IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2019-07-02

john_cephalopodaweednix: I got wayland in the jmf repo.00:10
john_cephalopodaHuh, it looks like it disappeared...00:11
john_cephalopodaAh, right, I think it is updated every hour or so and my server loses connectection at 2am always.00:12
Ergo0any reason not to use these IP's to connect my dockers?00:14
frinnstnot unless they are already in use00:51
jaegerErgo0: sounds like you got it sorted but I have a config somewhere that would work if you still want it01:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: argon2: bump to 2019070206:38
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Ergo0jaeger yee i have it sorted now09:25
Ergo0now Im fighting with plex ipv6 and remote access09:25
Ergo0if you have any ideas let me know lol09:26
TimB_Ergo0: did lutris work for you after all? If you are up for it, you can adopt these ports as well09:52
TimB_I am not interested in them09:52
TimB_mk repo over all seems very incomplete and buggy..09:53
Ergo0what about the guy who made them?09:54
TimB_no idea09:55
Ergo0also ye I still cant get lutris to work09:55
Ergo0same gnome-desktop stuff09:55
TimB_is it *really* installed? I ran into the same ouput on my laptop, and I hadn't installed in on there yet09:55
TimB_worked right after I installed it too09:56
Ergo0I mean it should be lol09:56
TimB_prt-get isinst gnome-desktop09:56
TimB_believing is for churches ;)09:56
Ergo0now it says not installed09:56
Ergo0dear god09:56
Ergo0im confused09:56
Ergo0and the package is gone09:57
Ergo0TimB_ isnt it supposed to be this package? gnome-python-desktop09:57
TimB_lol, well then ;)09:57
TimB_have you had a look through the ports I linked you yesterday?09:57
Ergo0I may have missed that message lol09:57
TimB_it's supposed to be gnome-desktop09:57
TimB_there are .footprints in each folder as well09:58
TimB_but I don't think you will need those for references09:59
Ergo0why did you opt for --skip-build in the lutris pkgfile?10:02
TimB_because there, I build it one line before that10:03
TimB_you are referencing the install command10:03
TimB_no need to build it if it's there, not sure if python would do that.. but just to be clear10:03
Ergo0ahhh kay10:03
Ergo0 was my port at the time10:04
Ergo0seems like both would work no?10:04
TimB_ the REPO in question isn't officially listed (anymore?) anyway..10:04
Ergo0I am aware10:04
TimB_they would, but maybe it would compile the source another time which is not needed?10:05
Ergo0I guess that makes sense10:05
TimB_with python ports, make sure you always reference the right python - python2 is still the default on CRUX, your pyyaml would pull in python2 version of it, which won't work10:06
Ergo0which is why i copied ur port :)10:06
Ergo0but ye i did not know that10:06
TimB_that's why I am saying this, I ran into that when I started creating ports as well10:06
TimB_but it's not a big deal usually, if there is a python2 version of something in portdb, it usually is an easy task to customize it for py310:07
Ergo0thanks for the ehlp. gonna try that later10:09
Ergo0if i ever do run into it that is10:09
Ergo0now lutris works10:09
Ergo0I guess I will look into hosting my repo like today10:11
TimB_there you go ;)10:13
TimB_I am writing a mail to MK and see if he is still maintaining the REPO10:13
TimB_mail out, and now we wait. maybe he want's to adopt these ports as well, no idea10:18
Ergo0I mean i can probably maintain the lutris ports10:19
Ergo0and the gamehub ports10:19
Ergo0how does that work, I list you as packager and put myself as maintainer?10:19
TimB_you don't have to do the packager line. I like to do that to show who did the initial work, but I don't always do that and I try to clean my contrib ports of that lines to leave no room for confusion10:20
TimB_other then that, you are always free to fork anything and host it I guess10:20
Ergo0hmmm yee10:20
Ergo0I guess i will just do that initially10:20
Ergo0I love how i can just copy the arch package names here and it will find most of the packages in the crux repo
