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bit6treamHi. Is anybody there? I need help.04:36
bit6treamI have just complied the kernel and keyboard does not work04:37
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newbie--test, have URL-bot that writes title from html?
frinnstnewbie--: you hacker, you! :p07:43
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newbie--test, URL-bot that writes title from html?
URLtitle[ CRUX | Main / HomePage ] - crux.nu07:49
URLtitle[ Internet for people, not profit — Mozilla ] - www.mozilla.org07:49
URLtitle[ Rubber and Mud Don't Mix | UCI XCO MTB Albstadt World Cup 2019 - YouTube ] -
frinnstwhitelist some URLs maybe? pastebins and such07:54
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newbie--okay, it is not showing title for https?://paste.* now08:18
frinnstgoodie goodie08:31
TimB_just a test for <nopaste>10:10
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newbie--no <title> tag for that URL, so no title posted here by URLtitle.12:13
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URLtitle[ CRUX | Main / HomePage ] - tinyurl.com12:26
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Romster i was gonna make a joke but it don't work12:41
URLtitle[ Long URL Maker - When tiny URLs aren't enough. ] - longurlmaker.com12:41
TimB_oh my god12:44
TimB_can't paste the url I generated for https://crux.nu12:45
URLtitle[ CRUX | Main / HomePage ] - crux.nu12:45
Romsteri know right :D12:45
Romsterbut if you paste it in the browser it says this service is suspended due to abuse12:46
TimB_who abuses that?12:46
Romstertrolls? can't even paste it on irc so... :D12:47
TimB_oh internet.. :D12:49
pedja, if you want to make a proper url shady, for reasons :)12:56
pedjashadyurl used to do that, but it's down, afaik12:57
Romsterhaha nope it works12:57
Romsteri would not wanna click that12:57
pedjaadds another layer to classic rick-rolling12:59
Romstersure does lol12:59
pedjapeople used to put links like that into qr codes, printed them, and put them over physical ads at the stations and such13:01
Romsteromg that would of been fun13:01
pedjamajority of qr code readers on Android don't have a preview :)13:02
Romsterah that would suck then...13:03
Romstergotta have the scare factor do i or don't i open that link13:03
pedjaiOS does, iirc13:03
Romsterwell so can scare some.13:10
Romsterbut how many know a qr code.13:10
pedjawhat do you mean?13:10
Romsterwell how many would go to to a random QR code and know it's a QR code and use there phone/tablet to scan it?13:11
Romstermust make one and stick it to a page to count ip and browser stats and find out13:12
Romstercongratulations you are the 99th person to scan this QR code13:12
pedjait's not random if it's on top of some ad for a well known brand :)13:14
pedja'for special discount, scan the code'13:14
pedjathat's fairly common13:14
pedjait's used already to gauge the effectiveness of the ad campaign or placement13:16
Romsteri see13:16
pedjapeople *love* discounts/special deals :)13:21
pedjait's a bit disappointing, really. some of the biggest computer systems on the planet are used so google and fb can push better ads to people13:28
SiFuhOh my goodness. I have been using X-Plane 10\11 flight simulator for over 5 years. Today I ran an update. I decided to fly the Boeing 737 for the hell of it. Never have I seen a plane blow up mid flight in the simulator.13:58
SiFuhI am wondering if the creators may have modified the 737 to fit with the stories on the news13:58
Romsterthat is sad, to think of all that hardware used for ads that could be put to better use14:13
Romsterthe not mentioned flight controller that kicks in when it thinks the plane is about to stall SiFuh14:14
SiFuhhang on I think I know what happened14:18
SiFuhYep I am right. I was shot down by an su-37.14:19
SiFuhI must be in dog fight mode :-P14:19
SiFuhSo to turn the tables. I have been shot at multiple times now. So either the combat pilots suck, or this 737 is awesome and maneuvering as I am slightly dodging the missiles14:37
jaegerAh, the 737, king of the dogfight14:38
SiFuhHey I am still going14:43
frinnstthats pretty cool14:46
SiFuh2 seconds later, out of RF range and plummits to the earth..14:53
frinnstyeah must be crazy hard to control14:54
SiFuhthat is actually awesome14:57
SiFuhcould you imagine if it was like made of tantulum or something and you could fly it through aircrafts like the octpus like weapons that Colonel O'Neil did in the Ancient Chair in Antarctica?14:59
SiFuhI'd be putting a licence plate on it and fly it past speed cameras to piss off the DMV15:00
SiFuhor DOT15:00
pedjaoctopus-like? you mean drones?15:02
SiFuhI still cannot believe I am flying a 73715:02
SiFuhleft handed dodging missiles whilst talking to you guys15:02
SiFuhhangon pedja15:02
Anselmosounds like a fun life to live :P15:03
Anselmodont die though, that would be a shame15:03
SiFuhyeah drones15:04
