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dbrookeJust running a sysup after upgrading my workstation to 3.5 ... looking good so far so thanks to all those involved.13:07
dbrookeIs it expected to require manual updates to /etc/ports/{compat-32,contrib}.rsync ? rejmerge dealt with the main repositories13:09
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joacimwould think so, since the ones that ship have .inactive in their filenames13:10
joacimso they don't replace the main ones13:10
joacimmaybe a better option there is to symlink rather than mv13:10
dbrookeperhaps, though I don't have any updated .inactive ones either13:14
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jaegerdbrooke: rejmerge takes care of the ports files, you always want to run a rejmerge after an upgrade14:30
jaegerand setup itself has a one-time fix for .inactive files14:30
dbrookeso I had run rejmerge and accepted the updates for the 3 main ports files but it didn't offer me updates for contrib or compat-32 for some reason14:39
jaegerSorry, no idea why that would be... I've not experienced it14:40
jaegerunless you did a manual upgrade rather than using setup14:41
dbrookeI did run setup and I remember seeing the "Please wait" dialog box (though the link you gave seems to be for upgrade to 3.4?) which is just above the .inactive fix14:45
jaegeryeah, that link is for 3.4 but it exists in 3.5 as well14:46
jaegerbasically it's a one-time override... because the compat-32 and contrib .rsync files are inactive by default... so setup checks if you have both (most likely cause of this being an upgrade) and moves the .inactive ones into the rejmerge queue dir14:48
jaegerso when you run rejmerge, they're waiting14:49
dbrookestrange, I don't have the .inactive files but presume they should have been created by the upgrade process14:49
jaegerthey would have been created by upgrading the 'ports' package, but then setup would have moved them to /var/lib/pkg/rejected14:50
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dbrookeit makes sense, but for some reason didn't happen. are there any persistent logs from the upgrade which might show something?14:53
jaegerNot persistent, no, they're written to /tmp during the upgrade/install process :/14:53
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dbrookeoh well ... I didn't spot any errors during the process so I guess it'll have to remain a mystery14:55
jaegerSorry, don't know what's up. If it happens again try to capture the logs before rebooting14:56
dbrookeNot to worry, I probably did something in the wrong order, but I didn't notice until I ran ports -u after rebooting15:01
jaegerfair enough15:01
dbrookemain thing is it came back up, so now I'm just running the sysup/rejmerge/revdep cycle to finish the upgrade15:05
jaegergreat :)15:06
SiFuhsorry, but I had a brief thought that you may still be using 3.4. :-)15:12
SiFuhI think 3.5 is great15:14
dbrooke$ crux15:14
dbrookeCRUX version 3.5y15:14
SiFuhdbrooke: I was joking15:15
dbrookeso hopefully not once the sysup for the other ports finishes15:15
dbrookeyeah, saw the :-)15:15
SiFuhjaeger: I still haven't got gvfs from mate repo installed.15:19
SiFuhCombination of some missing files, sleep, work and some videos and slowly but surely progress is happening. :-)15:21
jaegerNo issues with it here but I'm running MATE on this system15:22
jaegerI'll build it in a container and see if any deps are missing or something15:22
SiFuhhold on15:23
SiFuh4 missing files to do with poppler. MISSING usr/lib/graphviz/libgvplugin_poppler.la15:24
SiFuhI'll figure it out. So no panic15:26
jaegerAll good, no panicking needed. It's already running15:26
SiFuhHaha. I am not installing mate. I am just installing gvfs and what ever dependencies it needs. I don't think I will ever leave fluxbox.15:27
jaegerNo requirement to install MATE just for gvfs15:28
SiFuhOnly one exception. My OpenBSD tablet has xfce because fluxbox isn't practical on a tablet15:28
jaegerNothing is practical on a tablet :D15:28
jaegerThough some are more practical than others15:28
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jaegerhrmm... I'm tempted to patch mate-system-monitor so it can actually color more than 16 CPUs15:29
SiFuhYou might run out of colors15:29
jaegerI think my GPU can manage 3215:30
SiFuhMust be pretty boring for a Mantis Shrimp ;-)15:32
jaegerI did find a missing dep for libbytesize so this was a useful exercise anyway15:38
SiFuhHmm, prt-get doesn't have an option for selecting a specific repository15:42
jaeger'prtdir /path/to/repo:port' might be what you want15:43
jaegeror 'prtdir /path/to/repo:port1, port2, port3'15:43
SiFuhnot really but cool any way15:46
jaegerwell, it's not exactly what you asked for but a way to override only specific ports based on where they're listed in prt-get.conf15:46
SiFuhjaeger: I wasn't installing MATE, I was installing gvfs from mate or ax repositories.15:50
jaegerI know this and I never said you needed to install MATE15:51
jaegerNothing keeps you from having the MATE repo downloaded to install one of its ports like gvfs, though15:52
SiFuhWell, there is one thing, the lack of a successful compile :-P15:54
jaegerwhich is why I'm testing it in a container right now, to check if there are missing deps or similar15:54
jaegerAnd the answer ends up being no:15:54
jaeger=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/gvfs#1.36.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.15:54
SiFuhdo you have usr/lib/graphviz/ in the footprint?15:55
jaeger <-- gvfs installed without all of mate15:56
jaegerpossibly not, I didn't spend a lot of time checking the graphviz port since it wasn't mine originally... but you probably don't actually NEED all of its plugins15:57
SiFuhthanks for the dep list I will compare15:57
jaegeryeah, it's missing a few plugins in this state, looks like.
