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pedjaNice job, Asrock.
URLtitle[ M8 auf Twitter: "ASROCK Aqua X570 これにする… " ] - twitter.com11:13
pedjaat 1000$, it's a (very) premium m/b :)11:13
pedjax570 Taichi will sell like hotcakes, methinks11:16
pedjaIt's interesting to see people freaking out that 'entry-level' high-end chipset m/b are 200+$/€11:17
pedja'too expensive'. no, it's not, if they are using quality parts and chipset doesn't suck now that asmedia is no longer making it :)11:21
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frinnstwow more RGB plz12:56
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pedjasaid no one sane ever :)13:35
pedjasome say it's a way for users to 'artistically express themselves'.13:37
pedjaI say 'open Blender/Krita, and show me what you got artistically, mofo'13:37
ryuopedja: these days, the dumps you take are artistic.13:38
pedjamaybe I am just jealous that people can afford new toys :)13:39
ryuoi've wanted to make an APU2 router for awhile now.13:39
ryuothey now offer enclosures with enough antenna holes to make a proper dual band router.13:40
pedjayou can always drill more holes yourself :)13:41
ryuoright. i'd rather have it precut if it's an option.13:42
pedjafair enough13:42
pedjahave you looked at ubiquity stuff? maybe they have something nice in that price range13:43
ryuopedja: doubt it. they've always been more expensive.13:43
ryuobesides APU2 is rather unique.13:43
ryuoi was wanting more than just a router. most of theirs were only routers that I could tell.13:44
pedjaI think someone here has apu4c, or something like that.13:44
ryuofrinnst probably.13:44
ryuoironically i think i'm going to have to import the APU parts as the ones I need are not sold by any redistrubutors here.13:45
pedjawhere is 'here'?13:45
ryuoNorth America.13:45
pedjaah, another 'Merican :)13:45
ryuosome are, but the stock is very limited.13:45
ryuoand they're like 50% more than what the price is if you order direct.13:46
ryuowhat's up with that?13:46
pedjaare they affected by that trade war with China?13:46
ryuodoubt it.13:47
ryuothey've been like that long before it started.13:47
ryuothese come out of Taiwan or Switzerland.13:48
pedjaso, with price and taxes, it's still cheaper?13:49
pedjato import13:49
ryuopedja: i would assume so.. the price for the APU2 boards are around $100.13:49
ryuoeven with shipping, it'll probably be cheaper than ordering domestically.13:50
ryuoeven if i have to pay import duties.13:50
ryuothough i rarely get hit with them. apparently they're usually only for large shipments.13:50
pedjalimit here is 50-70€, I think13:51
ryuodomestically they run $150-$170 before taxes.13:51
ryuoassuming they even have your model.13:51
ryuojust for the board13:51
pedjahow's the warranty work in that case?13:52
URLtitle[ PC Engines RMA instructions ] - www.pcengines.ch13:53
pedjaapu2.d4 is ~220€ at the local distributor13:58
ryuowell, import isn't an option for EU places.13:58
pedjanot in the EU (yet)13:58
ryuo" PC Engines products are available through distributors and directly from PC Engines. Because of unbelievably bureaucratic recycling regulations, PC Engines will NOT sell directly to end users within the EU. "13:58
pedjaimport duties and vat add about 30% to price14:00
ryuois the cheapest variant they have.14:00
ryuoit's essentially the apu2d2 but minus an ethernet port.14:01
ryuo$95 USD base price14:01
ryuoApparently 85.22 EUR right now14:02
ryuoimagine that...14:02
ryuoEUR trading below USD for a change.14:02
ryuoNo wait.14:02
ryuook, nevermind.14:03
ryuomeans we pay more.14:03
pedjaafaik, you generally pay less for hardware then EU14:05
pedja200$ part in US is often 200€ in EU :)14:05
pedjacurrent exchange rate is 1.1114:07
frinnstswedish SEK is weak as hell $ is crazy expensive at the moment14:16
stenuryeah, we ship our trash to india, and africa,14:36
stenurme and i irc, i get grazy. was not meant to be committed. (ciao)14:37
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