pedja'pilot's last thoughts before the huge crash were transmitted live on irc channel of the obscure linux distribution' :)15:04
SiFuhoh i got beer too15:04
pedjaone heat-seeking missile coming in15:05
SiFuhI though i was like Bill Clinton... Left hand holding phone, giving orders to bomb the gulf, Monica under table and a beer in the other hand15:06
SiFuhpedja: haha soon as you said that 2 missiles on approach15:07
Anselmomaybe I'm confused but I feel like it shouldnt be much a challenge for a good modern fighter to take down an airliner c_c15:11
SiFuhthe new bogie just shot 5 in one go..15:11
Anselmowhat is chasing you, like, 1950s fighter planes ?15:12
pedjaWright brothers15:12
SiFuhSU-37     one of the best combat jets ever15:12
SiFuhi think something is wrong honestly15:12
SiFuhmaybe there is a level of accuracy15:13
pedjamaybe they ran out of ammo, and throw rocks at you15:13
SiFuhpedja: Hahah15:13
SiFuhI am probably on Sissy mode or something  will look later on15:14
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SiFuhThe enemy skill is set to very hard and have 9 planes in pursuit.15:47
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SiFuhI don't know about passenger safety, but I am pretty sure most need to go to hospital due to my constant free falling, accelerated falling, and 360 degree rotations ;-)15:51
Anselmois the seatbelt light on ?15:58
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SiFuhprobably I just landed. I pressed G for landing gear and they never came down. So I caused more damage to the plane than the fighter jets. Still landed smoothly16:05
Anselmowell, landing gear-less landings arent entierly unheard of16:06
Anselmohope you all were alright :P16:06
SiFuhHaha  of course. I just assumed after pressing G it would do it. Landed llike normal. Went to Taxi to the gate, and the plane wasn't moving. So I looked outside and realized I am on my belly..16:07
SiFuhI landed in KL so I am hoping they don't charge me for damage of Airport property hahah16:08
Anselmoha ha ha16:08
Anselmoat least you're alive16:08
SiFuhI still can't beleive in a 737 I avoided being shot down by fighter jets, set to very hard. I still haven't been able to land a 747 on an aircraft carrier ;-)16:10
Anselmothat sounds like it might destroy them both . . . .16:11
Anselmobut, worth I try I guess16:11
SiFuhJust before you are about to land, the plane goes upwards...I am guessign they cut the code.16:11
SiFuhOh lots of fun...    Maybe if I do a take off from a carrier jet it will show they didn't cut the code16:12
SiFuhNope, they didn't I can start with a 747 on the catshot16:14
SiFuhnever seen a 747 on an aircraft carrier before16:14
stenurHm. Actually i have read a book called "Mayday" about, hm, 30 years ago. No, i changed school in class 10, must be even earlier: i held a presentation in the german lesson16:16
stenurterribly bad. This is why i did it, i loved the german film "Flug in Gefahr" from..16:19
stenur1964; fish intoxication, a good film and book.16:20
stenurUnfortunately the daughter of the main actor has committed suicide a few years ago..16:21
stenurshe was the "Lulu" in the still remembered set in Hamburg, beginning of the 90s..16:21
stenurOh. Already seven years!16:23
Anselmotime is weird16:23
stenuryes it is.16:23
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stenurHave to add the book: Nelson DeMille, Thomas Block; falsely targeted missile without warhead penetrates civil jumbo jet16:32
stenurdecompression except in toilets; all others now braindead zombies..16:32
stenurlong way to cockpit, pantyhose to (almost the end) hold cockpit door locked..16:33
stenurMan. Bah.16:34
SiFuhThai langauge?16:35
stenurNaaa. Thai is art.16:36
SiFuhBah in Thai = crazy16:36
stenurAh! Then that, too!16:36
stenurThat is, over there they build and start rockets as a hobby, don't they?16:37
SiFuhI often say Bah ti soot or Bah su soot    which means  most crazy in the world, or most fscking crazy in the world.16:37
stenurOh they do: Bun Bang Fai!16:37
SiFuhonly the rockets are in Yasothon province but they are childrens rockets for celebrating Buddha16:37
SiFuhYes that one16:38
SiFuhWow, not many people know about Ban Bung Fai16:38
SiFuhBan Bung Fai litterelly translates as home of explosive fire16:39
stenurOh. Hm. Hmm. Well, i have read books of good journalists when i was a young boy.16:41
SiFuhThai language is interesting because it is mostly backed by sounds  Onomatapoeia.16:41
stenurUnfortunately i have never been anywhere outside of Europe.16:41
SiFuhMost animals and objects are named by their interpretation of the sound it makes16:41
SiFuhI lived in South East Asia, North Asia and Central Asia for 17 years.. It has been interesting Journey.16:42
stenurUnfortunately. Unfortunately. I am only a Boche.16:43
SiFuhPig = moo, horse maa (high tone), dog maa (low tone), Sheep kae, Goat pae, Cat Maew, Catfish plaa dook (plaa is fish and dook is the sound of water when the fish see you and escape)16:44
