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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: [notify] xorg-xorgproto: cleanup windows, apple items, include xf86rush, note clashes with obsolete xorg-xf86rushproto04:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: Merge branch '3.4' into 3.504:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: [notify] xorg-xorgproto: cleanup windows, apple items, include xf86rush, note clashes with obsolete xorg-xf86rushproto04:52
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TimB_when revdep spits up inkscape, libreoffice and texlive -> woohoo ;D10:59
mnkydethHad some time this morning. Building mate desktop. Thought I built it before without issue on a different computer so not exactly sure what is different. Here is a log for where I am getting stuck.
TimB_mnkydeth: is vala updated? this looks gobject-introspection related as well11:20
TimB_frinnst: the musical is pure gold XD11:20
mnkydethI have vala from jaegers mate repo11:21
mnkydethahh, let me double check that, I see the one in contrib now11:22
TimB_weird. I am able to build libsecret just fine over here11:22
TimB_maybe try rebuilding the deps of libsecret?11:22
mnkydethremoved vala, then deleted the vala in contrib did a prt-get depinst mate and it compiled fine.11:24
mnkydeththank you11:24
TimB_thanks to ccache revdep is quiet once again over here :D11:26
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mnkydethProgress :D  ... In mate now. But no menu's are available. I just get blank drop down boxes. Did I miss something?11:43
TimB_how did you start it?11:45
TimB_as a session or somehow else?11:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libsecret: 0.18.5 -> 0.18.811:56
mnkydethin the .xinitrc file gnome-session11:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: Merge branch '3.4' into 3.511:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: libsecret: 0.18.5 -> 0.18.811:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glslang: 7.11.3188 -> 7.11.321411:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-validation-layers: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-tools: 1.1.106 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-loader: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: vulkan-headers: ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 4.10 -> 4.1111:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nfs-utils: fix for 'nfsdcld: Unable to clear records from current epoch: no such table: rec-1' on server start11:58
Romstermnkydeth, vala from contrib works with libsecret11:58
Romsteralso bumped a new version11:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: Merge branch '3.4' into 3.512:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: glslang-32: 7.11.3188 -> 7.11.321412:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: vulkan-validation-layers-32: ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: vulkan-tools-32: 1.1.106 ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: vulkan-loader-32: ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: xorg-xorgproto-32: 2018.4 -> 2019.112:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nss-32: 3.43 -> 3.44.112:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: expat-32: 2.2.6 -> 2.2.712:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: xorg-libx11-32: 1.6.7 -> 1.6.812:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: xorg-libxi-32: 1.7.9 -> 1.7.1012:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: dbus-32: 1.12.14 -> 1.12.1612:01
mnkydethnice, someone's hard at work :)12:01
Romsterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session gnome-session12:04
Romsteror does gnome-session start dbus for you?12:04
Romsterthe user part of it not the daemon part12:04
mnkydethdoesn't seem so. Gonna try what you typed. brb and my mistake.... mate-session not gnome-session12:07
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mnkydethno luck with the menu's.12:11
Romstermust be missing a font or something else.12:12
Romsteryou did do prt-get depinst and not just install12:12
Romsterfor mate12:12
Romsterprt-get deptree mate12:13
mnkydethI did a prt-get depinst mate to install it12:13
Romstersee if anything is missing12:13
mnkydethI have scripts enabled12:13
Romsterrejmerge ?12:14
Romsterand check revdep12:14
mnkydethtried rejmerge and revdep12:14
Romsterthen i would ask jaeger12:14
mnkydethI do appreciate the time and ideas12:14
Romsteryou did list mate above opt and contrib in prt-get.conf ?12:16
Romstersince some ports in mate override contrib and possibly opt12:17
mnkydethI did not.... k, redoing that now. Also, I was just going through the repo's and seeing what ports were duplicates.12:17
