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ashmHi there! Once crux has been installed, does It provide updated packages or do we have to upgrade those by the ports system?07:38
ashmI'm a bit confused from what i've read from the doc, can anyone shed light on this?07:39
TimB_ashm: Hi! You will have to compile them yourself, but the ports Pkgfile will be usually provided07:39
ashmI thought so, thanks TimB for your reply.07:40
TimB_np. You can have a look at the official repos here and there are user created repos as well07:41
URLtitle[ Git ] - crux.nu07:41
ashmIf you were to install crux-3.4 right now, how do you know which package to upgrade first?07:46
Romsterports -u07:48
Romsterprt-get diff07:48
Romsterprt-get sysup07:48
Romsterprt-get update <package name>07:48
Romsterprt-get help07:48
Romsterrevdep (from prt-utils)07:49
Romsterashm, ^07:49
TimB_that's about it :)07:50
Romstersysup sorts out dependencies for you with one exception it wont install new dependencies if a port gets altered for new dependencies. prt-get tree <port name> will show if any are missing in [ ]07:50
Romsterwe have a mailing list for keeping track of notifications for such changes07:50
ashmok, thanks for the tips, i'll write them down and give It a try later07:51
Romsteralso 3rdf party ports can be installed into /etc/ports/07:51
Romsterhttpup rsync and git files along with the pub key for signify07:52
Romsterif they use .signature07:52
Romsterand edit /etc/prt-get.conf for 3rd party ports in prtdir07:53
Romsterif the documentation is confusing maybe some parts need to be re-written07:54
ashmThe doc might be  just fine, English is not my mother tonge, so sometimes I don't get It right07:57
Romsterah, mind me asking what your native language is?07:58
Romsteri only speak english, but some in here speak a few different languages07:59
ashmI come from France08:00
ashmanyway, you've been nice and helpful, you've been cleared things up for me.08:00
Romsterah welcome from France, I am Australian :)08:05
ashmHi Aussie08:06
ashmI'll get back to you when i'm done screwing up my system ;-), see you guys later!08:09
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Romsteri lost count how many times i've done stupid stuff and broke my system. but i've always fixed it after09:27
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Anselmogosh, its been a while since I actually badly broke mine16:58
Anselmomight should reinstall anyway sometime cause I've let it get a little messy . . .16:59
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stenurMy failed file update from Thursday was too restrictive port range; 32768-60999, wants higher, never hit me in the past, hmm.18:54
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