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dlcusaHas anyone rebuilt the 3.5 bzip2?  I'm getting :-(04:39
Workstercorrupt download dlcusa04:51
dlcusaTwice, romster, from your mirrow.04:52
Worksterwhats the sum of that file?04:52
Worksterseems i got 2 versions there04:54
Worksterthat's a md5 sum and i got that exact file here too
Worksterif that doesn't work maybe you broke libarchive/bzip2/pkgutils04:58
Worksteror not... what's going on here04:59
Worksterit's a text html doc...05:00
Workster that's the correct file that matches the sha256 sum in .signature dlcusa05:02
dlcusaSure is. Did the upstream add another HTML layer to the download process?05:02
Worksterno idea but i'll fix that up05:03
Worksterand test more when home05:03
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dlcusaThanks for your superhuman support as always.  I'm going to retry after getting some sleep.05:07
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TimB_01:24 < mojikun> TimB_, whats pkgfoster <- if he returns, pkgfoster goes through all the installed packages and asks to remove ones, that are not a dependendcy somewhere else. after that it rechecks for "new orphans"06:44
TimB_it will create a file, ~/.keepers, so you can run it anytime again06:48
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TimB_ <- thats the script, like said, it's in opt/prt-utils07:02
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MNKyDeth@jaeger Currently trying out the mate packages. One by one I need to remove the .signature They are all giving me mismatch signify. libatasmart, p5-xml-simple, mate-common were the first three. Just an fyi14:15
joacimdid you grab the file?14:16
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MNKyDethI grabbed the httpup... ahhh doh /slaps face :(14:17
MNKyDeththat fixed it14:18
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jaegerMNKyDeth: :D14:19
jaegerI will add a note to the README about the pub file, that's not a bad idea anyway14:19
joacimhow's the error when the pub file is missing?14:27
MNKyDethMostly wanted to try it out. Been a while since I used it. Don't really enjoy gnome3 or cinnamon14:27
MNKyDethwhat does it look like?14:27
jaegerIt's a stupid error, honestly14:27
jaegerwould be much better if it said something about the pub file being missing14:27
MNKyDethyeah, I should have thought.... But the .signature is still new to me. Did that start in 3.4?14:28
joacimyeah i see it now. should say the pub file is missing14:28
joacim3.3 i think14:28
joacimidk. took me a while to jump on that bandwagon =)14:28
MNKyDethMy two most used desktop/WM is gnome 2 and e16. And I been living in my own e16 port. Time to experiment again.14:31
stenurAh yes, and the entire ball is 280 KB (but also includes calendar and such).14:37
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dlcusaRomster, seems to hold the definitive link for the tarball as well as the md5sum.15:55
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dlcusaRomster, is also in that directory.16:09
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pag-rHi, is using cryptsetup during installation is possible? when I've tried to run it I get: WARNING: Locking directory /run/cryptsetup is missing!16:42
pag-rand there is no libgcc: must be installed for pthread_cancel to work...16:43
stenur_In /sbin there is cryptsetup.static.16:44
stenur_Never done it yet myself, unfortunately.16:44
stenur_Need it at least for /var and swap.  Am thinking about it for weeks now.16:45
stenur_But am afraid of suspend/resume behaviour myself.  For private encfs, i simply unmount upon lid close.16:46
pag-rI've used to do it in archlinux and it always worked16:47
pag-rbut why libgcc isn't available its kind of courious for me16:47
stenur_suspend/resume via cryptsetup?16:48
pag-rwell, I haven't get any issues with suspend/resume at any time16:48
stenur_chroot and then it is in /usr/lib/, otherwise.16:48
TimB_pag-r: nobody ever cared enough to implement cryptsetup finally. there is an old stub document about it and there have been reports of working deployments of encrypted installs16:49
TimB_pag-r: but I guess you are welcome to do that if you like and care enough?16:49
stenur_You can luksSuspend/Resume, sure; never dared to really try it out yet.16:49
pag-rhmm well, I can try, but I'm new in crux16:50
pag-rI've used to work with gentoo, arch and in old times with slackware but I didn't know it can be tricky16:50
pag-rjust want to use some more complicated distro than ubuntu/fedora16:51
pag-rbut I'm always doing quite complicated encryption steps16:51
stenur_Complicated? It is so plain, i am tremendously lucky to finally have a box which can!16:52
pag-ronly efi, boot remains unencrypted, rest of them are decrytping during init16:52
stenur_Just move the static cryptsetup to boot then?16:53
pag-rstenur_: you're probably right, but I'm new in crux at all. I can say that gentoo is simple even though from stage3 but after 4years of using but16:55
stenur_And populate parts of /sbin/start_udev to have /dev, /run etc. mounted.16:55
