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ergo069anyone who has a clue what is going on here?
ergo069its a video of me trying to boot my crux install with my new vega 5610:25
ergo069but it blackscreens after10:26
ergo069switching from simple to amdgpu kernel thing10:26
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TimB_is amdgpu build as a module or fixed into the kernel? If the latter, is the firmware included in the kernel?10:31
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ergo043whoops i accidently had to reboot10:32
ergo043if anyone responded to me that is lol10:32
TimB_is amdgpu build as a module or fixed into the kernel? If the latter, is the firmware included in the kernel?10:32
TimB_and hi ergo04310:32
ergo043TimB_ you switched? pog10:33
ergo043I build it as a module, not sure how i should get the firmware btw10:33
TimB_module shouldn't need the built in firmware10:33
TimB_I use it built in, I have included all the polaris firmware in the kernel config10:33
ergo043is that hard to manage?10:34
ergo043btw ur the bunny dude right10:34
TimB_I am what?10:34
TimB_ hth10:35
ergo043TimB_nvm confused you with someone else10:40
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Ergo00I'm having a bit of trouble installing the new kernel from chroot11:23
Ergo00I have installed the gpg package11:23
Ergo00I get an error saying there is no dirmngr11:24
joacimneed some context. logs would be nice, and the command you ran11:34
Ergo00joacim I'm trying to install a newer kernel since I can't get my Vega 56 to boot11:37
Ergo00So I installed the gpgme package and tried following this guide11:37
Ergo00So when I try to recover the keys after verifying failed I get no dirmngr found11:38
Ergo00If I try again after pinging the dirmngr client I get invalid uri error11:39
Ergo00The exact error in chroot is - ipc connect call failed11:40
joacimaccording to that guide, you havent even extracted the tarrball yet11:41
Ergo00I mean it won't work if I don't verify the tar ball first right?11:48
Ergo00I ran into that before11:48
joacimdepends on how much you care about checking the signature11:48
joacimif you dont care, can just extract the tarball right away11:48
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joacimand skip to step 511:48
Ergo00Kay will do lol11:49
Ergo00Hope I will be able to boot now lol11:50
joacimi wouldnt trust that guide tho11:50
joacimand i would build my own config instead of copying one11:50
joacimat first i would focus on more critical stuff like having the file systems you use built into the kernel, and the sata ahci driver built in11:51
joacimnetworking and graphics can be fixed later11:52
joacimfor graphics, dont forget to install the firmware package11:52
joacimlinux-firmware is the poackage name11:52
joacimand dont forget usb for your mouse and keyboard11:56
joacimthe gentoo wiki can give some pointers on important things to enable, or can guide you to a config that suit the purpose of your kernel11:58
Ergo00New kernel boots11:59
Ergo00Yee I did all of that11:59
Ergo00It's fine now11:59
Ergo00I installed the drivers as a module anyways to avoid firmware11:59
joacimthere is no avoiding firmware for amdgpu and vega 5612:03
joacimif you want it to work at its full potential =)12:04
Ergo00Well guess I will do that then12:04
Ergo00Just installing the firmware package is fine right?12:05
Ergo00Also does Firefox on crux come with pulseaudio support by default now!12:05
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pedjafirefox-bin does12:31
pedjait's the upstream binary12:32
pedjajoacim, no issues with quakespasm either, it's appropriately dark :)12:36
pedjaand I majorly suck at both, but that's no news12:44
pedjajoacim, is that with amd gpu?12:45
joacimErgo00: been a while since i fiddled with crux and amdgpu. i think so. assuming you use amdgpu as a module12:53
joacimpedja: yes. rx 58012:53
joacimmight be why?12:53
joacimi think there are rumors that you have an nvidia card12:53
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Ergo0hi lads12:56
joacimhwo do you do =)12:56
Ergo0anyone know what happened to the lutris port that was there?12:56
Ergo0joacim i managed to boot into crux, just setting everything up now12:56
joacimpedja: gzdoom also has early support for vulkan now. havent tested it yet13:00
pedjajoacim, yes it's nvidia13:01
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BabaorheumHello :-). I'm a Gentoo user and i'm very interesting about crux. I would like to know in a 1st time if it's possible to install Crux from Gentoo into an another partition.16:38
stenurCreate qemu vm with ISO attached and the partition in question, too, then normal install.16:39
stenurOr just boot the box with ISO on stick/CD onto new partition.  Right?16:40
stenurYeah, i think CRUX now uses hybrid image, can be dd(1)d onto stick, too!16:41
ryuoBabaorheum: probably, but that's a bit of an expert option, akin to using debootstrap for debian.16:52
ryuoafaik the installer just calls pkgadd repeatedly to install packages to a given root directory.16:52
ryuoanything related to the kernel or booting is your problem to solve.16:52
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stenurI have no idea on how compatible Linux syscall entries/GNU C library interaction is. I think very much so.16:57
stenurI mean, if you are chrooted, newly started programs link accordingly, no.16:58
stenurIt is /proc (and /sys) which often seems to be a problem; i have seen GNU C library using the wrong files myself, but do not ask for what.16:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.6.519:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: rofi: bump to 1.5.419:59
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stenuryay, agnosticism22:54
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