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loutsasare there any extra ports in crux?05:01
loutsasi did port -u, and there barely any stuff in there05:01
loutsassuch an impractical gentoo05:02
loutsasyou should merge the project with exherbo05:02
loutsasmight get something going05:03
tilmanthanks mate, great idea05:03
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TimB_ <- lol07:17
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MNKyDethWonder if that guy realized without Crux there would be no Arch. To me Crux is a tried and true distro that's been around the block. Only thing holding anyone back on it is themselves. It's the only old school'ish distro that still gets consistent regular updates. Unlike slackware.... At random.07:58
MNKyDethThings people say.... I enjoy Crux. Happy that people keep it going. And imo it's still my fave distro since starting using it back around 2.0 possibly before that but I can't recall for certain.07:59
MNKyDethMy 2c08:00
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pedjadistro fanboyism is one of the most annoying parts of Linux 'community', tbh10:40
pedjaI've seen people trying to push other people to use arch or whatever instead of ubuntu, because "it's cooler", or some random reason like that10:43
pedjaand it's annoying the hell out of the me10:43
pedjaI use and prefer Crux because *I* like it, and there is a group of people that likes it too. good enough for me :)10:47
joacimare you trying to say ubuntu isn't the best distro?10:49
pedjafor some people I am sure it is :)10:50
pedja'best distro' = 'does what I want/need/doesn't annoy me much'10:52
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pedjajoacim, anyone else tried vkquake/quakespasm on amd gpu?10:55
joacimno noet yet10:56
joacimmight also be an opensuse quirk10:57
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joacimsome other annoyances with that distro, but mostly related to dependencies i think10:58
joacimhorrible installer, but that seems to be the norm these days10:58
pedjatumbleweed or leap?10:59
pedjagood luck :)10:59
joacimwith fedora, i can configure dnf to ignore weak dependencies10:59
pedjait's moving too fast for my taste10:59
joacimso it doesnt pull in more annoying stuff like freedoom10:59
joacimmany packages will pull in yast2 as a dependency11:00
pedjayou can lock packages with zypper, iirc11:00
pedjaand set it to ignore recommended deps by default, but that might break stuff, afaik11:02
joacimi'll try that11:07
joacimhelped with samba at least11:07
joacimi wouldnt mind if the distro had a more stable (leap) base, but still tumbleweed-tier packages for browsers and quake11:25
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Ergo0so i went to arch for a bit but came back F12:04
Ergo0my pc froze while compiling lol12:05
pedjajoacim, that would often require adding unofficial repos, unfortunately12:07
pedjamozilla has a repo with up to date ff for leap, for instance12:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nfs-utils: fix for 'nfsdcld: Unable to clear records from current epoch: no such table: rec-1' on server start12:09
joacimalso semi-new packages for linux, for greater new hardware support12:09
pedjathey backport a lot of stuff on every point release, afaik12:10
pedjakernel version in leap is pretty much meaningless wrt hw support :)12:11
pedjawell, for most stuff, anyway12:11
pedjaI only ran it in a VM, and, for short time on a ancient laptop12:12
pedjapro tip: using newer kernel is a kind of the bad idea :)12:13
pedjacouldn't upgrade because btrfs complained about some unknown mount points, iirc12:13
pedjamount options.ffs12:13
pedjatbh, other then Crux, I don't know about any other distribution that has stable base and up to date packages12:18
pedjawithout jumping thru many hoops/ugly hacks, anyway12:19
Ergo0does anyone know what happened to the lutris port?12:19
pedjawhere was it?12:20
Ergo0I tried working on one too but i couldnt get it to work and the one that was previously in the repos was gone12:20
Ergo0i found it in the portsdb at some time, forgot whose repo it was12:20
Anselmocould that have been a 6c37 thing ?12:20
Ergo0nope wasnt that one12:20
Ergo0i tried making a port myself and the program installs but its ab it buggy12:21
Anselmono idea then12:21
Ergo0when its running12:21
Ergo0cause for some reason something fucks up with freetype-fonts eventho i have both 64 and 32bit installed12:21
pedjasome run logs would be helpful :)12:24
Ergo0yee I have yet to install it again12:25
Ergo0I didnt bother so far cause i know my port is broken anyways12:25
Ergo0i will try in a a sec12:25
Ergo0i take it the ports repo still doesnt allow for .git files instead of httup/rsync right?12:29
pedjaafaik, there is a git driver for repos.12:33
pedjamight be wrong, thou12:34
pedjaah, there is, in etc/ports/drivers12:35
Ergo0there is indeed12:36
Ergo0but the repo wont accept them12:36
Ergo0anyways my lutris port is broken again because
Ergo0why do i need to install gnomedesktop shit smh12:37
Ergo0pedja was it you that had the xfce or well thunar port in a repo not listed on ports db?12:39
Ergo0found another repo nvm12:40
joacimpedja: yeah crux is what i thought of when i thought about stable base and up to date packages. why i like it so much i think12:44