Romsteri see polkit and vala in there that would mean you need to put prtdir /usr/ports/mate above opt12:18
Romsterand then i bet you will find prt-get dff prt-get deptree mate12:18
Romsterwill show some differences12:18
TimB_mnkydeth: try start-mate maybe?12:24
mnkydethgoing through the deps currently... making sure I have the ones from jaegers repos instead of opt or contrib12:25
TimB_I would just place the mate dir above opt and contrib12:26
Romsteras i suggested to do12:26
mnkydethI did, but I am going to remove then reinstall the effected ports12:26
TimB_Romster: ah, sorry, missed that12:27
TimB_mmh, vulkan-validation-layers fails for me :^12:29
Romsterwhat error?12:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-mako: 1.0.10 -> 1.0.1212:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-mako: 1.0.10 -> 1.0.1212:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: meson: 0.50.1 -> 0.51.012:30
Romsteryou have a distcc host down12:32
TimB_yeah :) my notebook is not running right now12:32
Romsterdid you update the other vulkan stuff and glslang?12:32
TimB_plus my network is kind of f'ed up because of some renovation that has to be done12:33
TimB_I did12:33
Romsterworked here for me.12:33
Romsterelse i wouldn't of committed it12:33
TimB_I will try rebuilding it's deps, let's see12:34
Romsterspvtools ? spirov-tools ?12:35
Romsterspirv-tools i mean12:36
TimB_I do the "everything is a nail if you have a hammer"-method -> prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep vulkan-validation-layers`12:36
Romsteroh boy12:37
TimB_not good? :D12:37
Romsteri sometimes do that12:37
Romsterit just takes awhile12:37
TimB_it usually solves the case without a headache12:37
Romsterthough ccache fixes some of that time12:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python3-cython: 0.29.9 -> 0.29.1112:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: python-cython: 0.29.9 -> 0.29.1112:42
TimB_nope, doesn't work. vulkan-loader fails too?12:42
TimB_ and
Romsterthis is on 3.5?12:43
Romsteri only tested on 2.4 i assumed it would work on 3.512:43
TimB_wait a second... wth is happening12:44
TimB_glslang was build but not updated it seems... I should go and take a cold shower -.-12:44
Romsterthat's what i thought12:46
TimB_In germany there is a saying "ich geh nen besen fressen" -> I'll go eat a broom -.-12:46
Romsterthat's not tasty12:46
Romsteralso how did it not update12:46
TimB_I have no clue really12:47
TimB_ had to change this on expat-32 though12:48
TimB_wouldn't delete the share dir with rmdir because it's not empty12:48
Romsterbah i knew that would happen. you probably got some other port on your system for the man pages12:53
TimB_probably something nasty like the docbook stuff or something, not sure12:54
Romsteri looked we don't have docbook2man in the official repos12:54
TimB_I don't have that in my overlay either12:54
TimB_I do have docbook2x though...12:55
TimB_ha, yeah, that's it.. no idea for what I had it, it's not linked to anything (anymore?)12:55
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Romsteri thought it be safe to ignore that.12:57
TimB_maybe it is12:58
TimB_but you know what's really weird? that here
TimB_same machine13:01
TimB_I posted the updating lines earlier..13:01
Romstera sysup should do it in the correct order13:02
TimB_ that's how a sysup ends13:03
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Romsterbut a prt-get deptree vulkan-validation-layers13:06
Romstershows the correct order.13:06
Romsteri have no idea why it does not work for you13:06
TimB_I suspect since it didn't update glslang or vulkan-loaders, at least the latter is not build right?13:08
TimB_doesn't work.. wth13:13
Romstercorrect as it depends on it13:14
Romsterprt-get sorts the dependency tree to sysup the correct order13:14
Romsterthat should only happen if you did a prt-get update vulkan-validation-layers and not updated glslang and the others first.13:15
Romsteri dunno something is borked with your prt-get13:15
Romsteror pebkac13:16
TimB_the latter most likely13:16
TimB_the nail-hammer-method doesn't do it for me13:17
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Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep vulkan-validation-layers`13:22
TimB_that's what my hammer method does, wrote a little zsh wrapper for it, but I'll give it another go13:26
TimB_nope, no luck13:29
TimB_it does build however with adding "./scripts/" before running cmake, which will "Get and build dependent repositories using known-good commits."13:41
TimB_seems like something is up with my glslang :^13:42
pedjalooks like that :)13:42
Romstershould not need to goto those extremes13:42
pedjavalidation-layers are a bit pissy about glslang13:43
pedjathat's why I still use  'update_glslang_sources' in that port13:47
