi expect there will be a "he joins forces with daniel-kun" twist eventually16:10
joacimwhich i think would be the better ending16:10
pedja'bit ok'. is that was goes for high praise in .no :) ?16:15
joacim"i didn't immediately turn it off. 9/10"16:20
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pedjaheh. reminds me of a site that had user-rated tv episodes. 'amazing show, very fun. 2/5'16:32
joacimi think the 5/10 on imdb can be a mixed bag16:44
joacimlots of decent stuff that scored only 5/1016:44
joacimbut lots of unwatchable crap too16:44
joacimwe're buying these now16:49
joacimtoo much for a used bike, but found it there16:50
TimB_sweet crankset 8)16:50
frinnstJeg har syklet et par turer til og fra byen p� asfalt med den bare.16:51
TimB_at least it looks like it. for the price, should be16:51
frinnstthat's just sad16:51
joacimzip 7025. thats a 15 minute ride or so16:51
frinnstcyclocross is pretty mad16:53
joacimi dont watch the sport17:07
joacimbut wouldnt mind a bike in that genre for the comfortable rough asphalt we have around here17:08
frinnstthere are races available on youtube. fun as hell. its all just so wrong. they race during winter with "road bikes" on mud and features that are impossible to ride17:14
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pedjais this it?
pedjathese guys are nuts. respect17:43
TimB_oh no17:44
TimB_megavalanche is another level of crazy17:44
TimB_ <- try something like that :)17:45
pedjanah, I'll walk, tyvm17:48
TimB_they do walk inbetween sometimes :D17:48
pedjait would be more interesting if they were chased by rally cars17:50
pedja(I am not a bike person, can't you tell?)17:51
TimB_haven't noticed o:)17:51
joacima cyclocross megavalanche maybe17:52
TimB_ <- still love this run and the commentary :D17:52
TimB_"how can he sit down with balls that big?!" hilarious :D17:52
pedjalots of wind resistance, I suspect17:54
TimB_iirc, it was raining the complete weekend and the whole track was washed out17:54
TimB_this run made him champion :) everyone else slipped at least once iirc17:54
joacimwould love to find a nice long trail like that18:14
joacimwithout joggers and grannies with walking sticks18:14
TimB_if I had a garden lot, I would build a pump track there18:22
SiFuhTimB_: that was entertaining18:40
TimB_never fails18:41
TimB_legendary run haha18:41
frinnstredbull hardline is pretty fun to watch too18:41
SiFuh"How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big"18:41
TimB_as well as red bull rampage :) but it's madness man18:42
frinnstrampage is just fucking fucked18:42
TimB_some of the pros are complaining they are pushed to hard18:42
TimB_and I can agree to that, shit is just absolutely crazy18:42
TimB_SiFuh: legendary commentary as well :D18:42
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TimB_ rampage 2018 highlights18:43
TimB_starts 2:20ish18:43
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SiFuhReminds me of California Games DOS.18:49
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elderKHey, is anyone else having troubles updating gobject-introspection? Meson seems to be having troubles calculating the size of a char :)18:51
TimB_lol, nice commentary as well :D true18:52
TimB_elderK: have you checked revdep? there was something about meson, maybe you have to rebuild one of its deps18:52
TimB_updating worked just fine over here18:53
elderKHey TimB_. I'll rerun revdep and see if it complains :)18:54
elderKLooks fine - meson isn't listed.18:54
TimB_is anything else listed? :P18:54
elderKvirtualbox, libreoffice. They are always listed.18:54
TimB_about libreoffice, you could use my source based repo if you like, then it'll be ok for that part18:54
TimB_and I would still try rebuilding all of mesons deps in that case (I am a one shot type of guy: prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep meson`)18:55
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elderKThanks :) I'll give it a shot18:56
TimB_SiFuh: danny macaskill is an alien, dude18:56
TimB_like surreal type of level18:56
elderKI'll let you know how it goes.18:56
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TimB_elderK: alright sure18:56
elderKOn an off topic: Man, I did not get f-all sleep last night. Maybe like, an hour or so. It sucks, for several reasons. One of those reasons is there is this girl I'd like to meet up with, have coffee. But I don't want to look like the zombie from the Addam's Family :P18:57
elderK:P Nocturnalism is bad, peeps :P18:57
elderKIt is always a pain in the ass to correct.18:57
TimB_he, agreed :D18:58
elderKOn the bright side, I now have the Addam's Family theme song playing in my head :D18:58
elderKdo do dod doo click clik18:58
SiFuhTimB_: I wonder if Theo De Raadt wides like that18:59
elderKTimB_: Where should I ordinarily look to learn more about these kinds of issues, say with gobject-introspection. Other than say, blind googling?18:59
elderKI'm not very familiar with Meson, so I'm unsure of where to start poking around to solve such issues.18:59
TimB_SiFuh: lmao. he rides? I didn't know.18:59
