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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: dbus-32: 1.12.14 -> 1.12.1611:19
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raph_aelhi, a bit of a newb question, I did ports -u and prt-get sysup, and have cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory error, I'm getting hard time to get over it, if anyone knows, thanks12:15
raph_ael(with rsync or scp)12:15
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ryuoraph_ael: what causes you to see that?12:16
ryuoraph_ael: that means you have packages that need to be rebuilt.12:16
raph_aelryuo: tryint to rsync12:16
ryuotry rebuilding rsync?12:17
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raph_aelryuo: sorry for the dumb question but how to do this ?12:17
raph_aeland maybe I'll to rebuild all softs depending on openssl12:17
ryuorevdep should find this.12:18
raph_aelbut resyncing some softwares is complicated as rsync is broken, egg/poultry problem :)12:18
raph_aelryuo: thanks I'll try12:18
ryuoyou should be able to rebuild using an older port.12:18
ryuoand then rsync.12:18
raph_aelryuo: thanks for your help12:19
ryuoin the future, missing libraries means the package is either gone or has gone through a major ABI breaking upgrade.12:20
raph_aelhmm revdep not found maybe I missed something at the first install12:22
ryuoit's in an optional port.12:23
raph_aelah ok thanks12:24
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raph_aelwell it was simplier to upgrade from iso13:11
SiFuhOut of curiosity, did all the *.pub files get changed?13:12
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frinnstjesus christ impossible to find what I need13:46
ryuofrinnst: what's missing now?13:46
ryuofrinnst: more crap on HPE's website?13:46
frinnstcan anybody suggest a 12-16 sfp port switch with management and layer2?13:46
frinnstcisco only offers meraki unless i want to spend $15k13:46
ryuoSFP? that thing used for fiber optics?13:47
frinnstjust need a fucking simple fiberswitch thats rack-mountable13:47
ryuointeresting... i'll see what i can find.13:47
frinnsthow hard can it be?13:47
ryuoi've only heard of ethernet switches but yea. i can see why these exist.13:48
frinnstits all copper13:48
frinnstits ethernet, just a different medium13:48
ryuofrinnst: found something. not sure if it's what you were looking for.13:52
ryuoOh. Layer 3...13:52
frinnstwell layer3 would be nice but it wouild be expensive13:52
ryuoIs that compatible or so?13:53
frinnstyeah mikrotik, ubiquiti, tplink do have products like that. im looking for something more proper13:53
ryuodefine "more proper" then.13:53
ryuoi don't work in IT.13:53
frinnstcisco, hpe/aruba, arista, allied telesis etc :)13:53
ryuoOh, I see. Brand.13:53
ryuoI've heard people do well with Mikrotik before...13:54
ryuoOk. i'll look for those.13:54
frinnstseems i have to move up to 24 ports13:54
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SiFuhWould be cool if the were like this
ryuofound an HPE switch for that, supposedly.13:56
ryuoonly 8 port.13:57
ryuofrinnst: why is brand so important? business requirements?13:57
frinnstcisco 3750-x would be perfect but its end of sale13:57
frinnstfuck it. it will have to wait till monday13:58
ryuoamusing. it's almost as if the smaller players have more usable websites.13:59
ryuowhat's up with that?13:59
ryuoi found it easier to find shit on mikrotik's website but...13:59
ryuothe big players are a mess.13:59
SiFuhryuo: The over-complicate everything with fancy crap, this is why some clown came up with the idea of a site map  ;-)14:01
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frinnstoh maybe WS-C3850-12S-S14:04
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frinnstvery cheap too :/14:04
ryuoFast ethernet?14:05
ryuoAre these people joking?14:05
ryuowhy would anyone buy fast ethernet switches in this day and age? gigabit is pretty much the baseline these days.14:05
frinnstthey have shit they need to get rid of14:06
frinnstalso with layer 3, lots of routing can get expensive (old shit)14:06
SiFuhLast Ship Date: August 1 2019 and End of Sale14:06
SiFuhYeah about $7,00014:08
ryuofrinnst: what about this? Arista 7150S14:10
SiFuhAlcatel OmniSwitch 6800-U2414:10
ryuoi hate using HPE's website though...14:11
ryuonot even a price, just get a quoe.14:11
jaegerfrinnst: is used an option? get some arista or similar from ebay, perhaps14:13
ryuoand i thought servers were expensive.14:15
frinnstjaeger: nah14:16
ryuofrinnst: seems it's going to cost a fortune no matter which brand you go for.14:17
frinnst7150 might work14:17
frinnstyeah thats ok. Im not paying for it14:17
frinnstbut I started to wonder if the current fiber is actually gbit14:17
frinnstit may be 100mbit14:18
frinnstthat would be fun14:18
frinnstfuck it. dont want to think about this more today14:18
SiFuhIsn't Alcatel a named brand?14:18
SiFuhI myself go cisco, but they are really expensive. Most of the comapnies I have worked for in the past buy alcatel. I am not a fan, but I haven't found any problems with them.14:20
frinnst here are some puppies eating instead14:25
frinnstfollowed up by a classic:
SiFuhfrinnst: do they have to measure the height and length and then weigh them for the racE?14:28
frinnstnot sure about the regulations14:29
frinnstCorgis and Cupcakes • Sunday, Aug. 1814:30
frinnsttwo more months of waiting14:31
ryuofrinnst: I find it odd that businesses overpay for features that should be available at commodity prices...14:38
ryuoWhat's up with that?14:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: thunderbird: 60.7.0 -> 60.7.114:45
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SiFuhAnyone have a problem with   I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
stenurAm i supposed to say yes?14:59
stenurForgot the post-install scripts of docbook-{xsl,xml}?14:59
SiFuhI was messing around with installing udisks2 and when it runs /usr/bin/xsltproc  it fails with the above error.15:00
SiFuhstenur: let me look15:00
SiFuhstenur: this is under mate.httpup and there are no mention of post installs15:01