TimB_well, not really, and you shouldn't have the need to fiddle with dependencies? We have great wine ports as far as I know10:26
TimB_but arch writes lib32-<portname>, we do <portname>-32 for example. also arch uses python3 as default, so everytime you read a "python" command you know you want to use python3, and everytime you see them using "python2" you can leave it as such but it would work with just "python" as well10:28
Ergo0yee the wine ports are great but I remember having some trouble with for example10:30
TimB_so MK just replied he will take a look into that stuff10:32
TimB_about wine, last time I used it was so long ago, I can't say anything about it really. But isn't that where lutris/gamehub are supposed to help?10:34
Ergo0I mean ye but generally you will still need dependencies10:35
TimB_well, that's the same for steam-native10:35
Ergo0but ye lutris helps a lot in that regard since it can download different runners and wine versions10:35
Ergo0lutris also has a runtime10:35
Ergo0which generally works okay10:35
TimB_I needed to install wayland for one game that depends on wayland libs being present10:35
Ergo0you only play native games then?10:36
Ergo0or just proton i guess10:36
TimB_no, there is proton as well10:36
TimB_but I would prefer native games over proton of course.. but that needs time. for now, I am happy with the stuff steam does for linux10:36
Ergo0 yeee same here10:36
Ergo0only games i really need normal wine for are overwatch and gwent10:37
Ergo0but gwent acts weird, everytime the window gets unfocused the mouse stops being able to click on things10:37
TimB_yeah, it's still a bit rocky sometimes10:39
TimB_I am thinking about reaching out to valve, they made a statement that they want to support other distros as well, and I am not done polishing my repo for it and I have no idea what's missing really10:40
TimB_I just don't get a taskbar icon not running with the steam_runtime.. everything else "works for me"10:40
Ergo0You want them to start supporting crux?10:41
Ergo0that would be pretty cool10:41
TimB_not really supporting CRUX in general10:42
TimB_but helping me figure out what's missing10:42
Ergo0ohhh sure10:42
TimB_ah, I just sent a mail to them, let's see if I get something back :)10:52
Ergo0Ohhh right I remember that whole debacle10:52
Ergo0they just might tbh10:52
Ergo0would be great10:52
TimB_like I said, all that I am missing so far is a tray icon10:53
TimB_not sure if that's a problem with i3bar10:53
Ergo0apparently rebuilding openldap fixed my problems10:54
Ergo0TimB_ I think that when i was using polybar, it had a tray icon10:54
Ergo0lemonbar could probably do it too10:54
TimB_Ergo0: I have a taskbar icon if I run the steam_runtime... but not with native ;)10:55
TimB_and sometimes, software will pick up soft deps that you installed later. I have ignore-new as a default set in my prt-get conf10:55
Ergo0hmm guess its not fixed , the overwatch download keeps getting interrupted10:56
Ergo0 according to this it needs ldap-32, which could be the only package im missing10:57
Ergo0I remember struggling greatly to make a port for that when i was on crux earlier and having it work10:57
Ergo0but I lost my ports from back then FD10:57
TimB_maybe, I don't have that in my overlay10:57
TimB_shouldn't be too hard to create a 32bit version of it.. cp the dir to somewhere and rename it to ldap-32, cd ldap32, touch .32bit and the usual dance around the Pkgfile for -32bit versions10:58
koriattempt 2 at installing crux from sysresccd10:59
korii think i know what i was doing wrong now10:59
TimB_kori: what was it?11:03
TimB_and good luck11:03
Ergo0yeee im gonna try that11:04
Ergo0first gonna try publishing my repo11:04
Ergo0with httpup11:04
koriyay the packages installed11:09
korii got a chroot11:09
korithats funny11:10
Ergo0there isnt anything special i should do to let my packages be downloaded with httpup from github with github rawusercontent right?11:10
TimB_not really11:10
TimB_this should work11:11
koriTimB_: basically I confused the iso root with the system root11:11
TimB_kori: congrats!11:11
koriand didnt realize I needed to chroot twice11:11
