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rmullI'm getting two packages that are depending on /usr/lib/ (openjpeg and libgphoto2) but I don't see that any package provides that file (prt-get fsearch Any suggestions?11:28
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juelibjpeg-turbo switched from autotools to cmake with release 2.0, thus the libtool file no longer exists. Rebuild everything that has in it's own *.la files11:43
jueuse this to find the affected ports ->
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pedja'usr/include/c++/7.4.0/cstdlib:75:15: fatal error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory'. wth15:08
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SiFuhno one has a port of Virtual Box anymore? Last person to create a port was Brian?17:14
jaegerI use the binary release, low effort :)17:29
frinnstqemu here17:33
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SiFuhjaeger good idea17:36
SiFuhfrinnst i don't like qemu17:36
SiFuhjaeger: do you know what Per is doing these days?17:38
stenurACTION ..happy to have it again..17:38
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TimB_has anyone here contact with BPM workflows profesionally and would mind saying a sentence or two from an "inside perspective"? My study group and I are looking for a quote to use on how it affects businesses18:03
TimB_(I know, long shot, but we try not to reuse the textbook quotes)18:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: linux-firmware: update to 2019051419:15
jaegerSiFuh: I think he's still at oracle doing java magic20:39
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