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Ergo0im trying to work on a port00:00
Ergo0but i need to checkout to the dev port , just putting git checkout dev doesnt work in port00:01
Ergo0 tried without -b dev too00:01
Ergo0nvm im retarded00:06
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beli3verHello I tried to compile firefox but I get these erros, somebody a hint for me?10:11
TimB_works for me, do you have all deps installed?10:15
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pedjalook at the error, seems you have a broken rust install10:48
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Ergo0any thinkpad gurus in here11:08
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libxt: update to 1.2.011:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: vala: update to 0.36.1911:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: ldb: update to 1.5.511:25
pedjaanybody a fan of bourbon?
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TimB_damn, not a fan of bourbon but this sucks11:53
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off_worldback with another question, sry - currently trying to build contrib/firefox and installing the dependency contrib/cbindgen fails with a rust `error[E0464]: multiple matching crates for std`11:53
off_worldcan't help myself. any ideas?11:53
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beli3verok I removed rust fully and try it again11:55
Ergo0off_world why not just grab firefox-bin?11:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libreoffice: update to 6.2.511:59
off_world@Erg0 wanted to build FF without pulseaudio and with alsa support as i currently have no sound for not using pulseaudio11:59
pedjaany reason not to use PA?12:00
Ergo0PA should work ye12:00
off_worldpedja just preference tbh12:01
pedjaah, ok12:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: php: update to 7.3.712:02
Ergo0off_world I had similar issues before12:03
Ergo0I would run a sysup before building firefox12:03
off_worldthanks, I will try that!12:04
beli3verErgo0 thanks for the tipp12:05
off_worlddidn't help unfortunately. same problem12:07
beli3veruses firefox-bin pulseaudio?12:16
beli3vershit I have no pulseaudio12:16
TimB_you build rust yourself or used rust-bin?12:17
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TimB_the bin port uses pa only12:17
TimB_mh, not sure then, really.12:17
beli3verok thanks12:17
beli3verI will check it again12:17
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off_worldok so upfront I built rust myself beside having rust-bin installed which caused the conflict of multiple matching crates, obviously. removing rust and leaving just rust-bin I was able to successfully compile further.12:31
off_worldty for your assistance on that guys12:32
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TimB_ha, we need more aliases for stuff like that :P12:46
mnkydeth@jaeger, I made a mailing list post for that nvidia driver thing. In case anyone has any ideas. Doing a bit more research here yet. It's slow with my 1yr old daughter. Hence why it took so long for me to get back to this problem.13:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: intel-ucode: Update to 2019061813:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: intel-ucode: Update to 2019061813:48
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mnkydethI prolly did something bad. I decided to install the nvidia driver from the nvidia website. Just to see.... glxinfo | grep OpenGL and it returns the nvidia driver being loaded and working. I'll see if I can track down what is different.13:52
mnkydethI now have the /lib/modules/5.1.15/kernel/drivers/video directory. I didn't before. Even updating and forcing the driver from the repo didn't create it.13:54
pedjanvidia kernel modules should be in extra dir13:56
pedjanvidia port just repackages the upstream .run13:56
pedjaand builds the kernel module :)13:57
mnkydethI get that. But using the nvidia driver install package from Crux I couldn't get glx working. Worked on it for a bit late last week. I had time to play with it again today.13:58
mnkydetheverything seemed to build fine and such but nothing I did would make it load the glxserver_nvidia module. So last ditch resort I just did the manual install with the nvidia blob.13:59
mnkydethI posted all the info I had to the mailing just a bit ago for documentation sake.14:00
mnkydethBut... something is different from the Crux nvidia install to the nvidia blob install that allows my card to load and work properly.14:02
pedjasometimes I have the same issue. logging out of xorg, rmmod/modprobe modules, startx solves it, fwiw14:04
pedjaI don't use modrobe-nvidia, thou, which is shipped in the opt port14:05
pedjait's usually after the kernel update14:06
pedjathe first time14:06
pedjaafter that, it works fine14:06
mnkydethI think I tried that last week. Did you mention it before? Even physically deleting the package then uninstalling nvidia and reinstalling had no effect.14:06
pedjayes, I mentioned that before :)14:07
mnkydethI could remove the modules. And when modprobe'ing them all went well. But back in X still nothing.14:07
pedjaiirc, jaeger couldn't reproduce it on any of his machines that have nvidia gpu14:08
pedjaneither can I, reliably14:08
mnkydethright, I knew I was kinda up the creek on it after we checked the file locations and such. But figured I would at least get back with any info I did have.14:08
mnkydethIs there any real problem with loading the nvidia driver manually instead of using the crux packaged one?14:09
mnkydethAm I overwriting stuff that I need?14:09
pedjaidk if it defaults to using glvnd14:10
pedjanon-glvnd porttion will be removed in the next major release, afaik14:11