TimB_eh :D11:12
korionce for the isoroot11:12
koriand once for the system root11:12
Ergo0hmmm it doesnt work unfortunately11:12
Ergo0kori lemme know when its all done11:12
Ergo0im interested in this11:12
TimB_Ergo0: you have upped compiled packages as well (gnome-desktop for example)11:16
koriErgo0: will do11:17
korii got all sorts of quirky stuff planned11:17
koribcachefs /home for example :P11:17
TimB_Ergo0: you are missing a REPO file -> httpup-repgen11:18
Ergo0TimB_ i know , im gonna clear those compiled packages out11:19
Ergo0was just trying to see if i could get the httpup thing to work11:19
TimB_I am sure it will work as soon as you push the REPO file..11:19
TimB_pedja: still waiting for that haiku you announced for yourself :P11:21
pedjawork in progress :)11:21
TimB_hehe .P11:21
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TimB_ you should deploy a file like this Ergo0 ;)11:33
Ergo0I added that11:33
Ergo0but i still seem to be having some weird issues11:33
TimB_it's not dotted11:34
TimB_and you need to regenerate the REPO of course after deploying it11:34
Ergo0I did that but ye i guess i forgot to dot it11:35
Ergo0cause im dumb11:35
Ergo0TimB_ kay i pushed it again11:36
TimB_btw, I have nnn in contrib now11:36
Ergo0it **should** be fine now11:36
Ergo0I made this port like months ago11:36
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TimB_the REPO file is empty?11:36
Ergo0bever naubted ut reakkt11:36
Ergo0never maintained it really11:37
TimB_I think it's the last, empty line you have in here
TimB_also watch out for foreign signatures11:37
beli3verIst there a way to Install Crux on a MacBook Pro11:37
TimB_prt-get would not install that11:37
beli3verThanks for your Mail Tim11:38
Ergo0i can remove that port anyways11:38
TimB_beli3ver: no idea, but if this macbook is able to run other distros, why not?11:38
TimB_beli3ver: is that Malte? ;) you are welcome11:38
beli3verBut the other distros uses EFI11:39
Ergo0TimB_ okay now everything should be fine11:39
TimB_not sure about that one, sorry.11:39
TimB_Ergo0: looks like it, gratz11:39
Ergo0imma test it out now i guess11:40
Ergo0it works11:40
beli3verTim why all my Ports are showing warnings11:41
Ergo0but i should git clone my personal copy right11:41
Ergo0for easy access11:41
TimB_if you click on them on the inofficial portdb you can get a message, probably from prtverify11:41
TimB_Ergo0: I have a working copy in my home somewhere, yes11:42
beli3verLol thanks11:42
Ergo0kay guess i will get these published now11:42
Ergo0i still have to change the maintainer to my own name11:42
beli3verI will fix ist11:42
Ergo0do you mind for now TimB_ ?11:42
TimB_beli3ver: Maintainer should say: Malte Kiefer, maltes_email at provider dot tld11:42
TimB_Ergo0: no11:42
Ergo0beli3ver I did adopt the lutris ports etc btw11:42
beli3veryeah I See it11:43
TimB_beli3ver and Ergo0: you can talk about who wants to maintain lutris more I guess? :P I always feel like duplicated work for no reason is lost energy11:43
beli3verErgo0 so you want IT or should I do it11:43
Ergo0I mean it seems like beli3ver didnt have crux installed11:44
Ergo0so like if ur not using the distro anymore I dont mind maintaining the port11:44
Ergo0or if ur not using the program11:44
beli3verI will installed it again no Problem. But If you Like so it11:44
beli3verDo it11:45
Ergo0Im not trying to like hi jack your work11:45
Ergo0but ye I dont mind doing it11:45
Ergo0now time for lunch11:46
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Ergo0I submitted my repo :)12:38
Ergo0I wonder if i should send messages to developers of software that still have old crux ports that i have adopted  listed by like 6c37 etc12:48
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kori oh god13:50
koriyou know your system's gonna be real hacky when you have to check out contrib *before* you reboot13:51
Ergo0what did you do lol13:55
Ergo0meanwhile im wondering why my limits havent changed after editing /etc/limits.conf13:57
koriErgo0: im installing some software from contrib13:57