joacimi think the fall of fedora for me was too new kernel. had a few events where the system was non-booting or just unstable due to the kernel12:44
joacimas long as i dont have new hardware that need it, LTS kernels is fine by me12:44
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kvikjust about the only thing i miss from crux (for now at least) is the wide availability of binary packages for big turds for which i can't afford my personal nor computer time to (learn how to) build13:39
kviki don't think the planet deserves any more heat generated from qt5 builds13:39
kvikotherwise i honestly appreciate the "there is no crux" feeling of the distro13:41
joacimit is the end of june and it is 9C outside. I should've bought an Intel i9 instead13:44
kvikjoacim: waaaat? it's 34°C here13:47
Ergo0hmmm I cant seem to install steam13:53
Ergo0i also just did a sysup btw13:53
Ergo0is the log
Ergo0im on kernel 5.1.15 which may impact the glib stuff not working correctly? but im guessing in the dark here13:54
frinnstbut missing 32-bit dependencies perhaps?13:55
Ergo0those should be pulled by installing steam with depinst right?13:55
frinnstwhere are you installing steam from?13:55
Ergo0the port in contrib13:56
Ergo0or opt,  whichever it is13:56
frinnstdoh, contrib13:56
frinnstI would assume you need to have gdk-pixbuf installed, do you?13:56
Ergo0i tried bumping the version but that didnt work either13:56
Ergo0yup i have13:56
frinnstand since its a 32-bit app i would assume it would need gdk-pixbuf-32 but that port doesnt seem to exist in our repo13:56
frinnstah maybe its in compat-32 - i dont subscribe to that repo13:57
Ergo0i have that installed13:57
frinnstshared-mime-info-32 ?13:58
frinnstI would recommend waiting for someone that actually uses the port to guide you better - i'm just guessing here :-)13:59
Ergo0package doesnt exist14:00
Ergo0yeee that might be best lol14:00
Ergo0thanks for trying tho, appreciate it14:00
frinnstyou have shared-mime-info installed though?14:00
joacimit went up to 12C now14:01
frinnst19.5C here14:01
joacimow can you stand those tropical temperatures you get in sweden14:02
frinnstits like 35C in the sun14:02
kvikoh screw you bunch of vikings! :D14:02
frinnstwhere are you kvik? europe somehwere?14:03
kvikyea, croatia14:03
Anselmoah, here lately its been cool, only 37 or so14:38
Ergo0man i just wanna install steam and play vidya :(14:39
Anselmosoon going back home to pleasant 20 x-x14:39
AnselmoI find I dont like the tropics14:40
ryuofrinnst: maybe you'll be a POSIX programmer yet. that's my favorite esoteric function. ;)14:40
frinnstI like the rationale14:42
pedja36+C next week. ffs14:53
ryuopedja: sounds like a summer day in my region...14:58
pedjaadd 8-10C for town concrete warming up and then it sounds like a lot of "fun"14:59
pedjait's bearable in the mountains, but hellish in the city15:02
AnselmoI remember the last time I was in belgrade, in like, early june, walking around a lot on a hot and sunny day15:03
Anselmointeresting but very hot and unpleasant >_>15:03
pedjacity manglement cutting of trees to make room for parking lot certainly doesn't help :)15:03
ryuopedja: do people actually walk barefoot there? if not, why is it a problem?15:07
Anselmoconcrete warming up can warm a city alot over the adjacent areas . . .15:08
Anselmoand barefoot walking is the only walking, especially in summer :P15:08
pedjaand concrete warms over the day and emits that heat during the evening/night, adding to the problem15:09
stenurACTION enjoys hot talk15:10
Anselmocomplaining about the heat is one of my asstimes, too15:11
pedjaqueues are a lot shorter when its hot, thou, so, I guess yay?15:13
stenurdays without that wonderful summer light are lost.15:20
stenurno "mare" here. that is very sad.15:21
stenuri start living when it is 30°, actually. only sultriness sucks. i'll move south in not too distant future.15:22
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Anselmowell, dont go too far, that lovey summer light is a thing not of the tropics15:24
Anselmowhere the days are weirdly even :{P15:24
Anselmomy typing is getting bad blrp15:25
stenur:)  i am german, there can be only one Italia :--) (She wants to go France, but she is a she.)15:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.17.115:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: nginx: updated to version 1.17.115:26
Anselmoah, well italy is yet north enough15:28
stenurShe was in Kenya and _loves_ the light which there must lie over the country.15:30
stenurI have never left Europe, very narrow yet; Rhodos/Greece southmost, one side too windy, the Lindos side lots over 40°, in the mountains.15:31
stenurThat was too hot for me. But was ok for the "air-cooled" Honda.15:32
Anselmoah yes, my tolerance for temperature also goes well up when I have cooling15:34
Anselmobut for me, I think I will never want to live somewhere where there isnt snow sometimes15:35
stenuroh no. i will leave snow without looking back. Those yellow spots look to ugly, "mare" will only stink instead15:38
Anselmoah, hm15:47
Anselmojust hm15:51
stenurI have slept hundreds of nights under frost conditions alongside other animals in nature. I have seen them patiently scraping bark, for most minimal effect. We.Hate.Winter.15:53
