IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2019-06-03

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MNKyDethInstalled rc1... Pretty much just a base install at the moment. Did a full recompile just to test of all installed packages. No issues here.05:16
MNKyDethInstall went smooth for me.05:17
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pedjaspam from Finland, in Finnish. that's a first12:42
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pedja600kb ISO attached is a nice touch12:44
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pedja'Betalningsbalans för sista månaden försena'12:49
pedjaKorean/Belgian company forwarding an email from Finish boat construction site. wth12:50
pedjaI don't rememeber buying a yacht12:55
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pedjathat's not something that'll just slip your mind12:55
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pedjait's a win32 spyware, according to virusTotal, and less then half of AV detect it, apparently.14:04
SatoshiBot[ VirusTotal ] - www.virustotal.com14:05
pedjaboth companies from the e-mail seem legit. interesting.14:10
pedjaKorean IoT vendor and Finnish boat yard or something like that14:13
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stenurshortcircuit also had problems via HTTP this afternoon.16:27
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ryuoshortcircuit shortcircuited?16:32
stenurSeems so.16:36
stenurHmm, http works again.16:38
stenurMaybe i should just run irssi on my internet VM, then ssh into it when i am online.16:43
stenurBest would be an IRC thing into which one could attach and detach, like tmux/screen, but for IRC.16:44
stenurOr just look around for a logger and put that online while myself offline. Hm.16:45
ryuoyou realize there's a program just for that...?16:46
ryuoIRC bouncers. the most notable one is ZNC.16:46
stenurOh yeah?  No i have no idea!16:46
pedjaACTION finally fixed netbook keyboard16:48
stenurryuo: IRC bouncer!16:50
pedjawell, 'fixed'. it was bent out of shape slightly and the flat cable somehow de-attached16:51
stenurBut none seems to be in the ports, why so?  Is it considered bad style?16:51
jaegerznc is in the df and nullspoon repos16:53
stenurWell, i keep it on my list, shortcircuit has been good enough for me all this time.16:54
stenurjaeger: i have to track more repos.16:55
pedjajaeger, you still run portdb-ng :) ?17:01
pedjaI'd suggest adding it to channel topic, even if it semi-official or whatever17:02
pedjaif it is*17:02
tilmani thought bouncers are for people who don't have proper local accounts w/ ssh access17:08
stenurpedja: portdbc, ok.  Looks good!17:09
pedjaACTION never used irc bouncer17:12
pedjaI am one of the peasants, using GUI irc client, not irssi master race :)17:15
tilman"are you from the past?"17:15
pedjaTraveler 328717:16
pedjaoops, that was supposed to be a secret. damn17:17
ryuopedja: ABORT ABORT THEY'RE ON TO US17:18
dbrookeI use WeeChat (was irssi, but WeeChat has an android remote client app) in screen on a VPS17:18
pedjatilman, don't recognise the quote17:19
pedjadbrooke, you from UK? hence the VPS :) ?17:19
pedjaweechat is cool, I have it installed, but never got around to setting it up.17:21
dbrookeI am from UK, but the VPS is mainly because of web and email hosting (it's in London)17:21
pedjawhich vps provider? linode?17:22
dbrookeyes, it's running Debian17:23
pedjaah, Debian, one of the few major distributions I never played with.17:25
pedjaI seem to prefer rpm-based distros, for some reason.17:31
dbrookeI used Debian almost exclusively from around 2000 until systemd - old history at
SatoshiBot[ David Brooke - Linux ] -
dbrookethat website is "from the past" 8-)17:34
pedjanever heard of
SatoshiBot[ MCC Interim Linux - Wikipedia ] - en.wikipedia.org17:37
pedjacool :)17:37
stenurdbrooke: WeeChat seems also very interesting, its relay module in particular.17:38
tilmanpedja: the IT crowd17:38
tilmanpedja: roy, to be exact. don't remember the context tho17:39
pedjatilman, I really have to re-watch it again :(17:39
pedjait's been a while17:39
tilmanheh, the quote is from the first 5 minutes of s01e01 ;D18:00
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jaegeryay for working on servers halfway across the world21:00
jaegerspecifically erasing disks, heh21:01
pedjaso if something goes wrong, field trip :) ?21:07
pedjaI hope they are not in Antartica21:07
jaegerThese are in Germany... and fortunately they're dells with iDRAC Enterprise21:10
frinnstis "car bingo" a thing in other contries?21:28
frinnsttake a pich, park a bunch of cars and then a speaker system reading out numbers. cars honk when they get a bingo21:29
frinnstI can hear it from a fucking KM away. who the fuck plays bingo in the middle of the night?21:29
jaegernever heard of it, sounds very annoying :P21:29
frinnstyes. very much so. and fucking pointless21:30
frinnstit might not even be a thing in the rest of sweden either. probably something my semi-retarded town thought up21:30
joacimdont think ive heard aboput that here in norwryhgay21:35
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