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jaegergood riddance, gl-select :D01:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.9903:14
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Ergo0jaeger was just a joke lol09:23
Ergo0also did I send in the wrong url?09:23
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beli3verSo I will try Crux with UEFI on a Macbook Pro. So let's start the installation.10:32
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stenurACTION whinnies14:33
AnselmoACTION sips hot tea and wishes it were less hot ; - ;14:34
jaegerErgo0: it's just that the portdb needs the url rather than the one. No big deal at all, I already know the changes... just haven't had a chance to look yet14:35
stenurACTION drinks more camomile tea and looks forward for cycling in hot summer sun14:36
Anselmoah, that sounds nice. I should pick up my bike again14:36
stenurOh! over italian landscapes flooded by southern light14:37
AnselmoACTION jealous14:38
Ergo0jaeger ohhh right, I can fix that thoo14:38
Ergo0oh the httpup has the correct file14:39
Ergo0correct url*14:39
jaegeryeah, it does. Like I said, no big deal at all :)14:40
jaeger <-- prtverify run on it for reference14:41
Ergo0jaeger whoops14:48
Ergo0didnt know i needed .signature and .footprint files14:49
Ergo0do I have to create those myself or can they be like generated lol15:09
Anselmopkgmk should be able to generate them . .15:10
Ergo0ahhh sure, I always just use prt-get15:11
Anselmowhich also can generate them :P15:12
Ergo0I know the culprit15:12
Anselmo-uf to update footprints, and -us for signatures15:12
Ergo0# PKGMK_IGNORE_MD5SUM="no"15:13
Ergo0thats in my config15:13
Ergo0kay I have all the footprints now, now i just need signatures15:39
pedjahow do I check if the static library was built with '-fPIC'?15:40
pedjaI did add that flag to boost, but I'd like to verify that it actually used it :)15:42
Ergo0hmm seems like the libsecret port is broken15:46
Ergo0atleast on my system15:46
Ergo0and TimB_ libmanette port.15:47
Ergo0both get fixed by updating the vala port in contrib to the latest version15:59
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off_worldhi guys crux newbie here having a small question. when I try to install e.g. gexiv2 via prt-get at some point i'm facing "GExiv2-0.10.gir:2628.1-2628.0: error: unexpected end of file" in an endless loop thus failing to compile the package. anybody having the same issue?16:43
off_worldsame problem with vala for example.16:44
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korijaeger: do you use crux with an encrypted root?16:55
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beli3veris there a reason why my portdb (mk) is not anymore on the site17:05
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: What's the link to your repo?17:17
john_cephalopodaMaybe the HTTPS cert is outdated?17:17
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pedjaoff_world, paste the build logs for both17:31
pedjagexiv2 builds here17:32
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pedjagir is gobject-introspection stuff, afaik17:33
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off_worldthank you so much for your answer. where can I find the build log?17:37
pedjaenable 'writelog' in prt-get.conf, and then it should be in /var/log/pkgbuild/17:40
pedjadisable it after, not to pollute the filesystem afterwards :)17:41
off_worldty :)  got it!17:41
pedjaor just cd to port, run pkgmk, and c/p the relevant part17:42
off_worldrather long log, > 500 lines. the relevant part i guess is the following:17:42
off_worldUploaded file:
off_worldthe last part (unexpected end of file) just loops forever so I had to Ctrl-C17:44
pedjaupdate to vala from mate repo, then try again17:45
pedjacurrent one is old/broken17:45
pedjait should be 0.44.4 or something similar17:47
TimB_Ergo0: didn't polish them all out, I'll leave that to you ;)17:50
TimB_good evening everybody btw =)17:51
off_world@pedja how do I add the repo?17:51
frinnst kinda cool17:51
pedjaoff_world, no need to add the whole repo, if you don't want. just grab the vala port17:52
TimB_frinnst: cool find17:52
off_worldokay. is there a recommended directory where to place it?17:53
pedjaand people complained about PAM 'bloat' :)17:53
pedjaoff_world, not really. just pkgmk and pkgadd it.17:53
