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ryuoanyone here tried the graphite thermal pads from innovation cooling?00:46
ryuoi've started using it for my PCs and it seems to do a better job than stock thermal paste at least.00:46
weednixryuo: I don't touch hardware for years, just basic on bunch of half broken laptops that people gave me ;)00:49
weednixRomster: romster.httpup need s/
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.7.007:54
Ergo0unlucky, the latest nettle update breaks weechat because weechat still only functions with 3.410:13
pedjabuilds and runs on 3.5 here10:18
Ergo0odd, I got library erros10:18
Ergo0that it needed 6.0 instead of 7.010:18
Ergo0oh wait maybe i need to rebuild weechat after updating nettle10:19
pedjarun revdep to see what nettle update broken10:19
pedjagnutls broken after nettle update is probably an issue with weechat10:21
Ergo0pedja ayee thanks I will do that10:22
Ergo0can i use github to host a httpup repo?10:24
Ergo0on that note why is it again that crux wont take repos with just .git files?10:26
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TimB_ <- I used jaegers mate repo as a guide to create my own10:57
Ergo0TimB_ thanks that should work11:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: squid: rebuild for PAM module13:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: xterm: update to 34713:18
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Ergo0TimB_ are you using the lutris port in the mk repo or do you have ur own?13:30
Ergo0also i bet you folks could help me out with some laptop advice13:37
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kyaaa | daily wtf14:06
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korican I install CRUX from some other live usb15:29
korisay, systemrescuecd?15:29
joacimi think it could work15:30
AnselmoIve done it15:30
joacimdepends on the iso15:30
Anselmobut yeh ^^15:30
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korijoacim: systemrescuecd :D15:31
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korii just want the core ports15:31
AnselmoI forget what all systemrescuecd has (or what even youd need) but I assume it would work15:31
korii just need maybe a root fs tarball15:32
korior something like that15:32
Anselmoif you mount the crux iso, the ports are accessible under /crux15:33
AnselmoI forget what all I needed to do but might justbe able to unpack the things in /crux/core15:33
Anselmoelse could always setup the crux rootfs in a temporary place, chroot it, and run the setup stuff as usual for crux15:34
koriyeah where do i get the rootfs15:34
korilemme see15:35
Anselmothere's a rootfs in the toplevel of the ISO15:35
korioh okay cool thanks15:35
koriextracting... lets see if it works15:37
kori[root@sysresccd /mnt]# ./usr/bin/setup-chroot15:39
kori(chroot) $15:39
koriayyy we in boysssssssssssssssssssssssss15:39
jaegerthere's also a static pkgutils on the ISO so you can run it from other linuxes15:39
jaegerfor clarification, it's in the tools folder, not the pkgutils that the install env uses15:41
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jaegerErgo0: there is a git ports driver but the portdb doesn't understand git repos15:56
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koribeen a while since ive used crux lol15:57
kori3~4 years15:57
korithat's kinda crazy15:57
jaegerLose interest in it? Or time? :)15:57
korithe story of how I stopped using crux is the same of why i started using it right now15:58
korian experiment involving stripping crux to the core packages and then using a separate package manager for everything else15:58
koricrux is the only distro where I know I can do this sort of stuff and have it be15:59
kori~relatively~ lightweight15:59
koritreating a distro like a BSD15:59
koriwhere base and packages are separate15:59
korigood stuff15:59
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Ergo0kori how has that been working?16:12
Ergo0also what package manager have you been using16:13
Ergo0Like arch seems cool but I bet the AUR would throw a bunch of SysD errors your way16:13
AnselmoI feel like most aur packages I've seen seem to be agnostic about that sort of thing16:14
Ergo0I also feel like there would be some conflicting dependencies and stuff16:14
