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Ergo0installed that but it still doesnt boot, gives mthe same error saying namespace GnomeDesktop is not available00:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: harfbuzz: updated to 2.5.300:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: harfbuzz: updated to 2.5.200:02
TimB_still fails for me00:04
TimB_oh, works now for me, seems to have needed a newer version, had to upgrade my pkgfile for the new meson buildsystem00:06
Ergo0I did bump my lutris file to a later version00:06
Ergo0TimB_ are you using the mk lutris port?00:07
Ergo0if not could you share your PkgFile with me00:07
TimB_will do in a second, I am working with a local copy of his port00:07
TimB_there you go00:08
TimB_ this should help too00:09
Ergo0still same error00:10
TimB_oh, do you have python3-pillow?00:19
Ergo0I installed that as well :(00:20
TimB_no idea then, sorry00:20
Ergo0yee it is super weird00:21
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TimB_do you have webkitgtk installed?00:34
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Ergo0TimB_ yup i do have webkit gtk installed10:21
TimB_really no idea then :/10:21
Ergo0yee I have no idea what is going on either10:21
Ergo0it seems python related ?10:22
TimB_got to be, since lutris is a python application10:22
Ergo0I thought it would be gnome-python-desktop at first10:26
Ergo0just going by the error message10:26
TimB_do you have that installed? I have it my personal repo10:30
SiFuhWeird, just took one of the hard disks out of my notebook a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 and put it into an external case Buffalo HD-PNTU3. Now it is saying no partion detected.11:27
SiFuhBut if I plug the hard drive into an other SATA2USB adpater it detects the partion.11:30
SiFuhSo I am guessing Buffalo is using a unique way to access the partition table11:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: flatpak: bump to 1.4.211:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.78.013:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler-glib: update to 0.78.013:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: poppler: update to 0.78.013:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: spamprobe: remove broken image support, use patches from fedora13:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: hpcups: update to 3.19.613:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: bindutils: update to 9.14.313:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: dhcpcd: update to 7.2.313:45
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libinput: update to 1.13.413:46
Ergo0TimB_ yup i do, I got it from your repo actually14:44
Ergo0but it says something about a version number not being up to date14:44
TimB_Ergo0: can you paste the error that makes you think that way?14:52
TimB_I haven't seen anything useful from the output you pasted earlier14:52
TimB_oh, the require version string must give you the hint... but gnome-desktop is the latest release :^14:52
Ergo0thats all the output i get14:52
Ergo0unfortunately lol14:52
Ergo0btw I have a build im trying which is failing with a weird error. I tried asking the dev but he needed the whole output of the buildlog14:53
Ergo0normally i would just use wgetpaste but that doesnt seem to be an option since the build seems to get stuck in a infinite loop14:53
Ergo0any ideas how to get this in a pastebin in another way?14:53
TimB_you can enable saving buildlogs to /var/log/pkgbuild in prt-get.conf I think14:54
TimB_you can also specify to only keep logs of failed builds14:54
Ergo0I just piped it into a text file14:55
Ergo0man sometimes linux can be so neat14:55
Ergo0im trying to package this now - which you also might like TimB_15:06
TimB_I am not even sure if I like lutris ^^'15:07
Ergo0I think gamehub is a lot better15:07
TimB_I have steam-native in the pipeline but haven't had the time and muse to work out the quirks15:07
Ergo0handles gog stuff way better15:07
TimB_I have to admit I only own steam games <.< I am a bad person15:08
Ergo0this is the buidllog of my port so far , the last part ends in an infinite loop repeating that bit of text15:08
Ergo0I mean it does steam too , also valve has pushed linux a lot so i use it a lot too15:08
TimB_do you have all of the gobject-introspection stuff installed?15:08
Ergo0this is my build so far -
TimB_mh, why use a git checkout when there are releases? the last one is 19h old15:09
Ergo0because uhm I couldnt figure out how to make the release work lol15:10
Ergo0 is the log of this pkgfile15:13
Ergo0actually i should be able to figure this out15:14
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Ergo0i seem to need webkit2gtk , crux repo only has webkitgtk15:16
Ergo0but those are the same things right?15:16
TimB_Ergo0: not entirely sure.. but for me it fails with not having libgee, which fails on configure..15:21
TimB_doesn't seem to be a case of bashism...15:23
Ergo0I mean i am on fish15:30
Ergo0but that should hardly matter right15:30
TimB_Ergo0: I was oblivious to bashism until recently myself, google them and you will see where they matter :) see contrib/networkmanager for an example15:32
TimB_eh - got libgee installed and gamehub fails during build too15:33
Ergo0yee I really dont know where it fails15:34
Ergo0for me it just keeps looping around15:34
Ergo0with like the message i showed in the pastebin15:35
Ergo0I reported an issue on the github but well, we will see lol15:35
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TimB_this is what I am getting15:40
Ergo0and you did install vala right?15:46
Ergo0i also dont understand why my thing doesnt see webkit2gtk15:46
Ergo0lutris issue is weird as well, maybe i just nuke my system and start fresh lol15:47
TimB_Ergo0: I have vala installed via mate repository15:47
TimB_nuking the system might not be needed..15:47
Ergo0this is what the author just told me
TimB_it seems that your build is faulty?15:50
Ergo0I guess that is indeed the case15:51
jaegerwhich version of vala is installed?15:51
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Ergo0I just grabbed the version in contrib iirc15:52
