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z3brahey guys!09:44
z3braQuick question, does any of you uses crux @work?09:44
TimB_I guess that really depends on the kind of work I guess? I am a full time student, I do. But at my work job we have to use windows for the companies special client09:45
frinnstI use crux as my workstation at work, yes09:49
pedjaAWS spin of ES
pedjasome context
pedjaI had no idea that Elastic is valued at 6B$. wow11:00
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z3brafrinnst, it's not too much of an issue to use?12:14
z3bra(regarding rather low package count)12:15
z3braat home, I can create Pkgfile for whatever I need12:15
z3brabut in a working environment, I can't imagine myself making ports for software I might need12:15
frinnstI dont really need that much12:28
frinnstweb browser, qemu-kvm, freerdp, email12:28
z3braqemu is for windows stuff I suppose?12:35
jaegerI've used it for work in the past as my primary workstation, was no problem for me13:49
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frinnstnot only for windows stuff13:56
Romsterz3bra, yes i use crux at work13:58
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AnselmoI work from home but I work also on crux14:46
Anselmobut most of my work software lately is basically just python libraries ;-;14:47
z3braI see14:51
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z3braI'd love to but I'm afraid I'll have to repackage many things15:24
z3braalso, webkitgtk upgrades...15:25
stenur_PAM probably is a good thing even. Hated it many years ago FreeBSD?.. But hey, maybe i just did not understand.15:25
stenur_I am out for CRUX everywhere now! Server VM is missing yet, still runs AlpineLinux. But i have only minimal GUI interests, i do not count.15:30
Anselmoah, well15:30
Anselmoas far as updates breaking things, this is why I have multiple computers15:30
Anselmoif I break my laptop I can just use my desktop while I sort things out ^_^15:31
ryuoACTION is reminded of the XKCD comic: "Why everything I own is broken..."15:32
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stenur_I am not protected against such. Very unprofessional. Should do a VM first, then go hardware. But no.15:33
Anselmoah, I tried to do that but I dont really care much15:34
AnselmoI can have a computer without a working webbrowser and this is fine, its rare that things actually break in a major way that isnt immediately obvious why . . .15:35
stenur_That reminds me of an IBM box on a hard disk assembly line, Mainz, Germany.15:35
stenur_Anselmo: almost.15:36
Anselmofor me, anyway, and for my uses,15:36
stenur_Anselmo: that IBM box leaked itself to death, with auto-reboot once in a while.15:36
AnselmoI do have backups of important files, and a fallback computer, for a reason :315:36
Anselmoleaked itself to death ?15:37
stenur_Memory leaks i presumed (regarding the xkcd comic)15:38
Anselmooooooh, I thought you meant that the timer eventually actually destroyed the computer15:39
stenur_I drive firefox in a separate user account only; two in fact, one regular browsing, one via ssh, that has passwords etc. for some things.15:39
Anselmobut yeah, something like that15:39
AnselmoI do exactly the same thing15:39
stenur_I do not come that far without browsing.15:39
stenur_Maybe i misunderstand the comic, haha.15:40
Anselmoone for 'trusted sites' and the other with javascript on a very tight leash and no real information15:40
Anselmoah, no I think I get what you were saying now,15:40
Anselmojust misunderstood the magnitude of 'death' in exactly that context :P15:41
stenur_And yes, BTRFS snapshots and backups i have.15:41
stenur_Yes, that is my browser layout exactly.15:41
Anselmoit sounds like we have the same computer15:41
stenur_Even two versions of Python there are here!15:42
Anselmofor now anyway . . . ..15:42
stenur_(i cannot find the cite of the young girl who committed suicide because of a "blighted life", over a hundreds years ago; maybe it was a Keyserling)15:46
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z3braAnselmo, which webbrowser do you use?16:07
z3bra(and everyone in general, on crux)16:07