pedjaexternal spirv* used for build mess is still not sorted out :)13:48
TimB_oh wow, it still fails even with that script13:48
pedja7.11.3214 glslang should work with vulkan13:49
Romsterthat's what i went with and tested here.13:50
pedjasame here13:50
TimB_that's what I have as well13:50
pedjaadd '-j1' to make, so we can see where it actually breaks, perhaps13:53
TimB_without the python script13:56
pedjaidk, I don't build glslang like in opt port13:57
Romsteri don't use the python scrip in the opt port14:08
joacimpedja: you wasnt joking when you told me to remove plymouth. system boots quicker now14:15
joacimand also shuts down much faster14:15
joacimwent from a half minute shutdown process, to less than 5 seconds14:15
pedjajoacim, there was a rather big thread at r/opensuse about it :)14:16
pedjawhat's the point of it being enabled by default14:16
joacimpretty boot screen i guess14:16
joacimit seems it has some integration with disk encryption and hibernation too14:17
joacimbut i dont use that14:17
pedjaapparently, scrolling numbers and letters at boot would scare some new users14:17
joacimat least plymouth actually brand the boot screen in a way14:18
joacimunlike fedora. fedoras rhgb just has an asrock logo, with nothing else on my system14:18
joacimthought my system did a hard reboot the first time i saw it, since it is exactly the same as the uefi splash screen14:18
pedjabut with fast ssd/nvme, how long does that boot screen actually shows?14:19
joacimmuch longer than my crux systems =)14:19
joacimmore services14:19
pedjawell, if they want some eye-candy, something better then plymouth will have to be made14:20
pedjajoacim, still run fedora on the tr system?14:23
joacimno, opensuse now14:23
joacimdidn't notice this secret button, until i played with vkquake14:24
pedjawhat secret button?14:24
pedjaor is it a secret :) ?14:24
joacimit is bright as day with my vkquake14:27
pedjacool, someone started to work on a sway fork as a xfce wayland compositor14:28
pedjaso, in a couple years, xfce might work with wayland too14:30
joacimchanged the gamma to twice its normal value. seems okish now14:40
pedjawhat lucky developer will get to debug that :)14:51
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pedjais that 1+ year old report? amdgpu drivers moved a lot during that time, I am curious why it's still the issue14:53
pedjacould be a mesa3d problem, that ships vulkan amd drivers14:54
pedjaif quakespasm and vkquake use the same shaders, my guess it's an issue with that14:56
pedjathey look identical on nvidia14:57
jaegermnkydeth: did you get it figured out? You definitely need the MATE repo listed above the main repos to make it a smooth install, install-scripts enabled (which you said you had already), dbus started in /etc/rc.conf, and XDG env vars set up properly (which is done by start-mate)15:03
joacim6-7 months old i'd say15:03
joacimpedja: both quakespasm and vkquake has the same gamma values?15:04
joacimdefault is 1.0 i think15:04
pedjaafaik, yes15:06
jaegermnkydeth: having no menus or blank icons is usually a sign of 1) not having the right XDG env vars set, or 2) not having run install scripts during the build15:06
mnkydeth@jaeger, I ended up removing all ports. Then using prt-get to get them all back. Same issue. However the deptree was missing icu and mozjs if I recall. After redoing it those ports in the deptree seemed satisfied. Taking the long approach right now to make sure all packages are compiled against each other. Full system recompile happening. Then I'll double check again. So prolly a lot of wasted time. but....15:07
mnkydeththat should ensure I have all the scripts run for sure. Pretty sure they were before. I use startx to start mate-session exec mate-session however I currently have the line Romster gave me.15:08
pedjajoacim, iirc, uncorrected gamma is 1.0 across rgb channels, and corrected is 2.215:11
pedjafor crt/lcd displays15:11
joacimgot that from just typing gamma in the game console15:13
jaegermnkydeth: ok. hopefully it works this time. For reference I always build mine with the same process and it works well. See if you're curious15:14
mnkydethha, I just noticed you said start-mate  .... typed it into my terminal and it is there. However I been using mate-session.15:14
pedjathis explains it way better then I ever could
jaegerAh. That would be the cause of the blank menus, then15:15
mnkydethyep, I would guess so as well. gonna wait for these compiles to get done before restarting X15:15
joacim2.2 is darker than 1.0 in quakespasm. seems like there are some other differences too. vkquake seems a bit more saturated15:16
joacim2.0 seems the closest15:16
pedjalet me check. just 'gamma' in the game console to show it?15:17
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pedja1.0 for both15:19
