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raph_aelryuo: nice :)08:11
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weednixI'm trying to build zeromq but I get a error during ./configure, I'm following arch. I get a error "configure: Choosing I/O thread polling system from ''...09:41
weednixIs something that I'm missing on kernel ? Searched about but I don't find on google any error or page saying what should be enable (kernel support)09:42
frinnstcan you get any more information from config.log ?09:47
frinnstyou usually find more verbose information there09:47
frinnstyou should find it in the source dir. if you build with pkgmk you need to add -kw to not delete the source dirs afterwards09:50
weednixyep, I'm looking at it now, will paste bin somewhere09:51
weednixthank you frinnst for the tip, at least now I will be able to see what's wrong :P
frinnstuh not very verbose :-)09:58
weednixyep, arrived at the line of the error, and ... :o) ... will try to compile on other machine,10:01
frinnstwhat version are you building?10:01
weednixI followed arch PKGBUILD, more or less, will share port, just a sec10:02
frinnstdownloaded 4.3.1 and just ran configure - i get the same error here10:03
weednixufff :}10:04
weednixI doubt is something on the kernel,10:05
weednixif all system can build and only this port is complaining ... I use firefox generally to check if everything builds well since it depends on so much ports and it self uses so much things and stuff...10:06
frinnstyeah I would assume its something in userspace10:09
frinnstcant resolve - SERVFAIL10:10
frinnstnow it works but my dns resolver has cached the servfail. joy10:11
weednixhive needs love to :) that machine ...10:31
frinnstI'd ask the zeromq people what it's about. That or read through the configure file to find out what its looking for10:35
weednixthank you so much frinnst10:38
frinnstfor what? :D10:40
frinnstsorryu cant be more helpful10:40
weednix:P ... I think I will make a pause in ports and jump to php/sql/email, I got exim with postgresql working and roundcube on crux, but now I need a "web interface" to register users and/or their account being created when they create an account for example on flyspray10:50
weednixMy wish is to integrate flyspray, wiki and email user accounts, I'm creating php code to be used by this app's, I'm sure there is other ways to do it...10:52
ryuowhat, no mysql?11:00
weednixryuo: I try to use only postgres, on php I use pdo and I expect it works fine on mysql11:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox-bin: updated to 67.0.317:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: Merge branch '3.4' into 3.517:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 67.0.317:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: gawk: updated to 5.0.117:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: gawk: updated to 5.0.117:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gtk3: updated to 3.24.917:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gtk3: updated to 3.24.917:42
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libxi: updated to 1.7.1017:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-libxi: updated to 1.7.1017:43
frinnstrip, flooded17:46
ryuo3D <-- this describes newbie Linux users.18:17
ryuo <-- this describes newbie Linux users.18:17
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mojikunis there a way to find orphan packages and remove them?20:25
mojikunlike for example i installed A and it pulled B+C20:25
mojikunif i remove A, B+C arent needed20:25
mojikuni want a way to find those and remove them20:25
ryuonot really? i don't think crux is that sophisticated.20:32
ryuoit doesn't even record *why* a package was installed.20:32
ryuowhich is vital to even doing that.20:33
mojikunso its like slackware20:33
ryuoyou have to know why package X was installed to know which packages are orphans.20:33
mojikuni couldnt find a way to do that in slackware20:33
mojikuneven with third party package managers20:33
ryuothink of it this way. even if you track dependencies...20:33
mojikunyou need metadata files?20:34
ryuothere's leaf packages which nothing depends on it. always have those.20:34
ryuobut, you need to know why they were installed to know if they're an "orphan"20:34
ryuowhether they were implicitly or explicitly installed.20:34
mojikunyeah i get it20:34
ryuoonly the leaf packages that were implicitly installed are candidates are this removal process.20:34
ryuocrux doesn't track dependencies and it doesn't track the reason for it installation either.20:35
mojikunmaybe we can bring pkgcore over to crux20:35
mojikununless the package format is such that still it wouldnt work20:35
ryuocrux has its own way of doing things.20:36
ryuoyou can't expect it to work without some kind of porting effort.20:36
mojikuni think this can be used in any system20:36
mojikunits kind of agnostic20:36
ryuowell... you'd have to make a strong case for changing how things are currently build...20:37
ryuothis appears to be a replacement for prt-get.20:37
ryuouses python evidently.20:38
mojikunit says it doesnt work with slackware because its packages dont provide metadata20:38
ryuoCRUX packages don't provide metadata either.20:38
mojikunwouldnt work there20:38
ryuothe filename is the only thing providing metadata about it.20:38
ryuoaside from the files themselves20:38
jaegerI have a basic leafports script that does this20:46
jaegerIt's not perfect since full metadata isn't stored, but it'll give a ballpark20:46
jaeger if you want it20:47
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ryuocruxbot: too much whisky last night, eh?20:49
TimB_doesn't pkgfoster do that?21:09
TimB_mojikun: check out pkgfoster in prt-utils21:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dvd+rw-tools: fix build. Closes FS#174421:30
frinnstfucking fuck, wrong FS#21:30
frinnstlooks like the autoclose is broken anyways. good :-)21:31
joacimgood thing it was broken, indeed =)21:31
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mojikunTimB_, whats pkgfoster23:23
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