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stenurMaybe i will find my buddhistic center in the future. Then maybe i can.16:44
SiFuha gun is  Peun and a bullet is look peun (baby gun)16:45
SiFuhpeun of course being the sound a gun makes16:45
stenurI keep that to the police and the soldiers.16:45
SiFuhGuns are legal in Thailand if you ahve a prvincial licence16:46
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SiFuhI shoot every Sunday because I beleive humans should protect themselves and not expect a government to protect you16:46
stenurI am afraid i would rather go with the same weapon King Bhumipol took around.16:46
SiFuha long dagger?16:47
SiFuhor the entire army of thailand and its people?16:47
stenurWorse. A camera.16:48
SiFuhyeah one of the most commonly used photos on a billboard has him with a camera16:49
SiFuhif you can't express yourself in Thai language.. it is best to never talk about the kind.16:50
SiFuhIf asked in English what you think about it hime (Very rare) say, he is a nice man, loves the Thai people.16:50
stenurOh if i would go then i would take time to see and hear.16:51
SiFuhnever give your personal opinion unless you like him16:51
stenurPeople who paid a lot of money and came back from far locations often have no idea where they have been.16:51
stenurThat is not for me. I hate tourism.16:51
SiFuhThere are people from Western countries that fit well in Asia, and there are others who don't belong.16:51
SiFuhFollow the rule of the Borg   assimilate16:51
stenurNono, i am a buddhist.16:52
SiFuhstenur: I am same. I am not a tourist there because I live and work16:52
SiFuhking is higher than buddism in a twisted sence of the situation even though he bows to buddist monks.16:53
stenurHe once said to farmers on new (former rainforest) land, who complained about the quality, "too many stones"16:53
stenur"if you would take up a stone every day, there would be no more stone to complain about in a short time"16:53
stenurmore or less.16:53
stenurNever forgot that.16:53
stenurAnd never will.  It is true.16:54
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SiFuhHonestly he wasn't the king that the Thais portrayed him as.. He was bound to many great achievements done, by many Thai common people because they chose to give him the glory. I wonder if he was French  :-P16:54
stenurMind you, a royalist i am in addition.16:54
stenurThough i have to say, the new king has a house in Bavaria, Germany.16:55
SiFuhThe son, another story.16:55
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stenurBut who am i. Yeah, the son.16:56
SiFuhanyways  even though the Thai king had been given glory from those who did the work, you have to think... Why were they willing to sacrafice their achievments and give it to the king? They must love him or fear him. But in many years of living there, they genuienly love him. So as it is, I accept.16:57
SiFuhsorry for a few miss-spellings16:58
stenurI think a king will meet the best of a country and beyond, from culture, science, religion, from childhood on..16:59
stenurmispelling don't mind16:59
stenurThat means more than most western people, including me, know.16:59
stenurHe hears very much, from childhood on.16:59
stenurAnd sometimes he can make something out of it.17:00
stenurNot often though, that would interfere human behaviour.17:00
stenurBut anyway, where is a western politician which has such deep bindings from childhood on.17:01
SiFuhImagine the burdon of being a king?17:02
stenurMust be tremendous!17:02
SiFuhand the Western politicians.... they are just idiots17:02
stenurI am afraid we have to carry the guilt of destroying life on earth, yes.17:02
SiFuhin Australia have some political debate like being in a court room... I watch it sometimes.. I laugh so much because in this channel alone, the people here can rule the world with logic. In that parliment session they are raving lunatics.17:03
stenurThough the Thai population also grew by factor ten or more in the last hundred years or so, unless i am mistaken.17:04
stenurWell, it is terrible. Unfortunately laughing does not come to mind.17:04
SiFuhstenur: I agree, and technology is the worst, laziness is second and third is military and forth is government and fifth is religion....17:05
SiFuhbut above that   money destroyed everything17:05
stenurok that makes me laugh.17:05
SiFuheverything to do with technology destroys something17:06
SiFuhand money destroys freedom17:06
SiFuhstenur: you plan to come to Thailand soon or later?17:06
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SiFuhtenur: you plan to come to Thailand soon or later?17:13
stenurSiFuh: i do no know17:13
stenurAh, sorry the D-Netz here is flaky if a lot of people do stuff.17:13
SiFuhmove to Kyrgyzstan17:14
stenurWell i would love to see a lot, but i am not alone and it must be doable.17:14
SiFuhthey have awesome internet17:14