pedjaI use displaycal to load monitor icc, so it's color managed, but I don't think that's the important part here15:21
pedjauntil someone else tries with amd gpu and sees the same issue, idk15:22
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joacimmight be worth a try15:33
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mnkydeth@jaeger, menu's are populated using start-mate thanks15:35
jaegergreat :)15:35
jaegerAnyone in here running kodi from my repo?15:38
TimB_I do, but I updated it in my overlay currently15:40
jaegerI've been working on updating the projectm visualization stuff but having issues, wanted to ask someone else to test15:41
jaegerOn both amdgpu and nvidia, it locks up whenever it changes presets. On an intel GPU it just won't render properly. I assume both issues are due to the new shader support or whatever15:41
jaegerI'm building them in a container right now to check for missing deps, etc., but would you mind giving them a test later?15:42
jaegeraudio visualization stuff15:42
TimB_mh, I don't have that installed15:42
TimB_does kodi depend on it? I haven't bumped it to .3 yet15:43
jaegerIf you don't want to mess with it, no big deal15:43
jaegerNo, kodi doesn't need it15:43
TimB_oh, I see. Never used kodi as a music library/player15:44
TimB_I can give that a try however, let's see if my bump to .3 goes through15:44
jaegerIs 18.3 actually released? I checked their github releases recently and it's not tagged as a release15:44
TimB_ says it's recommended15:44
jaegerAh, ok. Hadn't checked there15:45
TimB_building with -j1 over here because it didn't behave well in the past with -j4.. might not be needed anymore, not sure15:48
jaegerI built it with -j32 recently, didn't see any problems15:51
TimB_it's at 21%, do I dare it? :D15:52
TimB_okay, I am too curious to not do it - we will see15:53
TimB_aaand it crashed while compiling ffmpeg15:55
TimB_might be my port at fault after all, it shouldn't relay on an internel ffmpeg anyway15:59
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jaegertested again with -j32 just for grins, timed it this time. No problems, 3m51.9s16:11
TimB_... ;P16:11
TimB_I really hope I can manage that ryzen upgrade this year :D this should help out a bit16:11
jaegerryzen 3000 series does look very promising16:12
TimB_might even wait for next year because of a motherboard. Coming from an old i5.. I need to get a new one as well, might also wait for the newer chipset and some price drops16:12
joacimexcited to see how they perform on older motherboards16:14
joacimwant a mini itx system, but motherboards that small seems lacking for zen216:14
jaegerI have a mini-itx 1700x with an x370 board, might try it on that one at some point16:15
mnkydethEven with the 3000's coming out.... The 2000 series has been very nice. And it's gonna be hard to upgrade unless I go to a threadripper. Or wait a few more generations.16:17
jaegerI'm going to upgrade my skylake system, not in a rush to upgrade my current ryzen one, though16:17
mnkydethI want to build a couple little htpc's. Built a 2400G system for my stepson. I was impressed with how well it did compared to my 4770k. The integrated graphics was fairly ok.16:20
jaegerI use a NUC with intel integrated as an HTPC, works very well for that and it's tiny and quiet16:21
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mnkydethHavn't had a problem with nvidia for a while.... However... prt-get depinst nvidia nvidia-32 went without an issue. nvidia-xconfig and made a xorg.conf with nvidia specified as the driver. graphical interface has been working without issue. Just tried to play a game. And no graphics but I have sound. I grabbed gl-select and set gl-select use nvidia but it says I am already using a non xorg glx.16:54
mnkydethgl-select status shows it's still using xorg16:55
jaegergl-select should not be used anymore16:55
mnkydethahh k16:55
jaegerIn fact I should remove it from opt so it won't confuse people :)16:55
mnkydethso... lsmod shows nvidia_modeset nvidia and nvidia_drm  ... I'll reboot and see if the issue persists.16:57
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mnkydethyep same, Faster then Light starts. Sounds working but no picture. Terminal I think says it's trying to use mesa 19.1.117:00
jaegerwhat does 'glxinfo | grep OpenGL' say?17:00
jaegeryou may need to install mesa-demos17:01
jaeger(for glxinfo, not to fix the problem)17:01
mnkydethVendor string VMware  ha  .. renderer string llvmpipe17:02
jaegeryeah, that's software rendering rather than nvidia17:03
mnkydethjust removed nvidia and deleted the packages. I'll recompile and install them.17:03
mnkydethbrb restart X17:05
