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SiFuhjaeger: it works because it is wrong. anyways if I comment out  /sbin/start_udev then I can go from init 1 to init 2 by using contrl^d05:43
SiFuhI will look into it later05:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: extremetuxracer: 0.7.4 -> 0.7.509:54
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SiFuhjaeger: How about this   I added a new line in /sbin/start_udev at number 17 and left rc.single untouched as CRUX original.10:48
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BurnZeZIs there a way to dsearch ports from ?16:31
BurnZeZThe web search thing16:31
SiFuh Sorry, what is a dsearch ?16:39
SiFuhoh sorry I think maybe spelling mistake16:41
stenurAm i expected to say portdbc now?  Only searches names not descriptions though.16:47
BurnZeZAnother thing is that I need to enable real-time scheduling for JACK but not sure how to set this up16:49
john_cephalopodaBurnZeZ: For actual real-time, you need a real-time kernel.16:50
BurnZeZHahaha what16:51
BurnZeZAh, you mean REAL time16:52
BurnZeZBut how strong are the guarantees anyway?16:52
john_cephalopodaWhen you are using a real-time kernel, they are strong guarantees. When a deadline is not met, that is a critical system failure.16:53
BurnZeZSounds difficult16:53
BurnZeZPlan 9 does real-time some weird way16:53
john_cephalopodaFor dsearch - what kind of package are you looking for?16:53
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: what is a dsearch ?16:54
BurnZeZI’m not sure how guaranteed Plan 9 realtime is, honestly16:55
SiFuhBurnZeZ: Plan 9? You won't get what you want from Plan 916:55
BurnZeZ9front has been my primary OS for years16:56
BurnZeZThe real problem is getting what I want from another OS16:56
SiFuhBurnZeZ: Ok, I step back.16:56
BurnZeZprt-get has dsearch16:57
BurnZeZdescription search16:57
BurnZeZAs opposed to just port names16:57
SiFuhthank you16:57
BurnZeZjohn_cephalopoda: Just looking for things I don’t know that exist16:57
BurnZeZSearching descriptions with varying keywords is a good way to find interesting things16:58
BurnZeZSometimes footprints too16:58
john_cephalopodaIf you want to do some music stuff with JACK, take a look at the DAW qtractor. It has a pretty nice system for MIDI editing, which is better than ardour's. If you just want to record audio, audacity or ardour might be the better choice.17:00
BurnZeZjohn_cephalopoda: The problem is running jack realtime as a user17:20
juermull: btw, wasn't it me that helped you with the issue? ;)17:22
jaegerit was17:24
BurnZeZAh, I fixed that locally17:24
BurnZeZForgot to mention it17:24
SiFuhjaeger: On my own system I ended up modifying 3 files, I modified lines 19-20, 66-67, 100-10217:28
john_cephalopodaBurnZeZ: I didn't change any settings and JACK runs just fine.17:54
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rmulljue: Omg! It absolutely was!19:05
rmullI got it wrong the first time I said thanks as well19:06
rmulljue: Thank YOU. jaeger you can keep the thanks because you're a generally decent sort.19:06
frinnstyep. both jue and jaeger are awesome :-)19:10
jaegerthanks for the vote of confidence. :)19:32
jaegerSiFuh: ok, will keep it in mind next time I take a look at init19:32
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