Anselmoor, having shamelessly stolen my share of aur ports it seems like its not often something that comes up16:15
Anselmobuuut probably matters in some areas I've just not much gone into16:17
koriErgo0: seems like installing it from sysresccd is a bad idea16:23
koriim gonna use the crux iso16:24
korialso, I haven't done anything yet16:24
koribut it should theoretically work relatively ok16:24
korifamous last words, by the way16:24
Ergo0kori cool, tell me how it works out later16:31
TimB_Ergo0: I don't use lutris at all, but I tried it and I shared my port with you?16:41
korihm17:37 isnt found17:37
korion the install iso17:37
koriso i cant log in17:37
koriand the md5sum matches17:38
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koriany ideas?18:06
stenurI booted 3.4, then cross-installed 3.5.  That was test2, not release, though, back in March.18:07
koriis the 3.5 iso broken then?18:08
stenurIs actually using anyone IRC via TLS, or uses some kind of authentication mechanism?18:08
stenurI do not know!  test2 was, definetely.18:08
stenurAm asking, there was that IRSSI security advisory on Saturday iirc, regarding SASL.18:09
stenurBut he said it in a way that made me think that it does not affect many people.18:10
stenurJust a gut feeling though.18:10
jaegerkori: not as far as I know. Need more info, I think18:10
korigimme a sec lemme get the complete error18:11
kori/bin/login: error while loading shared libraries:
korino such file or directory18:12
stenurActually endless loop because login is crucial, that was how it was with test2 ISO.18:13
jaegeryou see that while booting the ISO? Before install?18:14
TimB_kori: are you running this in a virtual machine by chance?18:15
stenurWould that make a difference?18:15
jaegeronly if it has a small amount of RAM18:15
TimB_It made for someone else in the past when they didn't assign enough memory18:15
stenurHmmm.  Well i had last year problems with that, this is why i used more from the start this time.18:16
stenurI mean, the error was that after boot, login could not be started because that library was not there, so i guess init entered a loop18:17
stenur(trying to start login, which failed)18:17
stenurI do not think i used not enough RAM; i was so happy about this new box, i even started it with six CPUs so the kernel compilation would rock!18:18
stenurThat much i remember for sure.18:18
koriTimB_: nope18:22
korijaeger: yep18:22
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jaegerAnd your md5sum is eb0c9b75322ba240f229ec9834feddfd ?18:24
koriayakashi ; md5sum Downloads/crux-3.5.iso18:24
korieb0c9b75322ba240f229ec9834feddfd  Downloads/crux-3.5.iso18:24
jaegerHrmm, very odd. I don't know what to tell you, I don't see it18:26
koriill try 3.418:27
korithat wouldnt help18:27
stenurOnce installed everything was running smoothly.  (And it was April not March, just looked.)18:28
koriah well18:30
korii'm at a loss18:30
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korido yall have any ideas?18:32
TimB_I don't, sorry18:32
koriim actually sad lol18:32
korii was looking forward to trying crux again18:32
Ergo0TimB_ yee i remember but i lost it F18:32
Ergo0why dont you just use the 3.5 install disk kori , thats what i did18:33
koriErgo0: what do you mean18:33
Ergo0oh nvm i read it wrong18:33
Ergo0I used the 3.5 iso image like last week18:33
Ergo0and it worked fine for me18:33
korilemme try dding it again18:34
korithe iso ships with cryptsetup and lvm, yeah?18:35
Ergo0I never checked but ye i think it does18:35
korilemme try18:38
jaegerkori: you could also try if that doesn't work, but there's no known reason the release iso shouldn't work18:39
koriby the way18:39
koridid anyone adopt the font ports in 6c37?18:39
koriI'm real proud of those18:40
korialright thanks jaeger18:40
korino bueno18:43
korilemme try the updated iso18:43
jaegerare you using a usb drive?18:43
jaegerhave a different one to try?18:45
korinope but its weird? like18:46
korithis one works fine18:46
korii was booting systemrescuecd from it18:46
jaegerThat's no guarantee, sadly... some drives are finicky as hell18:47
koriim dding the updated iso18:50
koriACTION crosses fingers18:50
korididnt worko18:56
TimB_I'd also try another stick, maybe18:56
korii dont have another stick :<18:57
jaegerI think it has to be the usb18:57
jaegerI just tested both ISOs here18:57