stenurThere is the "season-cycle" from Schlesien (Silesia, now Poland):15:56
stenurWenn's nich worm und es schneit .. un du weesst nie ganz genau .. was steckt dahinter? .. Dann ist meistens Winter.15:58
stenurif it it's not warm, and it snows .. and you don't know exactly .. "what is behind it" (very bad translation) .. Then it is very likely Winter.16:00
stenurL'Inverno says Vivaldi. Fits this feeling.16:01
Ergo0why is the gtk32 package broken16:02
stenurCompare this with L'Autunno: Wenn die Felder, und sie werden gelber .. und es riecht so abgeernet .. und du merkst: dass bist du selber ..16:03
stenurdeine Zeit ist um .. wird immer ummer .. dos, mein Lieber, war der Summer!16:03
Anselmoha, I should practice more german, at least to know more words16:04
Anselmoerg0, uhm, what error do you get ?16:04
Ergo0lemme get the pastebin16:05
stenurIf the fields, and they become yellower .. and it smells so harvested .. and you recognize: that is yourself ..16:05
stenuryour time has passed .. passes ever more .. see, my dear: that was Summer!16:06
Ergo0I tried also running the post-install scripts in shared-mime-info and the pixbuf register thing16:06
Anselmohrm, wait so shared-mime-info is installed ?16:08
Ergo0yee it is16:08
Ergo0which is why im confused16:10
Anselmoyeh, hm. I dont have a machine with 32 bit stuff sitting around to test it out on16:11
Anselmobuuuuut blah, weird, no idea16:16
Ergo0I have no clue either lol16:17
Ergo0i was hoping jaeger knew but he doesnt seem to be her F16:17
jaegerI'm working at the moment but will see if I can build it in a container16:23
jaegerIs this on 3.5 or 3.4?16:23
Ergo0this is on 3.516:23
Ergo0i mean you can take ur time16:23
TimB_this is the -32bit port, are all -32bit deps installed?16:23
jaegerI started the build, just remains to wait for it16:23
Ergo0I dont see a shared-mine-info-3216:24
Ergo0and I expect the other stuff to just to be pulled in with the depends no?16:24
TimB_looks like the right commando, sorry, I am at uni right now16:25
frinnstyup, unless someone fucked up somehwhere :-)16:25
Ergo0I mean that can ofcourse happen lol16:25
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jaegeryeah, looks like we need to add a minimal shared-mime-info-32 stub16:36
Ergo0jaeger isnt that just putting 32bit in like a shared-mime-info-32 repo16:37
Ergo0then doing like touch .32bit or something16:37
Ergo0actually imma just let u guys take care of that16:39
jaegerhrmm... the shared-mime-info pkgconfig file isn't arch-specific so maybe that's not really necessary16:44
jaegerok, yeah, looks like it just needs the same fix as gdk-pixbuf-32, will push that momentarily16:46
Ergo0ayee cool16:46
Ergo0could you gimme a ping when u push it16:46
Ergo0or well it shous up in the channel anyways right16:46
jaegerIt will, yeah16:46
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: gtk-32: added fix for detecting shared-mime-info16:49
Ergo0jaeger fast boi16:49
jaegerNo problem, was a small tweak16:49
Ergo0also could someone tell me how to freeze a port16:49
Ergo0like i updated the wine-staging package to current version16:50
jaegercheck the 'prt-get lock' option16:50
jaegerI have wine-staging updated locally, planning to push it soon but haven't had time to test yet16:51
Ergo0I already installed it16:53
Ergo0I just bumped the version number to whatever was current16:54
jaegeryeah, that's usually enough16:58
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Ergo0man I still wish i could hunt down whoever made the old lutris port which worked21:16
Ergo0it was the one thing i was missing on crux and I cant seem to manage to write a package for it myself21:16
Ergo0I thought installing gnome-desktop-python would fix it but alas
jaegerthere's one in the 'mk' collection, I haven't used it21:23
Ergo0jaeger mk collection? I cant find that one on the ports repo21:31
jaegernot sure why it doesn't work from the main portdb21:35
Ergo0thanks for linking that, will try that out inabit21:38
Ergo0Im working on a port for gamehub, which is a really nice alternative21:38
Ergo0handles gog and humble bundle installs as well21:38
Ergo0well fuck the other lutris port has the same issue22:07
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john_cephalopodaErgo0: Are all of the dependencies installed?22:31
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brian|lfsyay 6022:40
weednixbrian|lfs: :D22:53
Ergo0john_cephalopoda all of the deps that are in the port are atleast23:02
Ergo0this is the relevant error
john_cephalopodaErgo0: I think that gnome-desktop-python might not be the right package. You need gnome-desktop.23:06
john_cephalopodaOnly installing the python bindings is probably not enough23:07
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xdm: added pam module. Closes FS#174723:44
TimB_Ergo0: can you check what pip3 check | grep lutris reports back?23:45
TimB_interesting. I remember having lutris running, but it's failing for me too now :)23:52
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Ergo0TimB_ hmmm23:58
Ergo0$ pip3 check | grep lutris23:59
Ergo0lutris 0.5.2 requires requests, which is not installed.23:59

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