Anselmolately, a mix of qutebrowser, firefox, and w3m, in that order16:11
z3bramy next job seems like they let their user install whatever they want on their laptops16:13
z3braso I was considering crux16:13
z3brabut I know that my workflow at work is fairly different from home, and I'm unsure I'll manage with a crux install16:13
z3bra'cause at work I sometimes need "big" applications, like virtualbox, or GNS3 whatever16:14
z3braand I'm afraid I'll loose time figuring out how to package them16:14
z3braor maybe I could use some lxc magic there actually :)16:15
stenur_i can understand the concern; lxc sounds like a solution, i still have not tried it; graphical performance could become an issue, i have lost track on virtualization efforts there..16:19
z3braI never tried to run X11 apps in containers though16:19
z3brano idea how feasible it is16:19
AnselmoI feel like I've seen some behave badly in certain cases, with that,16:20
Anselmobut not usually16:20
AnselmoI imagine all of them should be able to work with like, vnc16:20
z3brasounds like a pain in the neck16:21
Anselmocomputers are that way ~16:21
stenur_No idea. VNC, yes. I have tightvnc for my KVMs here, but it is a pain.16:22
z3brayou can technically access X11 over network16:24
z3braso I'll check that16:24
Anselmooh right, that too16:24
pedjaheh. AdoredTV is a tease. 12c 5ghz zen216:24
AnselmoI've never had issues with vnc for kvm/qemu machines,16:25
Anselmobut for things that are just containers, I dont often use anything gui so no idea16:25
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stenur_Seems like lxc can enable gpu access to containers.16:25
z3braor x11 acess even16:26
Anselmosomehow I doubt thats what you want though >_>16:26
Anselmocause then your main machine cant access it,espeically if this is a laptop that might be bad16:26
z3braI want an easy package manager16:26
stenur_tightvnc passes wrong scan codes, i do not know yet what is wrong.16:26
Anselmothe easiest, you just go online and find the packages and install them16:26
Anselmono special commands to learn ^^16:27
pedja'easy' in what sense, z3bra ?16:27
stenur_Anselmo: really? "
z3brapedja, stupid16:27
z3bralike crux's16:27
stenur_Shit. Me and IRC. Please forget that.16:27
z3brapedja, I like tarball-based pkg, and simple add/remove16:28
Anselmowell, *hopefully* the provider has good instructions, assuming his site is even still up, assuming the package even builds, assuming many things :316:28
stenur_Ment "lxc config device add guiapps mygpu gpu"16:28
z3bra^ that's LXD16:28
z3bra(more complex than lxc)16:28
z3bramy other solution would be voidlinux (to access more packages) but with my own pack manager (which is crux like)16:29
pedjalxd has a daeamon that talks to lxc?16:29
z3braI do like crux though, and would love to make it my daily driver16:29
z3bralxd _is_ a daemon16:29
pedjaah, OK16:29
z3brawhich you talk to with the `lxc` command16:29
z3braand it's a different beast than all the lxc-* commands16:30
AnselmoI mean, packaging is usually not too much trouble, I assume if you're efficient about it, you're not installing new massive gui programs every day I hope . ..16:30
z3braI hope...16:30
z3braI currently use both linux and windows side-by-side16:31
z3braso for heavy apps I just put them on windows16:31
z3braI have no idea how my new job will be16:31
Anselmocould you ask colleagues there/ see what they do ?16:31
z3braI'm waiting their emails already yeah ^^16:32
Anselmoor just see what they use16:32
Anselmoah I see, cool cool16:32
z3brastill, they seem to use the mainstream distros16:32
Anselmothat means someone has packaged it for linux, which is a good sign :P16:33
z3braI'll see when 3.5 is out ;)16:34
pedjago with the mainstream distro in the beginning, until you learn more about job reqs, imho16:35
z3braMy main problem is that I tend to use software that's not packaged, or need compilation16:35
z3braand crux helps a lot with that. Pkgfile are easy to write16:35
z3brapedja, I guess I'll do that16:36
z3braI have 3 month to make my own distro :16:36
pedjagood luck with that :)16:37
z3braI tried already16:37
z3braI have the package manager already, and most of the base tools16:37
