IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2019-06-01

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pedjabalenaEtcher detects all usb sticks I've tried, Thunar just one. wth14:44
pedjavarious usb ports, usb hub, it doesn't matter, it's always the same, it reliably detects only one14:46
pedjaone with the crux install on it, btw :)14:46
frinnstugh, half dead14:52
frinnstjust rode a track that I used to ride when i was 15 and ~55kg. crazy amount of roots and rocks14:52
frinnstmy fat arse bounced around like a pinball14:53
pedjafrinnst, attach GoPro to your helmet and upload that to Youtube :)14:54
frinnstnah it would be depressing14:54
frinnstalso no hills here so no fun speeds14:54
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frinnst14K in about 50minutes. not impressive :-)14:59
pedjawell, we could put some lasers on a drone chasing you, that might improve the time15:02
pedjanow *that's* a reality show I might actually watch :)15:05
joacimI sometimes find jumps around here, but never any actual mtb tracks15:38
joacimevery single path in the woods is full of normie hikers and joggers :(15:38
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frinnstthere's just one designated track where i live17:42
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pedjabefore I took the netbook apart, none of the keys worked. now, some of do. occasionally. yay, progress23:14
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