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TimB_did you try another usb controller chip maybe? like front usb ports or rear ones19:02
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TimB_ if anyone wants to try these updated ports? Would like some feedback before publishing them to either contrib or my repo. you will need to rebuild gstreamer-plugins-bad if you want the optional deps to be picked up by the system19:08
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weednix:) I keep using 3.4 is that bad ? I keep updating ports, is there any very important reason (security) to upgrade to 3.5 ?19:13
TimB_gcc, openssl come to mind quickly I'd say19:14
weednixkori: 3.4 come with cryptosetup, I was able to install into lucks / lvm19:14
weednixTimB_: wow, openssl 3.4 is 1.0.2s and 3.5 is 1.1.1c, why is not updated on 3.4 branch ?19:17
TimB_weednix: I think core ports are kept at a certain version to ensure compatibility? I am not at all sure, not involved with core ports19:18
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weednixTimB_: I'm a noob at it, I'm just trying to learn :) curious how other do and how to keep a "LTS" for crux.19:21
pedjaopenssl-1.0.2 will be EOL by the end of this year19:22
weednixI'm starting to install crux on computer friends, and my idea was to keep them months with current instalation (3.4).19:22
pedjaweednix, I'd suggest you update to 3.5, not sure how long updates will go to 3.419:22
TimB_+1 to what pedja says19:22
weednixpedja: I was trying to keep update, not sure if doing it right:
weednixand configured a binary server and other machines pkg-get... so...19:23
weednixwill be a lot of effort again, just few weeks after installations :P19:24
weednixpedja: will see until is possible to update openssl 1.0.2[x], and on glibc they say is "safe" to update to a new version, but I fear to break everything. Wold try on a virtual machine first.19:25
TimB_I had openssl updated on 3.4 to 1.1.1x with not much trouble, though one ore two ports needed modification for it, which should be applied in 3.5 as well by now19:26
jaeger3.5 will receive far more attention than 3.4. There's not really a good reason to stay on 3.4 in my opinion19:27
weednix:) Ok, will start working on 3.5 :> gosh ...19:27
TimB_welcome to CRUX ;)19:28
weednixDa Hell :D19:28
weednixI was trying to have all ports needed for freqtrade, I'm trying to setup a "crypto things and stuff"19:29
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jaegerone thing to keep in mind is you could use one host to build packages and then copy them to your other systems to save build time20:19
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weednixjaeger: have links for such machine, it only builds and hosts binary and source. Other machines are using pkg-get20:21
jaegerwell, that should save you a lot of time, then, if you have multiple systems you need to update :)20:21
weednix:D that's the issue, and some machines are not with me...20:22
weednixso few weeks wold be uber nice to me, just to give time to work on other things.20:22
stenurYeah, i liked that -march=x86-64 once i have seen it first.  It makes a lot of fun.21:00
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: tzdata: updated to 2019b21:28
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Ergo0time to rebuild my kernel for docker23:21
Ergo0so many things to enable f23:21
weednixErgo0: :) I had created a list,
weednixI have a 4.9 port more or less updated, but configuration depends on taste of each oen23:24
Ergo0weednix im using the the config-check sh23:24
Ergo0Im currently on kernel 5.1.15 or whatever it was23:25
weednix;) I'm with 4.9 so for some time I can relay more or less on same config, more or less that.23:26
Ergo0bunch of options which i just cant find tho23:27
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Ergo0I think I have everything23:36
Ergo0well guess i had not, jaeger iirc you had a kernel config of a fairly recent kernel that had all the docker stuff right?23:43
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Ergo0seems now my c-groups werent mounted properly but they were last boot23:51
Ergo0i think it works now23:54
weednix:), just discover kde5 ports have wayland port :P23:57
Ergo0weednix nice, never used wayland tho23:57
Ergo0nor do i use de's but still glad for ya23:57

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