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mnkydethsame issue... did another full reboot just in case. Still using llvmpipe. xorg.log shows glxserver_nvidia failed to load. module does not exist. even after the reinstall.17:13
mnkydethall the nvidia stuff works, like nvidia-settings etc.17:13
jaegercan you paste the xorg server log?17:14
jaegerer, pastebin17:14
mnkydethnot complete17:16
jaegeryeah, that seems to be missing stuff :)17:16
jaegerIf you want a simple CLI paste, try: curl -F 'f:1=<-' < /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:17
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mnkydethshould be complete this time17:19
jaegerdo you have /usr/lib/nvidia/xorg/*?17:20
mnkydeththere are 3 .so files there17:22
jaegershould be 1 file and 2 symlinks, really17:22
mnkydethyep correct, double checked17:23
jaegerhrmm... the nvidia module is definitely loaded? anything interesting in dmesg about nvidia?17:24
mnkydeth[   28.304015] nvidia-modeset: Loading NVIDIA Kernel Mode Setting Driver for UNIX platforms  430.26  Tue Jun  4 17:45:09 CDT 201917:25
jaegerthat's the modesetting driver, what about just nvidia?17:25
jaegernvidia, nvidia_drm, and nvidia_modeset are generally all loaded17:27
mnkydethtwo lines of spam... sorry I could pastebin17:27
mnkydeth[    3.604051] nvidia 0000:0b:00.0: vgaarb: changed VGA decodes: olddecodes=io+mem,decodes=none:owns=io+mem17:28
mnkydeth[    3.704242] NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  430.26  Tue Jun  4 17:40:52 CDT 201917:28
mnkydeththe nvidia_drm is a couple lines above those.17:28
jaegerok, how about the output of 'ls -l /usr/lib/libGLX*' ?17:29
mnkydethI have symlinked to the driver version. I also have GLX, GLX_mesa and GLX_indirect17:31
jaegerplease pastebin the exact output so I can compare it17:31
mnkydethbtw, I really do appreciate the help. Above and beyond man. Thank you17:33
jaegerhrmm, really strange. I don't see anything wrong there17:34
jaegerNo problem17:34
jaegerHave you recently rebuilt xorg-server?17:34
jaegerIt seems like things are in place, the only thing I can suggest is to try force rebuilding things in order, like: prt-get update -fr libglvnd mesa3d xorg-server $(prt-get listinst --regex 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)') nvidia17:35
jaegerthen run depmod -a and reboot17:36
mnkydethok, will do17:36
mnkydethxorg-server I possibly rebuilt once. However I am not sure.17:37
jaegersometimes rebuilding xorg-server can break input and video drivers but that generally doesn't happen without a version change... so I'm not 100% sure it will fix things but I don't see anything else that looks obvious17:38
mnkydethI wanna say I had nvidia working just fine when I installed from the rc1 image. I built up my system the way I wanted. But I was testing more stuff then I liked. So I decided to start fresh. Get it back to where I wanted. Without the cruft. Seems to be a different experience this time through.17:40
jaegerEver since glvnd was released the nvidia stuff got a lot cleaner/easier... so it's odd that it's giving you so much trouble17:41
mnkydethI'm kind of wondering if the gl-select messed me up.17:41
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jaegerIt's possible... it was definitely a hack17:42
mnkydethrebooting now17:43
*** mnkydeth has quit IRC17:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gl-select: removed17:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gl-select: removed17:44
mnkydethsame, llvmpipe ... so, I am going to use today and a very large learning day for myself. :) I learned to put the mate repo above opt/contrib repos. Don't mess with gl-select lol and I will prolly start fresh without the issues. See if it just comes together.17:46
mnkydethand = as17:46
jaegerweird... :/ Sorry, I don't know what else might be the issue17:46
mnkydethWell, don't be sorry. I felt bad for taking all your time since you were willing to help. But I'm a better person for it I hope. Lots of stuff I can go back and reference if needed in the irc logs.17:47
jaegerIf you do find the answer please report it, I'm curious17:48
mnkydethGonna take a break. Visit my wife and little girl. And come back tonight or in the morning. I will for sure. If I run into the exact same issue again I will also let you know.17:48
jaegerOK. Good luck :)17:48
mnkydethI'll try to keep a better record of how I went about things17:48
pedjamnkydeth, I have that issue from time to time. removing and loading nvidia-uvm and nvidia modules fixes it for me17:49
mnkydethuvm ? hmm17:49
pedjafirst thing I do after xfce starts is to run glxinfo :)17:50
*** mnkydeth has quit IRC17:50
*** mnkydeth has joined #crux17:51
mnkydethnvidia-uvm wasn't loaded. I did a modprobe nvidia-uvm ... it loaded so I restarted X. Still same result though.17:52
mnkydethThanks everyone... Will try again and again if needed :)17:54