TimB_you reckon is so full on? compared to all seen, I don't do that kind of crazy. I still want to live and be able to feed myself19:00
SiFuhNot sure if he doesn now, but he definately road back int the early 2k19:00
pedjaSiFuh, Theo of OpenBSD fame?19:03
SiFuhI always remembered it because I was a fan of BMX bikes, and found Mountain Bikes boring.19:03
pedjacool, didn't know that19:04
SiFuhplaces with good mountains.19:05
elderKTimB_: I rebuilt all of meson's deps, nothing changed.19:06
pedjawell, openBSD HQ *is* in Canada, plenty of mountains there, I hear19:06
TimB_elderK: can you post your build log?19:06
pedjaat least I think they are Canada-based19:06
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: That article... The line lengths... Wow...19:07
elderKSure, moment19:07
TimB_john_cephalopoda: even better that runs scripts from :P19:08
TimB_can't access pastebin right now because of heavy load?19:08
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: ;-) you can read it better with lynx in a console ;-)19:08
TimB_now it loads.. :)19:08
TimB_uhm, weird error elderK. have you tried building with another shell?19:09
pedjaonly issue I had with gobject-introspection update is python 3.6 vs 3.7 .footprint mismatch19:09
TimB_Romster: says WARNING: Unknown options: "gtk_doc" for gobject-introspection19:09
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: don't try, it is not that good.19:10
elderKTimB_: I don't have any other shells. I've tried as other users, though19:11
elderKJust to make sure my vars aren't like, confusing meson19:12
TimB_elderK: you are on 3.4 I suppose? no rc0 updated box, right?19:12
elderKGot it...19:12
elderKMy /tmp is noexec19:12
elderKIt's surprising how much stuff that breaks.19:13
elderKEverything expects tmp to be executable.19:13
elderKAnd when it's not, it doesn't often just tell you: "tmp isn't executable."19:13
elderKSometimes it does, say, for ffmpeg.19:13
elderKBut for a lot of other stuff: It just fails randomly.19:14
TimB_Romster: I also can't reproduce the error about gtk_doc on my machine. seems like a false alarm :)19:15
elderKI still get the warning, but no fail for char19:15
elderKThank you for your help, TimB_19:16
TimB_elderK: no problems19:17
elderKI wonder if it's safe yet to enable VT-d19:27
elderKI remember around a year ago, I wound up getting data corruption.19:27
elderKEver since, I've been weary of enabling VT-d19:27
pedjawhat virtualisation extensions have to do with data corruption?19:29
elderKpedja: I have absolutely no idea. I just know that it got me a bunch of IO errors at the time.19:30
elderKAnd I could no longer trust the sanity of my system.19:30
elderKSo, I reinstalled, etc, and decided VT-d was dangerous :P19:31
elderKI use NVMe, too, if that matters.19:31
elderKI remember seeing streams of errors in dmesg, but I didn't see them until muhc later, by chance.19:31
elderKSo, I couldn't tell what was corrupted, or what I was doing when data was corrupted.19:32
elderKOr indeed, if data was corrupted at all...19:32
elderK:P You see the problem.19:32
pedjaso basically you have no idea if those things are related :)19:32
pedjaenabling vt-d and data corruption19:33
elderKNot 100%. But I do know since I disabled VT-d, I never experienced those problems again.19:33
elderKI also remember googling at the time.19:33
elderKAnd finding enough evidence that it was connected to VTd.19:34
elderKGranted, this is a long time ago now. January last year.19:34
TimB_no idea how lxc handles that kind of stuff.. but I never had problems with virtualbox or qemu either in that regard19:34
elderKI also remember having problems with X11, too. But I managed to solve those, somehow.19:34
elderKThose problems disappeared with VT-d disabled, too19:35
joacimi will always be that 90s kid20:05
TimB_had the best soundtrack :)20:11
TimB_nice video too, good fun20:12
TimB_ Kranked 1 (1998)20:15
joacimmakes me wonder what they did for helmet cams back then20:20
joacimdoubt they had tiny gopros20:20
TimB_he :P I doubt you can ride well with an old video recorder taped to your helmet20:22
frinnstoh god they are riding with clips20:25
frinnstnow THAT is scary20:25
john_cephalopodaIn the bicycle movie you can see the camera guy as a shadow at some point.20:27
joacimcan see the entire setup right after the 5 minute mark i think20:27
joacimit is massive compared to modern standards =)20:27
john_cephalopodaHe is riding on the back of some bicycle or small motorbike, holding a big camera.20:27
TimB_right, 5:20 :D nice20:29
john_cephalopodaAt 1:54, too.20:31
john_cephalopodaOh, you mean the second video20:32
TimB_I see the shadow now too :) good catch20:34
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john_cephalopodaHeh, in the video "I won't let you down" by OK Go you can see the camera drone as shadow at some point.20:35
john_cephalopoda 0:58, upper right.20:37
TimB_drones are pretty much taking over :)20:44
TimB_ that one was also a fun one. strapping bate on your back and going for a downhill race while getting chased by a falcon for that bait on your back..20:46
TimB_of course: red bull20:46
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