TimB_pedja: always, sometimes that's even right :P but pam?17:54
off_worldok :)  was just thinking. will try that now, thank you very much so far for your assistance!17:54
pedjanp, hopefully it will solve your issues :)17:54
pedjaTimB_, people are weird17:58
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beli3verhi guys18:00
beli3verso i am back on crux, I will fix soon my ports18:00
pedjaI just love when devs gitignore stuff that's actually needed for build...18:01
pedjaso the tarball snapshot is broken from the start18:02
pedjaand the error message is as vague as the Delphi prophecy18:04
pedja'an error occurred'. no shit, Sherlock18:05
TimB_pedja: lol :p18:05
TimB_beli3ver: welcome back18:05
Iomamee88welcome back18:06
Iomamee88hey guys is there someone who understands cross compilation toolchains?18:07
pedjaask the question, someone might chime in18:07
TimB_Iomamee88: hey, not me, sorry18:07
TimB_tried it but didn't stick with it with an rpi318:08
beli3verwhat was the command to get alle files to the REPO file with hashes18:09
TimB_there is some docs over at crux-arm though, if that might help?18:09
off_world@pedja thank you so much! upgrading to vala 0.44 from mate repo solved the issue :)18:09
Iomamee88mmmm I'm attempting to build a musl cross compilation toolchain, so far so good but the resulting binaries show the host's dynamic linker with ldd instead of the one that resulted from the build. any ideas how can I fix that?18:09
TimB_nope, sorry18:09
beli3verTimB_ what was the repo help commands? to create the REPO file?18:11
pedjaIomamee88, are you building toolchain by hand or using crosstool-ng or something similar?18:12
Iomamee88pedja, by hand18:13
Iomamee88pedja, a bit similar to the one LFS uses, but it has its differences18:14
TimB_beli3ver: httpup-repgen18:18
pedjaIomamee88, I think you'll have better luck asking in #crux-arm, those guys have been fighting with cross-compiling for a while now :)18:25
pedjaI've tried packaging arm cross-compiler on Crux, gave up.18:27
TimB_pedja: there is a script for setting up a toolchain actually18:27
pedjaI'll leave that to folks with cpus with more then 2 cores :)18:28
TimB_pedja: used that, built fine and seemed useable, but I would like a native build more (damnit llvm :P)18:28
Iomamee88pedja, ah I see18:29
Iomamee88thanks for the help guys18:29
pedjamodifying buildroot or crosstool-ng to do that would be an interesting project18:30
pedjatoo easy to fsck things up doing something like that by hand, imho18:31
beli3vercontrib => dunst -- missing depens "xscreensaver"18:39
TimB_builds fine for me without it18:40
beli3verok mz fault could fix it18:40
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jaegerkori: I don't generally, though I have set it up once or twice in the past to test18:57
jaegerbeli3ver: this is in the portdb cacher log: Error fetching URL HTTP Error 404: Not Found18:59
jaegerI can hit that URL with curl and in a browser but the cacher gets 404. Maybe you could check your server logs to see if there's a user-agent issue or something?18:59
beli3verok will check it19:00
jaegerIT works on the other portdb so I don't know for sure, heh19:01
jaegerone is php, one is python19:01
jaegerboth use httpup under the hood, though19:03
beli3verno problem I will fix all things then move it back to github19:04
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jaegerErgo0: your collection has been added to the portdbs19:18
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Ergo0jaeger POGGGGG20:05
Ergo0thats cool20:05
Ergo0gonna fix the errors soon btw20:10
jaegerhrmm, actually, I don't think the original cacher uses httpup, I think it fetches and parses the REPO file with urllib220:18
jaegerI had forgotten that it was rewritten in python20:19
jaegerohhh... trailing slash issue20:20
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off_worldis there a way to tell prt-get or pkgmk to use all cores when compiling software? like using `make -j 4` or `ninja -j 4` depending on the package.21:12
jaegercheck pkgmk.conf, there's an option there21:12
jaegerby default it uses the number of cores reported by 'nproc'21:13
off_worldah great, ty :)21:13
off_worldah now I see. it's commented out by default.21:15
jaegeryeah. sorry, I should have clarified that21:16
off_worldoh never mind. good to know now so I can adjust that.21:17
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