*** mnkydeth has quit IRC17:54
pedjaexit X, remove/load modules, start X usually does the trick for me18:02
pedjanettle update broke a lot of stuff, yay18:04
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TimB_jaeger: for me, projectm doesn't even show up in kodi at all? Have installed kodi-visualization-projectm ..19:40
jaegerIt's kinda dumb, you need to go into settings and addons and enable it19:41
jaegerthen also select 'use' or pick it in a player preferences19:42
jaegerIt might be that building it with the kodi build would include it automagically but I haven't investigated that yet since it seems pretty buggy19:42
jaegerAnyway, I pushed updates a bit ago, then had to run errands19:42
TimB_not there either19:43
TimB_oh, I found it19:44
TimB_really well hidden...19:44
TimB_it works but looks very poor :s19:44
TimB_and it crashes?19:48
jaegerFor me, it crashes every time it shuffles to a new visual preset19:53
jaegerwell, it locks up. It doesn't exit19:53
TimB_it seems to do the same for me19:53
jaegerdoes it still hang if you turn off shuffle mode?19:54
TimB_I can try19:54
jaegerpreset 158 is one of my favorites, just for reference :)19:54
jaegeralso you can change the visual quality and the sound sensitivity. I set mine to at least 60%, the default 20% doesn't do much19:54
TimB_so, I disabled shuffle, and it still hangs after ~20 secs or so19:55
jaegerMy guess is it's still shuffling, actually. I've had weird issues constantly with kodi addons where they don't retain settings19:56
jaegeris shuffle still true in the settings.xml? (~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/visualization.projectm)19:56
TimB_says false19:57
TimB_trying out the preset with 80% sensitivty now, trippy :D and still hangs19:58
jaegerweird... well, thanks for testing19:59
jaegerThe older projectm stuff was great... new seems really buggy19:59
TimB_I had to stay with my overlay build of kodi as well, not sure why but I need to define a fixed PATH for the build or else it will pull in my users PATH and fails for not existing dirs ~.~ also -j120:00
TimB_I like kodi in general but it seems weird20:00
jaegerhrmm, haven't run into that one20:03
jaegerI wonder if there's something in your path it runs and gets weird output20:03
jaegerFor example, in the past I've used anaconda3 on crux and it comes with a 'pkginfo' and gets really confused with crux's 'pkginfo'20:03
TimB_okay.. Not sure tbh. the PATH is weird, it's only set in my /home, not anywhere else and I build as root20:04
TimB_well, actually 'sudo -i' shell20:05
TimB_oh, it does get the users PATH with that..20:05
jaeger <-- without shuffle I can play through an entire song without issues20:05
TimB_so probably creating a stub in /root should do the trick20:05
TimB_is that an OC remix? :D20:05
jaegerdo you have a build log from a failed build?20:05
jaegerNot sure if it's on ocremix, just heard it this week during SGDQ20:06
TimB_not anymore, I set prt-get to overwrite20:06
TimB_:D ok20:06
TimB_I created a stub ~/.local/bin and try your port now20:07
jaeger /bin/sh: 1: PATH=/bin:~/.local/bin:/usr/lib/java/openjdk8/jre/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin: not found20:10
jaegerthat line stands out as odd20:10
*** rockstardevil has joined #crux20:10
jaegerhow's your build system configured? can you paste prt-get.conf and pkgmk.conf?20:11
TimB_ and
jaeger and are a couple of Vector U remixes I really liked20:13
jaegerI wonder if distcc/ccache is the problem20:14
TimB_it should be disabled since it's commented out20:14
TimB_the PATH in pkgmk.conf20:14
jaegerhrmm, true, just noticed that20:14
TimB_I think with a corrected path this build could succeed20:15
jaegerI wonder what invocation is causing that "not found" message20:15
TimB_I wanted to say it sounded chill, but then it stepped up a tone :D20:16
TimB_indeed a good question.. not sure why this would break the build, besides every dir except the local one are valid ones20:16
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*** darfo has quit IRC20:26
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TimB_this build with a fixed path worked fine..20:42
jaegerok, it seems like I can get it to refrain from crashing if I set last_locked_status to true and shuffle to false20:44
TimB_this seems to work for me as well20:46
*** nsimmqigguyztuak has joined #crux20:46
jaegerwhat a mess20:46
TimB_can manually change presets as well20:46
jaegerthough it still hangs sometimes if you scroll through them too fast20:48
jaegerquality stuff20:48
TimB_haven't noticed that so far20:51
TimB_but seems a bit buggy to say at least :)20:52
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*** xor29ah has joined #crux23:58

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