pag-rI didn't expect that I can stuck w/o libgcc at very begining ;)16:55
pag-rok, I'll try to figure out something16:56
stenur_Yeah! :)16:57
stenur_That is cool, i came in via the test ISO, where logging in was impossible...16:58
stenur_Luckily i had a 3.4 VM, so i could move over AlpineLinux, boot into 3.4 VM via qemu, and install 3.5 to disk from within qemu.16:59
stenur_Then boot it!!!!16:59
stenur_Works just perfect ever since. ^_^16:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: avahi: bump to 0.717:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.6.317:39
dlcusaRomster, it would seem to make sense to tack the file's date to bzip2's 1.0.6 "version" since 1.0.6 is clearly not static.17:59
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pedjaTimB_, you've been busy with contrib, I see. nice :)18:44
pedjadid Crux iso always shipped memtest? can't remember. very useful when your only computer won't post because of memory sticks acting up all of a sudden18:50
pedjanot fancy corsair ones kindly donated by frinnst :) some generic 2x1gb ones I had18:53
pedjaso I got ocz 2x2gb for ~30€, and now it's 8gb total. ff, at least, is a bit happier now18:57
TimB_pedja: guilty :)19:03
pedjaTimB_, at this rate, you'll be applying for core/opt/xorg soon :)19:05
TimB_haha, yeah right :)19:05
pedjahow did your decision engine thingie go? were the professors impressed?19:07
TimB_but, I am glad to contribute back :) Been using crux for so long19:07
TimB_pedja: its this saturday! :D19:07
pedjagood luck19:08
TimB_I wrote a shell script that produces an email to send the result with the given input data - I hope this will blow him off his socks or else I am stumped haha19:08
TimB_just to demonstrate the use... it's not pretty but it works ;)19:09
pedja'good enough' is kind of the Linux Way[tm] :)19:10
TimB_true :P19:10
TimB_I mean, we are not CS students... so :)19:11
pedjawell, some CS students I know couldn't code themselves out of the wafer-thin paper bag, so you are ahead :)19:12
TimB_the glorious teachings of "good enough"™19:13
pedjathey study to become 'web developer', because that's 'where the money is', apparently19:13
TimB_well, I have to start the presentation with explaining SOA =P19:14
pedja'Source Of Anguish'?19:15
TimB_service oriented architecture19:16
pedjamy first thought was 'start of authority' dns record, so got me confused a bit :)19:17
dlcusaRomster, or not so clearly--why are the timestamps in March?19:18
TimB_sorry, I am very much fixed on these abreviations atm :)19:18
jaegerpedja: not always but certainly for many years19:18
TimB_but webservices is a thing in SOA, so yeah, makes sense what you said in regards of "there's the money"19:19
pedjathanks, jaeger :)19:21
pedjait's interesting to see the apparent trend of micro-services. I've seen HN threads on splitting a monolith app, so they can use k8s or something19:26
TimB_true, but we don't go that deep into the matter19:26
TimB_we are talking about BPMN and DMN especially19:26
TimB_both respectively 2h talk of their own ~.~ woohoo19:27
pedjaACTION is reading  BPMN/DMN wiki pages19:30
pedjathis stuff is...complicated19:31
TimB_it is not, I assure you19:31
TimB_after saturday, I can create you an account on my server if you'd like a look around19:31
pedjathat would be great, I am curious how that stuff works19:32
kviki suppose there is no pre-built binary package repo somewhere?19:32
kvikthis poor core 2 laptop is not having fun with qt5. i think it'll die before finishing :(19:32
TimB_bpmn is what I am mostly talking about.. it's very easy. we are working with an proprietary solution which is a bit easier because of syntax checker and other fun features19:32
TimB_kvik: Romster has some packages online, let me check for a link19:33
kvikTimB_: cool, thanks19:35
TimB_kvik: if there is anything specific you are struggling with (rust or whatever) just drop a message here and maybe somebody can send you the package in timely manner19:35
TimB_nice, just checked my rtorrent and it shared 3.5 40x :)19:36
kvikTimB_: i suppose sending by pigeon over the atlantic would be faster than waiting this out :)19:42
kviki'll have to setup a build vm one of these days anyway19:42
TimB_kvik: use lxc :) I have a working copy in my personal repo as tek__ isn't around to update opt/lxc currently19:44
TimB_the container here is rc1 or something though, so I can recommend building your own with the release iso19:44
pedjakvik, I'd offer my qt5 build, but it's not built in a clean environment, so it probably has a bunch of extra stuff19:48
pedjalike vulkan and who knows what else19:49
kvikTimB_: thanks, i'll check that out once i get my vm host fully operational19:51
kvikpedja: seems like my build is getting somewhere after all this time :)19:51
pedjabtw, I too built qt5 on a core duo :) it takes a while...19:51
pedjaI just leave it to run overnight19:52
kvikgotta finish *sometime* :P19:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 67.0.421:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox-bin: updated to 67.0.421:35
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