koriim sure glad I got systemrescuecd at this moment13:57
koriso i have a browser handy and whatever else I need13:57
Anselmoaah. I havent done a really fun install in a while13:58
Anselmomaybe should again13:58
Ergo0kori i mean didnt you have some plan to use a different package manager etc?13:59
koriErgo0: I do13:59
korii'm checking out pkgsrc :)14:00
koriand on top of that14:01
korii'll be making ANOTHER package manager14:01
koripkgsrc is just serving as a stand-in14:01
koriit's just kinda hard to draw what exactly is "the base system" and "packages"14:01
korilike... i had to install cvs to check out pkgsrc...14:02
Ergo0hmmm I guess that makes sense14:02
korii don't know whether git belongs in the base system or the packages yet14:02
korimaybe the base14:02
koribut oh well14:02
Ergo0Im just making ports of stuff i need14:02
korithis is only tangentially crux related14:02
jaegerbeli3ver: depends on the model of macbook pro14:02
koriErgo0: oh i kinda burnt out on making ports14:02
koristarting 6c37 was a lot of work14:02
Ergo0I mean I dont need thaaat many14:02
Ergo0kori you did 6c37?14:02
korii was the founder yeah14:03
Ergo0I used to use that repo so much when i first started using crux14:03
Ergo0did onodera leave?14:03
koriafter i did this same experiment 3 years ago i kinda burnt out and let onodera take over14:03
Ergo0onodera site is also ran down14:03
korithen he figured it was too much work and just started managing his own ports14:03
Ergo0i mean down*14:03
Ergo0they always used to be here14:04
Ergo0they did update their ports repo yesterday tho apparently14:04
Ergo0kori also maintaining a personal ports collection aitn that hard14:04
Ergo0mine has like 10 packages14:04
koriohhhhhhhh what14:05
korii think my commits were overwritten14:05
koridamn thats a dick move14:05
korioh no14:05
korii changed emails14:05
korimaybe thats what happened14:05
korii used another email then14:06
korigithub tracks the users based on the emails used for the commits14:06
Ergo0do 6c37 again and i can stop being bad at making ports :)14:06
kori6c37 is a group effort14:07
Ergo0I adopted a couple of 6c37 ports14:07
Ergo0not too many to14:07
Ergo0i think neovim14:07
koriErgo0: can you adopt the font ports14:07
korithose shouldnt change14:07
Ergo0also used to have main and slop14:07
korii just want them to be available14:07
Ergo0kori sure I will do that tonight14:08
Ergo0gotta shower and run some errands now tho14:08
Ergo0also want to write a port for the Dina font14:08
Ergo0but that seems a bit more complicated then normal fonts14:08
korii thought 6c37 had a dina port14:10
korionodera used dina14:10
kori(I do too, now)14:10
koriso it would make sense14:10
koriErgo0: as a hint, U+6c37 is an unicode codepoint for a kanji, the one for ice14:13
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koricheck out how it's spelled in romaji :)14:13
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beli3verjaeger: a late 2013 13" Retina15:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: spidermonkey: update to 60.7.215:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: mariadb: update to 10.3.1615:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.8-5115:41
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jaegerbeli3ver: no touchbar on that, right?16:34
beli3verNo bar16:36
jaegerI think that one should work fine.16:36
joacimthe 2013 model has the old keyboard too, right?16:43
beli3verShould Work with the grub efi setup describe in handbook 3.5?16:50
jaegerI think so. To get it to chainload the mac boot loader I think I remember just having the macos menu entry be 'exit' but it's been a long time16:57
beli3verI will give a try17:15
stenurI can only recommend refind; there is no package, i thought about it, but it rather makes no real sense: automated installation.17:18
stenurJust get the binary and install it (i do/id so manually). Used it on Mac from 2009 'till March17:20
stenurBut i never experienced nothing but distress with GRUB, i am biased.17:21
john_cephalopodaHm, opt/prt-utils doesn't run on aarch64.17:21
john_cephalopodaIt fails to compile.17:22