SiFuhoh  sorry to hear that17:14
stenurTo where? Really? Hmm...17:14
stenurNo, why sorry? Hearts and souls are the most important things to me. I am lucky to be surrounded by them.17:15
stenurI do not live in war, or at least i do not live in physical fear myself.17:16
stenurNo greed, no freezing, fresh and clean water.17:16
stenurNature very damaged here so and quite a lot of weird people actually do exist here too. Though.17:17
stenurBut still. A very very good position, relatively speaking.17:18
SiFuhi live in asomething worse than war17:31
SiFuhdrug crazed and mental people... I have to sit in parking lots with my doors locked and windows slightly down17:32
SiFuhif I am in a Muslim country and see a man running with a gun at me shouting Allah Akbar, I know I am most liklely going to be shot... No offence to any Muslims. I actually live with Muslims.17:33
SiFuhhere you see or hear maybe nothing.. some dude walks up stabs you in the neck with a knife or a needle and waits till you die or laughs and walks away..17:34
SiFuhIt is a different war being un-fought17:35
SiFuhWhen we speak up about it the people/media/governemnt say 'oh, they have problems, but deep inside they are good people, on the wrong path'17:37
SiFuhcomplelety ignoring the fact that several people are bleeding to death or contains some STD as a result of it.17:37
SiFuhand yet AU at war with Japan and Japan comes and sinks a Red Cross Ship off the coast of Australia. Japan is eveil, they broke the rules of war.... What? Rules? War? Countries have rules when it comes to war?17:38
SiFuhI jsut got stabbed in the throat by a HIV syringe weilding drug addict and we must feel sorry for him because the drugs affect his life and not who he really is, and a Japanese navy ship bombs in war time a medical ship and they are evil?17:40
stenurSome even cry for Inquisition. It has been replaced by nothing, that is plain.19:27
stenurI cannot update file(1): connection refused. From two IPs.19:42
john_cephalopodaNobody expects the Spanish Inquisitions.19:47
frinnstsure they do. they even announced it beforehand19:53
frinnst</qi facts>19:53
AnselmoI think plenty of people have learned to expect the spanish inquisition at all times19:55
pedjathat is why they never come, the suspense awaiting them is way worse then any torture20:14
Anselmothe torture one may face after gods judgement should be sufficient, not sure why these people go around trying to do things beforehand20:16
Anselmonot sure I know what that means, but cool20:17
pedjanot watching Supernatural? now *that's* blasphemy :)20:17
stenurWhether god sees them in their houses or not, is likely the question today.20:18
stenurIn this house an elder lied died for two weeks.20:18
Anselmoah, heh, no, I tend to not keep up with modern television shows >_>20:19
pedjamodern? it's on air for a decade20:19
stenurOver the street around easter an elder man i know 10 days. I knew him a little bit.20:19
Anselmoits 21st century isnt it ? :P20:19
stenurShame on me: i thought he was italian, instead he was from Rumania.20:19
Anselmooh, thats sad20:20
Anselmohaha, when I meet italians sometimes in romania, I have to listen and think first, which dialect they are using20:20
Anselmoand then I realize its actually not romanian at all :P20:20
stenurLost his wife three or four years ago. One heart and one soul.20:20
stenurIt was his behaviour, you know. Wide open arms etc. etc.20:21
pedjathat's quite a list
URLtitle[ Release zfs-0.8.0 · zfsonlinux/zfs · GitHub ] - github.com20:40
pedja'SIMD acceleration is currently not supported for Linux 5.0 and newer kernels.'20:41
pedjaah the famous 'we don't care about out-of-tree modules'20:42
pedjathere is a patch that enables simd on 5.0+ kernels, with somewhat questionable legality, afak20:44
ryuowhat's with the new bot?21:11
ryuoand nothing. lol21:11
URLtitle[ xkcd: Effects of High Altitude ] - xkcd.com21:12
ryuoyep. it only cares about html evidently21:12
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Anselmooh, huh23:06
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droidusWhen I attempt to install python 3, I get this error: "rsync: link_stat "/crux-3.4/opt/python3/python3" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)23:12
droidusrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1659) [Receiver=3.1.3]"   Here is the command that I am running: "sudo rsync -aqz"23:12
jaegermakes sense, that's not a valid path23:14
jaegertry (note only one "python3")23:14
jaegerare you syncing ports manually rather than using the 'ports' command?23:16
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stenuraaaah. Kyrgysistan it was? (In fact i think it is a neat engineer student who can emit some electronic waves, my terrestrial television DVB-T sometimes goes too its knees, too.)23:36
stenurAnyway: good night, everybody (or good morning, wherever you are)23:36
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