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pedjaHello, Big Brother
pedjafun fact: when asked about this, the officials either lied their tits off or hid behind "it's classified" :)09:47
ryuopedja: what do you expect them to say? people won't believe them even if they tell the truth.09:49
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pedjawell, trust is built over time09:52
pedjaas the old Russian proverb says, 'Trust, but verify' :)09:53
pedjaand these are not internal systems, so 'security thru obscurity' or whatever they were thinking, doesn't apply09:55
druid_droid:O @ that10:00
frinnstholy shit its hot10:46
frinnstoutside temp: 38C10:46
frinnstsure, the thermometer is in the sunlight but still10:47
pedjacool 18C here10:52
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bit6treamCan I use more than 1 locale in CRUX?11:04
ryuobit6tream: there's no reason you can't define multiple locales, but CRUX has always disabled NLS in ports. what benefits it gives you will be limited.11:16
bit6treamNLS is a National Language Support?11:20
bit6treamI use en_US as my main but I need ru_RU too11:21
ryuogo ahead, but only one locale can be active in any given program at a time. you can finetune it via some additional settings, but each setting can only be set to one locale.11:22
ryuoE.g., using a different locale for time stuff, and such.11:22
ryuothis is a hard limitation that you can't bypass.11:23
ryuobit6tream: since NLS is disabled, the main difference will be in formatting. most ports will be English only due to the translations being disabled.11:25
frinnstanyone using ext4 and are on the 5.0 kernel might want to upgrade to 5.0.1811:25
ryuobit6tream: but if you only need russian for localization features like date & time, currency, etc, then this will probably suffice.11:25
bit6treamryou: I use russian language only when chatting and same thinkg11:26
bit6treamryuo: I use russian language only when chatting and same thinkg11:26
ryuook... input of russian is a separate issue.11:27
ryuoas long as you use a UTF8 locale, you should have no issues there, save for keyboard input.11:27
bit6treamOh. Thanks11:27
ryuoyea... the main things locales do is11:28
ryuoset the default charset used by libc11:28
ryuo(if the application uses setlocale())11:28
ryuoand control how certain formatting things behave.11:28
ryuolike what date +%r actually shows.11:28
bit6treamOk. I will try11:28
ryuoyou should only need a russian locale if you need translated messages or other locale specific settings to function correctly.11:29
ryuoinputting foreign language text is independent of this afaik. that's the domain of console or X input settings11:30
ryuousually handled by setting the correct keymap.11:30
ryuobut i have little experience here as i've always used US keymaps.11:30
bit6treamI'm not using CRUX now. I will try to setup it tomorrow.11:30
ryuoI imagine europeans would have a better understanding of how it works.11:30
bit6treamI know how to change layouts11:31
ryuoyou should be good then...11:31
frinnstits not a problem with utf8. just set your keymap and you are more or less good to go11:31
ryuothe main issue i'm aware of is non-localized text.11:31
ryuothings like dates should still be localized.11:32
ryuobut, you'll have to feel it for yourself to figure out what the ideal settings are.11:32
bit6treamHowever, I can set time by myself11:32
ryuoyes, by setting LANG or LC_TIME explicitly.11:33
ryuoi've never had cause to use this feature of fine grained locale control but it's there.11:33
ryuoi'd suggest setting LANG to your main locale and fine tune it as you find need.11:34
bit6treamI have my LANG set to en_US11:34
ryuoyou should define a utf8 locale. there's pretty much no reason to use the older charsets at this point.11:34
ryuoif you still find files from such charsets, iconv can help you out.11:35
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pedjafrinnst, what's up with ext4 and 5.0.x kernel?11:46
frinnstcheck the changelog for the newest kernel. lots of fixes11:56
frinnstsame with 5.1 it seems12:03
pedjaI have 5.1.3 built, just a reboot away :)12:41
pedjaswitched it to voluntary preempt, like that'll make a difference12:42
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kyaaa< pedja> switched it to voluntary preempt, like that'll make a difference <---- the only perceptive thing that I noticed on my lowest spec linux box is x11 crawling while redraw a moving window... this is window manager independent...14:26
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deus_exkyaaa, I've used low latency config forever, but one of the openSuse kernel people suggested voluntary for a desktop14:46
stenurpedja: war on all fronts. Huawei war. I hate our testicle-less politicians, i am more for "the future belongs to all".14:46
stenurI like what Bruce Schneier said in his last cryptogram: " For years, the US and the Five Eyes have had a monopoly on spying on the Internet around the globe. Other countries want in."14:47
pedjaChina made it into an art form14:47
stenur"As I have [9]repeatedly said[/9], we need to decide if we are going to build our future Internet systems for security or surveillance. Either everyone gets to spy, or no one gets to spy. And I believe we14:47
stenurmust choose security over surveillance, and implement a defense-dominant strategy."14:47
pedjanot gonna happen14:48
pedjatoo much money in play14:48
stenurWell, the Chinese are the only "big players" i know who could have ruled the world, but decided to burn their fleet and send the General in exile instead.14:49
pedjathey are playing a long game14:49
stenurever and ever again.14:50
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droidusI recently ran a ports -u then a ports -d, and it shows that there are updates available.  Is there any reason why these ports listed did not update?15:41
pedjaTimB_, for 4k/h.264 video, nvenc is faster 30-50% encoding, maybe more, but it has some lame defaults, so it's 75Mb (cpu encode) vs 1.4Gb file size16:00
pedjabut with some bitrate/profile/level tuning, can be a nice choice16:01
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TimB_pedja: wait, what? 75Mb to 1.4Gb?16:37
pedjaTimB_, yes. original mov is 1.2gb, so nvencode with default settings pretty much sucks when final file size is concerned :)16:39
TimB_lmao pretty much sounds like it :P16:40
TimB_haven't dug any deeper into handbrake and vce yet, but not sure if I should take the time :D16:40
pedjabut it's still 2.5min vs 1.15s for 30sec 4k clip16:41
pedjaon my c2d, thou16:42
TimB_I am reencoding for the filesize mainly so this a big no no for me :)16:49
joacimdo you ever think you made the wrong career choice? =)17:17
joacimshould've gone into making minecraft mods or furry commissions17:17
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