stenurMind you, on FreeBSD they currently develop/fine-tune EFI stuff (commits get more rarely),17:22
john_cephalopodaelf.cpp:62:2: error: #error "unsupported architecture"17:22
stenurand Miss Rebecca Cran (who does mostly) comes back talking Refind periodically.17:22
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stenurThere was a commit on June 21st which enables aarch64, it should be in 1.1.2 (but have no ARM here yet, not tried)17:32
john_cephalopodastenur: I only tried the available package, didn't look at the git version yet.17:47
stenurHm, that is the mentioned 1.1.2. Is this base gcc compiler?17:49
stenurBut these symbols are usually identical in between clang and gcc, or even standardized.17:50
stenur(The symbol that seems to be detected so that that error message path is taken.)17:51
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korilol im writing a few ports for bcachefs-tools18:06
korii thought I wasn't gonna write any18:06
koriBut Here We Are18:06
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: because it includes architecture specific bits for ELF binary checking.18:11
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: it can be patched, but i'd need to know how aarch64 differs.18:12
john_cephalopodastenur: I am using regular gcc.18:13
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stenurjohn_cephalopoda: mysterious; what does "</dev/null gcc -E -dM -|grep -i aarch" say?18:37
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Ergo0kori seems like ur itching to start 6c37 backup18:46
koriErgo0: n-no18:46
koriim just writing ports for bcachefs and dracut18:46
Ergo0isnt dracut like18:48
Ergo0some init related stuff?18:48
Ergo0i know void uses it18:48
jaegerI have a dracut port I can share if you want it18:49
korijaeger: oh i already built it18:50
korithanks though :D18:50
koriErgo0: yeah18:50
korito make an initramfs18:50
koriim doing an encrypted root18:50
koriso i need an initramfs18:50
koriim writing down the process18:51
korian updated process18:51
koriso that could be cool for yall crux users18:51
koriafaik the tutorial on the crux wiki is outdated18:51
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Ergo0this guy is actually crazy18:54
koriw-who is18:54
Ergo0now write a dina port for me <318:54
koriokay lmao18:54
Ergo0joke i will try and fail when i get back from gym18:54
koriim not that crazy18:54 least I don't think so18:55
korijaeger: do you think I'm crazy18:55
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stenurjohn_cephalopoda: hm, and you are sure it is not just me missing happiness that it now works also on aarch64?19:15
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jaegerI don't know you well enough to say if you're crazy :)19:25
TimB_"we are all crazy here?" I like Alice in Wonderland ;)19:30
stenurA wide topic that is indeed i'd say.  But surely i am.19:30
stenurver-r├╝ckt - ?-"hitched"; just today i remembered a bull who died 30 years ago in a spain bullfight arena.19:33
stenurHe _clearly_ said: "I will die. That is plain."  The audience went grazy (especially the females).19:34
stenurYep, with three spears in his neck already.  I do not have grazy eyes, though.19:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: freetype: updated to 2.10.120:18
koriweednix: whats this20:47
weednixinstall on encrypted luks, with lvm20:48
weednixalso includes dracut port and kernel...20:48
korioh okay cool thanks20:49
weednix:) welcome, I'm writing with hope that's also helpful for others20:49
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Ergo0i think jaeger is crazy22:01
Ergo0also did yall receive my email for my ports repo?22:01
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jaegerErgo0: why's that?22:33
jaegeryeah, I saw it. Will need to get the right url and test it but I'll add it when I have a chance to22:34
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joacimgl-select isn't needed anymore?23:54
joacimoh nice23:57
Worksterlibglvnd takes over that role transparently23:57

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