TimB_that's outdated, unfortunately15:52
Ergo0so i should just grab the one from the mate repo?15:53
TimB_I know I did15:53
Ergo0updating vala made me go past the other build error15:56
Ergo0well fuck i gotta leave now15:57
Ergo0I will try to figure it out further when i get back15:58
Ergo0if i get this working I prolly wont need to use lutris anymore anyways15:58
TimB_alright, take care15:58
Ergo0thanks for helping out so far15:58
Ergo0everytime I leave crux to try something else I notice how much worse other distro specific irc's are15:59
Ergo0this one always is really nic15:59
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TimB_Ergo0: =======> Building '/home/pkgmk/packages/gamehub#0.14.1-2-master-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.16:06
TimB_yeah, works for me.. I'll polish it out and share the ports16:08
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pedjawth, firefox? what's with all the hd grinding all of the sudden?19:59
pedjahm, could be Blender channels. new and shiny, yay20:03
pedjano wonder google, fb, etc teams use internal irc in a time of crisis, these new ones pretty much all suck20:07
pedjawell, perhaps not on rigs built this decade :)20:08
pedjajoacim, still having vkquake issues?20:10
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pedjaah, it's Friday night. Europeans must be out, drinking and partying heavily20:16
TimB_that, or they have to get up early in the morning for a saturday seminar =D20:24
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pedjaah, student life20:27
TimB_it has it's benefits20:28
TimB_this is just semi optimal :P20:28
pedjawhat's the male/female ratio in econ? that's your area, right?20:29
pedjaafaik, here at econ and law studies, the majority is female.20:30
TimB_guess it's pretty much 50/50, not sure, never counted ;)20:31
TimB_ah, webkitgtk almost finished on this notebook.. wanted to check out gamehub over here20:32
pedjafor once, oom killer killed the correct process20:33
TimB_somehow I don't regret that I kept using palemoon - it's a solid browser for me20:35
pedjaff being annoying as it is, I still trust Mozilla more :)20:35
TimB_yeah :)20:36
TimB_but I have to say, every SaaS tool I had to use during that project phase was recommending (chrome or ff basically) another browser, but palemoon worked on all of them just fine20:37
pedjapalemoon is based on ff lts?20:38
TimB_originally, I think20:38
TimB_ff 52 or something? but they switched engine some time ago and so on and so forth20:38
pedjaswitched to what? their own?20:39
TimB_I think, I am not following that closely besides bumping20:40
TimB_uxp I think?20:40
TimB_ wiki says it is20:40
TimB_Ergo0: so, gamehub works on my notebook as well it seems. I'll update that port I posted earlier to have two more addition lines, in case you have checked it out already20:41
joacimpedja: yeah. not tested it much tho20:41
joacimi usually just play with quakespasm anyways20:41
Ergo0TimB_ I just got home, gonna try the port out right now20:42
Ergo0thanks a lot20:42
Ergo0will you also keep maintaining it or no?20:43
Ergo0really appreciate the effort20:43
pedjajoacim, ditto for vkquake :) just to test vulkan update, nothing more20:43
TimB_eh, don't care too much at that point. can do I suppose20:43
Ergo0I mean if its just bumping version numbers , i can do that20:43
TimB_I'm gonna jump into a round Dead Cells now, let's try out how gamehub launches that20:43
Ergo0if you end up using it then maintaining for you is fine i guess20:43
Ergo0I hope you like it, im a fan atleast20:43
Ergo0have fun20:44
pedjawhat's gamehub?20:44
Ergo0its a lutris alternative i guess20:44
Ergo0but it also handles gog games and humble bundle + trove games really nicely20:44
pedjaah, nice20:45
Ergo0it also can handle ur native steam library20:45
Ergo0id say its a really nice program20:45
joacimto me it looks like something for people that actually like using launchers like steam and galaxy =)20:45
pedjahow does proton fit into all that?20:45
Ergo0It is able to handle proton20:45
joacimfrom the screenshots at least20:45
Ergo0joacim i use steam for most things but its really nice to not have to download all 8 bin files for a witcher 3 install and just let gamehub take care of it for ya20:46
Ergo0it also helped me realize how many games i have sitting around in humble lol20:46
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pedjahumble, steam,, gog. lot's of places to find games20:47
joacimyou saying that made me think there was a linux build of the witcher 320:47
joacimthere wasnt... :(20:47
Ergo0i wish lol20:47
joacimthe witcher 2 is 32-bit only too20:48
Ergo0TimB_ everything seems to be working so far20:52
Ergo0man i love this20:52
Ergo0now i can nuke my arch partition20:52
john_cephalopodaThe coolest indie stuff is on Humble has some nice stuff sometimes, but they are a bit weird, trying to become a new store instead of staying with bundles.20:56
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Ergo0ive never really looked into itch tbh20:58
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TimB_Ergo0: I have to admit that I'm not a fan :) if you want to take the ports, I would be happy to leave them to you21:29
Ergo0TimB_ what dont you like if i may ask?21:32
TimB_nothing in particular, I just don't see any use for myself in that21:32
TimB_I'm going to check out lutris, never used that before either tbh21:33
Ergo0I mean lutris does less useful things imo21:33
Ergo0especially because proton exists21:33
Ergo0like the only things I would use gamehub for is launching and installing gog and humble games21:33
Ergo0also like launching overwatch but gamehub does that too21:34
Ergo0I use steam for basically everything else21:34
TimB_eh, I use steam for starting my games as well :)21:34
Ergo0I mean if ur games aint on steam, you gotta come up with something :)21:34
Ergo0but ye steam works best for most things21:34
TimB_but they are :)21:34
TimB_no, I had a quick look over lutris, and I think I'm done with both21:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: wine-staging: updated to version 4.1123:13
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