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john_cephalopodaIs there some template for ports that use git for their sources?19:03
stenuri have some19:03
stenurthat is, i use additional variables to store the git sha-119:04
stenuri have searched the port repos before doing that, as good as any19:05
frinnstI think I have some examples on how NOT do do it :-)19:05
frinnstthe horror19:05
john_cephalopodaSome packagers clone into the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR when it doesn't exist yet, else they do a hard reset on the sources.19:06
stenurThe big hosters all offer reproducable balls via special URLs.19:07
john_cephalopodaThat way you don't have to clone a dozen times, you just update the version.19:07
stenurWith the full autoreconf cycle?19:08
stenurJust today i have actually read a mail on bash-bug i think it is,19:08
URLtitle[ crux-ports-git/Pkgfile at master · 6c37/crux-ports-git · GitHub ] - github.com19:09
stenurnewer auto** stuff seems to enforce new POSIX things, "rm -f" without args19:10
stenurauto** says " we want to be able to make that assumption"19:11
stenur"So use an aggressive probe"19:11
stenur" See automake bug#10828"19:11
stenur"cause the running configure to be aborted  by default if the 'rm' program in use doesn't match our expectations"19:12
stenurBut cool that Pkgfile, other than that. git has improved its shallow handling, i did not know that?!19:15
stenurBtw. This re-shallowing seems like something great for the git ports driver, no? Especially contrib.19:17
stenurI have a "null" branch without files for all my local repos. Not "bare", but without checked out files.19:30
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