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ryuoThat was one weird visitor.03:06
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joacim"i am bubbly, very friendly person"11:11
joacim"i fucking hate cs majors lol"11:11
joacimat least he laughed about it =)11:12
druid_droidhello crux'rs, I have a problem with one peculiar laptop, crux 3.4 boot until it start's copying rootfs then hangs11:18
druid_droidOther systems don't even boot, I even tried other systems but they don't even boot.11:19
druid_droidwill install crux on usb, maybe...11:20
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jaegerdruid_droid: just hangs without any kind of error?13:51
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druid_droidjaeger: yea18:10
druid_droidI installed crux into a usb and don't even show grub, I was thinking to configure pxe server once for all18:11
druid_droid(: will continue configuration of pxe server, I have some notes here,
SatoshiBot[ Hive Wiki | Main / Pxeserver ] - hive.gnu.systems18:13
druid_droiddon't yet checked if crux wiki have any article about it,18:14
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jaegerhrmm, no idea what that might be without errors to investigate, sorry18:34
druid_droidI will try with PXE, computer is a "magalhaes" with atom 450, is 64 bit capable right ?18:36
jaegerSome atoms are, some not. I think the N450 is but I'm not sure18:41
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druid_droidI tryed your i686, thinking if I should try or just configure PXE and then try many18:50
druid_droidis possible to boot a crux system using pxe ?21:39
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druid_droidWOW it boots :d21:45
druid_droidit fails to find the media, I was able to mount a usb, now I'm coping iso to anotherone and with the disk on it.22:14
druid_droidthe page about configuration will stay ... incomplete :P22:15
druid_droidif it finds the installation media then hangs on copy rootfs, the option is to connect the usb later22:24
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