jaegeryes, you definitely want post install scripts for docbook-*15:02
jaegerIt will not work without them run and sometimes won't even work with them15:02
SiFuhOk hold on you two.15:03
stenur..and the output is a total mess, at least for manual conversion (my bogofilter-lmdb port, on interest)15:03
SiFuhOk, yeah there are some post install scripts in docbook. One in bash and the other in sh15:06
SiFuhSo I was complining gvfs with depinst and it install docbook and ignores the post install?15:08
jaegerby default pre- and post-install scripts are not run. (personally I think this is a bad default)15:08
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jaegerso you either need to enable it in prt-get.conf or run  with --install-scripts15:09
SiFuhI remember polkitd was complaining there was polkitd/root and root/root  so I just added user polkitd and the it compiled fine15:09
SiFuhI will look deeper into the prt-get.conf   since I already modified ignore new15:10
raph_aelfrinnst: huawei is good and cheap15:11
SiFuhIs there also a special command to update public keys automatically?15:11
SiFuhSaw that today15:12
raph_aelSiFuh: ah you're in US15:12
raph_aelelse ubiquity is good at least  on wifi, we use it at work15:12
raph_aelI'd say it should be ok for switches15:12
SiFuhraph_ael: I am currently in Australia till August and then back to Malaysia15:12
raph_aelSiFuh: we use huawei at work too, should not be a problem15:13
SiFuhI can't wait for the Huawei OS to be released. I have installed a firewall on my phone, blocked many apps from accessing internet (add free now) and disabled as much google as possible. Unfortunately android is googld.15:14
SiFuhI don't even allow google play/store to access internet. Annoys me a lot that a phone I buy is constantly going online to check crap costing me money.15:15
SiFuhstenur, jaeger: thanks udisks2 just compile successfully15:15
SiFuhjaeger: I also enabled the install script option in the config15:20
SiFuhjaeger: honestly, it is probably a good idea to have it disabled by default if you are installing from repos not entirelly trusted, however, I don't think the world is after hacking CRUX ;-)15:22
stenurThe best would possibly be some kind of "ask-yes", and if isatty(fileno(stdin)), then just ask, otherwise yes (or no with ask-no).15:23
stenur(That is: in interactive mode on the terminal, ask the user.  In a script, not.)15:24
SiFuhYes/No/All ?15:24
stenurOr that.15:24
jaegerI settle for a note in the readme on the MATE repo15:25
jaegerwell, not a note but a command15:25
SiFuhI have installed quite a few programs on a test system for fun. I haven't installed any pre/post scripts when doing depinst.15:26
jaegerI'm amazed you've not run into problems15:26
SiFuhWell I don't use bloated DEs or WMs. I am fluxbox king ;-)15:26
SiFuhMost issues seem logically addressed but, I was never aware of any pre/post scripts. I have only found out things need to be done after I read the error. The original way we dealt with CRUX. All this new scripting is kind of cool. Depinst is really cool15:28
SiFuhThe evolution of the original ports system to this modern ports system is really awesome15:30
stenurI now have a script which does quickdep and dumps the info of all pkgs involved into a pager, then waits on me; like that i can have a look in a 2nd terminal.15:37
SiFuhYeah that is cool. Maybe also add the pre/post scripts for quick review?15:39
SiFuhstarting to become aptitude ;-)15:40
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stenurSiFuh: not really; just to have the info of the info. READMEs, for example.16:55
stenurIt is hard. On FreeBSD such READMEs are dumped upon installation, but they just fly by.16:56
stenurIf you do not redirect the output to a log, you possibly never know!16:56
SiFuhstenur: I was thinking more of a full scan of what needs to be done. What repositories they come from, the list of post/pre installs, and after a review to Y/N/A them17:05
stenurpuuuuh. Let's hope CRUX keeps on rocking like it does now. I just have to learn about it :)17:06
john_cephalopodaImo pre and post scripts should be enabled by default.17:53
john_cephalopodaThey are there for a reason, usually setting up user accounts. If they are overseen, things often just don't work and it takes some time to figure out why.17:54
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: how about a notification as stenur suggested? All compilation paused untill you ever select Yes No or All or something else?18:07
john_cephalopodaHmm, so it would basically ask for your choice before starting everything?18:11
SiFuhyes at the beginning18:34
SiFuhnot as it goes through the process18:34
joacimif they just sat there waiting, it would be frustrating18:41
joacimtakes something that is just time consuming for the computer, become time consuming for the human also18:42
joacimor maybe i misunderstood the chat. i just woke up18:42
SiFuhStart all calculations and done. You choose. Not sat waiting as time goes on depending on different compilations.18:43
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john_cephalopodaShould I commit to contrib 3.5 from now on or still to 3.4?21:16
john_cephalopodaWill stuff pushed to 3.4 be automatically pushed to 3.5, too?21:24
frinnstno, you need to either pull your change from 3.4 to 3.5 or cherry-pick it21:25
jaegerMy personal preference is to commit to 3.5 but backport if needed21:25
frinnstcheck out the contrib-howto21:25
jaegerBut you can do whichever you prefer21:25
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john_cephalopodaSo I basically have to commit to 3.4 and 3.5 separately?21:42
john_cephalopodaOk, on 3.5 now :D22:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: go: updated to version 1.12.622:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: go: updated to version 1.12.622:41
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john_cephalopodaOw, my rejmerge broke things...23:25
john_cephalopodaAh, fixed it23:30
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