z3braI fail packaging the compilation toolchain though16:38
z3brathat's another topic though ^^16:38
z3braAnyway, I'll report back when I start ;)16:39
z3brahope crux will do it!16:39
Anselmoand this just means you'd have to package _everything_16:39
z3brait's been my daily driver for ~5 years16:39
Anselmoat least crux has like, all of the qt stuff and things :P16:39
z3braAnselmo, yeah I know :P16:39
z3brawas kidding16:40
z3bragot to go16:40
z3brathanks everyone for your input :)16:40
Anselmogosh, I think I now may have used crux longer than any other operating system o_o16:41
Anselmobut this is probably the least weird irc chan for that to be the case16:43
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bit6treamHello. I decided to try CRUX. I'm now a Gentoo user. Will it be hard to move to CRUX?19:03
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joacimif you're already used to configuring and compiling your own kernel19:09
joacimit shouldnt be too hard to switch19:09
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joacimfewer packages too, but the Pkgfile format is very simple, so it isn't that hard to make your own19:10
joacimshould be fairly easy if you're already used to making or modifying ebuilds19:10
bit6treamI only used to configure the kernel19:11
Anselmothe gentoo package manager has a lotof configuration stuff in my recollection, crux's packages are much simpler and dont really have much to them19:13
Anselmojust simple buildfiles,19:13
Anselmobut its not hard to use19:13
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bit6treamIs there something like use flags?19:14
Anselmoin my understanding of what all useflags are for: no19:15
bit6treamThank you19:15
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SitriTechnically CRUX has psuedo-autodetected USEFLAGs19:31
SitriSince if you have an optional lib for something already installed, it'll use that when you build it19:31
pedjapro tip: don't mess with cflags/cxxflags, not worth the trouble, imho :)19:36
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stenurSomeone seems to skype. D-Netz. I better stop making noise today, ciao!19:39
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TimB_z3bra: there is a good lxc port around and a great script with which you can build crux images from release isos.19:45
TimB_z3bra: about lxc and running sshd with X sharing - works with some applications for me, haven't tested many but I had one I wanted to run which was producing weird errors I haven't dug into. But maybe it'll work better with an official ubuntu image?19:46
TimB_did kind of that emergency move some weeks ago. pulled an ubuntu image to get a working texlive environment, worked fine with texmaker :)19:48
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TimB_anybody here using amd vce hardware encoding?20:02
pedjais that amd's nvencode thingie equivalent?20:05
TimB_tried building handbrake with it but doesn't show the profile in the settings. according to the handbook it should be at least greyed out ~.~ well, haven't checked the build log yet if there is any, some weird python build script20:06
TimB_well, I mean, I read that gpu lacks the compression and quality ratio, but just brings in more speed. maybe I still want to stick with cpu encoding20:07
pedjadepends on what codec you want to use. for h264 at least, gpu encoding is stinking fast, afaik20:08
pedjaon nvidia, don't know about amd gpu's20:09
TimB_read that for amd it's h265 even20:10
pedjareally? nice20:10
TimB_from what I read I could expect somewhat around double the fps I get now with the said expanse. I wonder how big that is20:11
TimB_yeah :)20:11
pedjaiirc, handbrake ships almost all the libs that it uses20:12
TimB_it does20:12
TimB_one static binary20:12
TimB_guess I'll go with the cpu encode again. I am unsure about what to expect in terms of filesize and quality and if it's actually worth the hussle20:16
joacimany properly free search engines around?20:18
pedjaonly testing can tell you that, TimB_ :)20:19
TimB_I reckon duckduckgo20:19
joacimddg is nice and all, but proper free software would be better20:19
joacimi see they have some repositories around20:19
Anselmoyacy :P20:19
