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TimB_tek__: contrib/libreoffice source is broken ;)05:24
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TimB_does contrib/postgresql post-install produce an error for anybody else?06:01
TimB_maybe because it shares it's uid with opt/mailman06:05
WorksterTimB_, mailman got changed as i reported it clashed with another port in opt06:16
TimB_Workster: thanks for the heads up, haven't noticed before06:18
TimB_maybe a table somewhere would help to monitor user/groups of core/opt/contrib?06:19
Worksterone was started when i reported that clash for mailman06:22
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TimB_Workster: do you have a link for me? would be good to check my own ports for that as well06:51
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Worksterthought we has a wiki page on the group id's i can't find it07:02
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pedjadid Ubuntu backpedal on the whole 'remove 32bit support' PR disaster yet?08:42
pedjathreads on r/linux are *massive*08:42
pedjaheh. 'feedback' is an intresting way to spell 'nerd rage'08:46
pedjasince pop!os announced 'business as usual' for 32bit going forward, I wonder how many people will switch08:48
pedjaapparently, pop!os even works better then ubuntu on a desktop. more polish, less paper cuts08:49
TimB_ryuo: did you check out pop os by any chance when you were looking around?08:52
TimB_personally never tried it08:52
TimB_last time I used ubuntu is way back when they still sent you 100 install/live cds for free :P08:53
pedjaiirc, they track lts and regular ubuntu, and have different isos for nvidia and amd/intel gpus09:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mailman: don't use fixed user/group IDs09:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: [notify] gvim: use gtk3 instead of gtk for GUI, closes FS#174609:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: vim: update to 8.1.159209:08
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msiism says: "Files related to NLS (national language support)". however, NLS stands for "native language support".11:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: update to 19.1.113:23
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joacimpedja: is vkquake too bright on your system?14:24
pedjano, it looks like that second screenshot14:26
pedjaI'll build and try the new, 1.02.1 version14:29
pedjanope, still the same14:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: vkquake: Update to 1.02.114:35
pedjajoacim, are those screenshots from different systems or?14:36
joacimsame system14:42
joacimvkquake is the bright one14:42
joacimquakespasm is the normal looking on14:42
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joacimthis is vkquak 1.02.114:43
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pedjaweird, no issues here14:53
joacimjust trade systems then15:27
pedjajoacim, have a port for quakespasm? it would be funny if I had that issue with it instead :)16:12
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ryuoTimB_: No.16:54
joacimpedja: yes should be in my repo =)17:15
joacimshould be up2date too17:15
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jaegerI've already ordered mine but the 4GB version is backordered for a month or more19:37
ryuojaeger: figures.19:37
ryuoit seems to be the most popular ARM board.19:37
ryuothat isn't a cell phone anyway.19:38
jaegerIt is, no doubt. They definitely succeeded in making it accessible19:38
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stenurGreat thing that pi4! Not yet at german reseller, but i think that i will truly buy.21:09
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ryuostenur: CRUX arm is a thing, but no idea if it's any good.21:26
stenurI am _eagerly_ looking forward to find out.21:27
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stenurI am waiting for an ARM box for so long .. since 2002;  german c't magazine ARM story:21:29
stenurIn german, of course.  The time is about to come.21:31
stenur'Wanted a Banana Pie last year, but then .. just did not make it.21:31
stenurAnd with CRUX-arm, if at all possible.  Makes a fantastic local file server too now, with real Gigabit Ethernet.21:32
stenurThanks for posting that, ryuo!21:33
ryuostenur: just keep in mind, it's still stuck with sd card or usb port for storage. it may have issues there.21:37
stenurHm, i do not know much about today's hardware. SSD via USB should be fine, no? Or even a good USB 3.0 stick, there are fast ones around?21:41
joacimi'll buy a pi4, when i find tasks for my other SBCs =)21:42
joacimvery tempted to buy one tho21:42
ryuostenur: it'll work, but it's less desirable than SATA or NVMe.21:43
ryuoironically usb devices might be faster than the sd card port now.21:44
ryuoyou should try to get MLC or SLC flash for your system files, if you don't want to wear it out quickly.21:44
ryuoif using sd cards21:44
ryuomost cheap ass sd cards are TLC or worse, and have very limited number of write cycles.21:45
ryuothey're too simple to have the complex controllers that an SSD does for managing that problem.21:46
ryuoiirc, SLC is usually rated for 100k cycles21:47
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ryuoMLC, 10k cycles.21:47
ryuoTLC 1k.21:47
ryuoand it drops from there.21:47
ryuocan probably get a 4-8G SLC sd card for not a lot, but might have to special order them.21:49
ryuoit's rarely in consumer stores. i usually only see them in industrial suppliers like digikey21:49
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stenurNVME is indeed grazy. This new box of mine btrfs scrubs 80 gb in ~45 seconds.21:54
stenurHmm, interesting. I currently look at some SD specs. Impressive. I see 10K .. mating cycles. :)21:55
stenurYeah, i mean, thanks for the info. 26000 hours continuous recording should be plenty.21:57
stenurSamsung ProEndurance that is. Waterproof, Magnet-proof, temperature-proof, x-ray-proof.21:58
joacimgot an SLC compact flash card for my alix21:58
john_cephalopodaBut is it child-proof?21:58
joacimthink it was labeled as "industrial compact flash"21:58
stenurDifferent to me that thing would survive a war it seems.21:59
john_cephalopodaBut probably not a child ;รพ22:00
stenurAnd the weigh for 128GB is .. 0.5g.  Grazy.22:00
stenurNag-nag-nagging on SD card ...22:01
ryuojoacim: alix? that ancient thing?22:01
ryuojoacim: isn't it time for an apu2? :)22:01
joacimi have one of those too22:02
joacimthat one has an actual msata ssd22:02
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t58Does KDE plasma work on crux?22:22
jaegert58: I believe tsaop maintains the kde5 repo but I do not know if it's updated for CRUX 3.5 yet22:26
t58ah ok, thanks22:26
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stenur_Good night everybody.23:42

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