jaegerSeems to work fine, though, if you install it anyway15:58
jaegergraphviz is only needed for vala in this context, gvfs doesn't require it15:59
jaegerI'll review graphviz soon, though, to make sure it builds either way16:00
SiFuhLet me veryfy something first.16:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: dbus-32: 1.12.14 -> 1.12.1616:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: mesa3d-32: 19.0.5 -> 19.1.016:15
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: openssl-32: 1.1.1b -> 1.1.1c16:15
jaegerlooks like poppler-glib is the missing dep for that plugin16:16
SiFuhI was waiting for the final compil before mentioning that poppler-glib is needed to satisfy the footprint.16:19
jaegeryeah, I've recompiled it several times here testing deps16:20
jaegerneed to add gtk, librsvg, and poppler-glib to sort it out16:20
SiFuhgraphviz compiled after I installed poppler-glib. I decided to remove poppler-glib and graphiviz and recompile and footprint mismatched again16:20
SiFuhYeah, it just succeeded16:21
SiFuhI would have come back sooner if I wasn't compiling on a piece of crap dell i316:21
SiFuhyep poppler-glib satisfies the footprint16:22
SiFuhjaeger: do you think it is a dependancy or just existed when wyatt compiled gvfs?16:25
jaegerThe latter. It's a soft dependency16:25
jaegerwith that said, I've added it because with MATE it will be available anyway... if you want to build without it you can always fork the port16:26
SiFuhrepo ax had the same error16:26
jaegerI don't see graphviz in the ax repo16:27
SiFuhyes but there is gvfs16:27
SiFuhso I am guessing some repo jumping there16:28
jaegergraphviz is probably being pulled in by vala16:28
SiFuhyeah I am sure of that16:28
SiFuhanother question. gvfs+mtp is built into gvfs CRUX or no port made yet?16:29
jaegerI don't explicitly enable mtp support so I'm guessing it's not available unless the appropriate deps are there already16:30
SiFuhI will look into it at a later date for now is just building a minimal system with some cool modern features16:31
SiFuhWhat I do like about OpenBSD is pretty much (not always) every package works with every other package.16:33
SiFuhunfortunately it is all binary though.16:33
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kviki'm trying to install crux but it fails with: /bin/login: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:35
kvikunfortunately i can't seem to capture the console output and something useful (red text) seems to scroll past before this error gets printed18:35
kvik(installing from a 3.5 iso grabbed two days ago)18:35
TimB_kvik: when does it throw this error?18:43
kvikTimB_: during boot, after loading up rootfs.tar.xz and doing whatever (which i can't see because several attempts to start login scroll the screen)18:48
kvikthough i should probably mention that i'm doing an unconventional installation into 9front vmx18:49
TimB_kvik: how and where are you booting the iso?18:49
TimB_a plan9 virtual machine?18:49
kvikTimB_: yes18:50
TimB_kvik: no idea if that is supposed to work - I have no experience with plan918:50
kvikTimB_: yea, it seems to go well until it appears to fail to find a file18:52
kviki'll try getting the console output.. something useful is scrolling past18:52
kvikuseful info18:52
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TimB_that might help, good luck!18:57
TimB_I presume that other linux distros work with vmx?18:58
kvikyep, i've been running alpine just fine18:58
TimB_does alpine use pam?18:58
kvikno idea :P18:59
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raph_aelkvik: I've just had this problem with qemu, figured I did not allocated enough memory20:14
raph_aelmaybe your problem is not the same20:14
raph_aelI was wondering if it was possible to have a colored init boot process as in the iso bootup also20:15
kvikraph_ael: oh, i did allocate really small amount. let's see20:33
kvikraph_ael: man, indeed :)20:42
kviknow i feel dumb. i didn't give the vm enough memory to unpack rootfs20:42
raph_aelkvik: great :)20:47
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stenurtsts.  In fact i had "runscripts yes" in prt-get.conf; but no, i had not; i had only "yes" below the "runscripts no" comment.22:53
stenurWorked since April.22:54
stenurA nice Sunday i wish everybody!22:55
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axuhm im read now... i not update package for 3.5 for time....23:30
axSiFuh can you tell me your repo problem?23:31
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