TimB_ah, well, no idea :) there was some dutch company I read about a year back I think?20:20
Anselmobut it wasnt good last I tried it, and <giantmessofjava> isnt really my cup of tee20:20
Anselmoor, erm, coffee I guess if its java20:20
pedjajoacim, I guess you'll have to start your own :)20:21 it was, not sure if dutch or not20:22
joacimit will be hosted on an amd geode20:22
joacimthose old 586-based ones20:22
joacimand take only one caller at a time20:22
Anselmoand startpate is just another google proxy isnt it ?20:24
joacimyeah i think so20:24
pedjahow are they profitable, I wonder20:24
TimB_I just read it too, no idea then20:24
pedjajoacim, well, google started in the garage too, so20:25
pedjaremember us mere mortals after you make your first billion of whatever funny money is used in .no20:26
TimB_ <- anyone tried searx yet?20:27
joacimwe trade in 96% moonshine20:27
joacimbeing illegal, it is also not taxed20:27
pedja'Hell's Moonshine'[tm]20:30
Anselmosearx is also just a way to access a bunch of other (usually not open source) search engines20:31
TimB_can I get some of that moonshine anyway? :>20:32
john_cephalopodaTimB_: I tried searx, it wasn't really great.20:34
pedjacomes with a voucher for liver transplant20:35
john_cephalopodaTimB_: At least their flagship domain had tons of downtime and timeouts. Maybe they upgraded their systems by now.20:35
Anselmothat gives me lots of confidence pedja :320:35
Anselmojohn_cephalopoda, its very easy (and sort of recommended) to run your own local instance20:35
TimB_john_cephalopoda: I just tried some searches. I don't know about it either. But a cool concept nonetheless, you can run your own instance
pedjaone of those fancy 3d printed ones, Anselmo20:36
Anselmoif you're willing to tolerate python :P20:36
TimB_and yeah, google com was actually blocking my query with an captcha, it just put a message on the side about it :D20:36
joacimwould be nice if it was an entire engine20:36
Anselmopedja, oh,and that shatters it again :P20:36
john_cephalopodaAnselmo: What is the advantage of a self-hosted meta search engine? When you are the only one using it, tracking your search behavior is trivial.20:36
joacimill write one myself, in go, this weekend20:36
Anselmomeh, if its an entire engine it has to keep databases and crawlers and lots of things that are quite expensive joacim x-x20:37
Anselmojohn_cephalopoda, well, you can use it with Tor if you're that kind of person,20:37
john_cephalopodaAnselmo: I prefer to use duckduckgo then. I can access it through Tor and my data stream is one of millions going out from DDG, so none of the meta'd search engines can easily track me.20:38
Anselmothis is also why I use ddg :P20:38
pedjaddg bangs are neat20:39
john_cephalopodaddg even has an onion service. I don't really need that, but it's nice that they got it.20:40
john_cephalopodaI used metager for some time, but they use some weird affiliate-link system that tracks you. I wrote them, complaining, but they didn't reply.20:41
john_cephalopodaIt shouldn't be too hard to index the most important data sources.20:42
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pedjaHuawei oversight board's annual report is an interesting read20:43
Anselmobaaaaa I mean, the internet is a big place20:44
pedjaespecially given the fact that Huawei is, afaik, building nationwide fiber network here...20:45
AnselmoI guess you could have a search engine for several ''important sites'' and what others you get, but I am not sure this wont turn into yacy or so20:45
Anselmothough probably better because you could at least organizedly crawl those sites, whereas yacy doesnt seem very orderly . . .20:46
pedjawhen Skynet rises, choosing the web search engine will be the least of our problems20:49
Anselmoits already among the lesser by a lot20:50
Anselmobut this is a computer forum, on the internet,20:50
joacimif you use google, skynet will know all your fetishes21:13
pedjait can easily fMRI my ass if it wants to know anyway21:34
pedjanot that I have any21:35
joacimseen worse fetishes21:35
Anselmomaybe it can tell me, I've never figured mine out :P21:37
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