IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2019-06-02

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pedjayou know the internet is slow when I have to switch yt stream to 360p20:50
pedjaand even takes a while. ffs20:51
pedjaeven that*20:51
joacimgot internet issues here too21:13
joacimsome sites are just horribly slow21:13
Anselmothe trick is to know which videos you will want to watch next week, and start them downloading now21:26
Anselmothen my the time you want to watch them they're already here :321:26
pedjaIf I could see the future that way, I wouldn't waste it on that, but on next weeks lottery numbers21:26
Anselmoah, haha,21:27
pedja300k€ would be nice :)21:27
AnselmoI always did this for like,films to watch, as often it would take me days to download21:27
Anselmonever much been one for youtube though21:27
pedjawell, yt, generally, doesn't suck at the evening, like the rest of streaming sites I may or may not visit21:31
Anselmoah, haha,21:31
Anselmoin the dormitory I once lived in this was very fun :321:32
Anselmobut I never much watched anything there,21:32
frinnstgoogle are having major issues22:00
pedjaskynet finally woke up?22:03
SatoshiBot[ Google Cloud Status Dashboard ] -
pedjaGCE crapped itself, I guess. talk about self-healing22:07
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