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MNKyDethInstalled 3.5rc1 on my laptop this morning. All went well on that too.01:57
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ryuoMNKyDeth: just keep an eye on it to be sure it doesn't start making a ticking sound.02:29
MNKyDethTicking sound?! Lol could only be the fan. I only have ssds in my machines except my server. And that doesn't have Crux yet. Something wrong with the kernel or something else?02:54
MNKyDethI did notice the boot was nearly instant. Having the quiet parameter set on the kernel line.02:55
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SiFuhIs there a more recent version than 3.4  I am trying to upgrade 3.4 but it has 3 package footprint errors.11:30
SiFuhgettext 0.20.1-1 attempted upgrade from complaines about missing libgettextlib.a11:31
SiFuhand rust 1.35 from 1.26 and libinput 1.13 freom 1.10 also has footprint mismatches11:31
TimB_SiFuh: depends, if you are missing files I would look into that, new files I would just ignore. there is an rc1 for 3.5, you can check that out if you want12:00
SiFuhI got libinput to compile12:04
SiFuhbut the rcl sounds like a good idea12:04
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MNKyDeth@SiFuh you get the 3.5-rc1 iso? Need a link?12:13
SiFuhlink  yes please12:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: firefox: 67.0 -> 67.0.114:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: update to 1.24.014:38
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pedjawell, damn. 8core 3.5Ghz cpu's are considered to be 'bargain bin' these days, apparently :)14:57
pedjaadoredtv is not impressed with ryzen3000 8 core parts14:59
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pedjathey boost only to 4.3+ Ghz, no 5Ghz :(15:00
pedjalots of armchair chip designersCEO's/engineers in the yt comments, too15:02
pedjaare people really complaining that, according to Buildzoid at least, x570 m/b don't seem to suck? 'they are overkill'. ffs15:04
pedjaI have a sneaking suspicion that the gamers and 'enthusiasts', whatever the hell that means, over-estimate their influence.15:07
pedja'boo-hoo, I have to buy intel 9900ks, because 5ghz, because I want the best!!!!'15:08
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pedjaso VRM that won't catch fire is 'overkill', and 'MOAR RGB' isn't? I really don't understand the mentality.15:10
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joacimthink the only thing i dont like about zen2 is the motherboards16:26
joacimi really dont want another with a tiny shitty fan16:26
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ryuojoacim: system fans or cpu?16:29
ryuojoacim: if it was system fans, i'd wonder what the motherboard has to do with them being tiny.16:30
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joacimthere is a tiny fan on the chipset on most x570 motherboards16:35
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pedjato keep the chipset cool when you have nvme raid-0 mostly, according to buildzoid. I am waiting for reviews to see what's that all about16:44
joacimi heard someone claim it was due to the PCIe 4.0 stuff16:45
joacimthe chipset is a bit more power hungry than the older ones16:45
joacimwould be nice to see the performance difference between x470 and x5716:45
pedjaonly thing that can push pcix-4.0 to a limit are nvme drives, afaik, so it makes sense16:46
joacimstrange to see storage being the one thing that can push PCIe to its limits16:47
pedjaamd is making chipset themselves now, iirc, asmedia is no more involved16:47
pedjawhy is it strange? those things can use quite a bandwidth, no?16:48
joacimplatters and 1 Gbps networking was nowhere near pushing PCIe to its limits16:50
pedjaidk, all those fancy ssd/nvme/whatever thingies are out of my reach, so no playing with them atm :)16:50
joacimnow we get these fancy new SSDs16:50
joacimyeah the cassette drive on your C64 is more than fast enough =)16:51
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: less: update to 55016:51
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: curl: update to 7.65.116:51
pedjait will be interesting to see if gigabyte m/b are a go-to for x570 this time around.16:53
pedjaseems they took it seriously enough16:54
pedjayay, new libvirt actually builds now.16:57
pedjaI do have to build it twice in a row because it still links some stuff to old libraries, but still, progress.16:58
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pedjainteresting read
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