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pedjait's interesting, thou. afaik, the port isn't doing anything particularly fancy that would explain why it's behaving differently14:13
pedjamnkydeth, based on your ml, you are missing usr/lib/nvidia/xorg/libglxserver_nvidia, afaict, which is weird14:21
pedjaI'd suggest removing nvidia, mesa, libglvnd and whatever nvidia .run installed, and start fresh14:23
pedjaor check for broken/missing symlinks14:24
jaegermnkydeth: yeah, I still cannot reproduce the issue on my machines... on top of that I've never experienced what you or pedja did with needing to restart or manually unload/load the modules14:25
jaegermnkydeth: maybe install strace and pastebin a log of 'strace -f startx'14:26
pedjajaeger, in my case, I suspect it's not shipping nvidia-modprobe in my nvidia port.14:26
pedjabut I am not sure what's wrong in mnkydeth's case14:27
pedjamissing nvidia xorg glx extension shouldn't have happened if he used the nvidia port14:29
pedjaand kernel modules would be in lib/modules/$kernel/extra :)14:35
pedjamixing port and nvidia's .run is a BadIdea[tm]14:37
jaegermnkydeth: as a side note it amuses me that your system name is 'Nostromo' because my CRUX 3.5 ISO builder system is also named that14:39
mnkydethahh lol14:42
pedjaspeaking of names, someone trained on Culture ship names to generate new ones :)14:44
jaegernice, heh14:45
pedjasome nice ones. 'Resident Beowulf' and 'Misplaced Security'14:46
pedjaand of course, 'Fire and Fornication'14:46
mnkydethHad to take care of my girl for a few. Wife wanted a shower. I'll try removing everything and reinstall. then do the strace see where I end up14:48
mnkydethAlso, all my computers are named after stuff in Stargate or Aliens movies. Router = Stargate, Server = Prometheus, Desktop = Nostromo, Laptop and phones = Jumper1 Jumper2 etc. :)14:50
pedjaman of culture and good taste :)14:51
jaegermine are all named for fictional spaceships14:52
pedja(even though Prometheus and Covenant movies suuuuck)14:53
jaegernostromo, sulaco, raijin, fujin, rama, ascension, etc.14:53
mnkydethhmm... would it matter when installing the packages... I dont do it as root strictly. I do it through sudo and use a tmpfs ram.14:53
jaegerI use fakeroot and sudo and tmpfs as well14:54
pedjajaeger, raijin/fujin? where's that from?14:54
pedjaI recognise the others14:54
mnkydethraijin is a Japanese Cartoon?14:54
jaegerI don't remember, honestly... but I think it was a japanese cartoon and video game14:55
jaegeroriginally shinto gods14:55
pedjanice. raijin is Thunder God, fujin god of wind.14:56
jaegerlet's see, I've also used cygnus, halo, vindication, elysium, helion14:57
mnkydethok, everything removed I'll exit, remove the blob then recompile and install mesa, libglvnd and nvidia then run the strace.14:57
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pedjaPerun is the god of thunder of the ancient pagan Slavs. Zeus, basically14:58
jaegerAlso the name of a blade in xenoblade chronicles 2 :)14:58
jaeger(probably a lot of these names get used for stuff like that)14:58
pedjareally? didn't know that14:59
pedjayeah, pretty much any magical blade in fantasy has some bad ass name :)15:00
pedjaI would *love* to see contestants in Forged With Fire make one of those in the finals15:05
pedja(only, and favorite, 'reality' show I watch)15:06
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mnkydethI'm very familiar with using strace. Is there a way to send the info to a log so I can pull it up later?15:09
mnkydethOh and I am back to llvmpipe for my driver15:09
jaegertry 'strace -f startx > logfile 2>&1'15:11
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mnkydethalright.... the log file is forever growing.15:17
jaegeryeah, it will as long as X runs, I'd say just start and stop it and then upload the log15:17
mnkydethalright one more time :)15:17
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mnkydethI honestly can't make much sense of any of that.15:24
jaegerwhat's interesting is there's no mention of libglxserver_nvidia at all15:26
jaegerI was hoping to see why your system can't load it15:26
jaegeralso possibly interesting is this:15:29
jaeger[pid   497] stat("/dev/nvidiactl", 0x7fff2d8d0670) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)15:29
jaeger[pid   497] mknod("/dev/nvidiactl", S_IFCHR|0666, makedev(0xc3, 0xff)) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)15:29
mnkydethI double checked to make sure I had /lib/modules/5.1.15/extra/nvidia* and I have the 4 modules there.15:30
jaegerWhat are your permissions on /usr/bin/startx, /usr/bin/Xorg, and /dev?15:31
jaegeralso, what are your mount options for /dev?15:31
mnkydethmy user is in the audio and video groups15:34
jaegerinteresting that /dev/nvidiactl exists there15:34
jaegerif you run x as root does it work?15:35
mnkydethnever tried I can try one sec15:35
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mnkydethglxinfo | grep OpenGL  when logged in as root gives me - No protocol specified  - Error: Unable to open display :015:40
mnkydethhowever I am in the graphical desktop15:40
jaegervery odd15:40
pedjajaeger, does the suggestion from the header of 10-nvidia-drm-outputclass.conf still apply? CONFIG_DRM and nvidia-drm loaded before X?15:40
jaegerI don't think X even particularly works without CONFIG_DRM these days but I haven't tested that15:40
jaegermnkydeth: very strange. ok, can you pastebin some more things? the contents of your .Xinitrc (or however you start your X session), contents of /etc/fstab, and output of 'mount' ?15:41
jaegersorry, .xinitrc15:41
frinnstdoes nvidia use /dev/dri/* ?15:42
jaegerIt does15:43
frinnstand permissions there are sane?15:43
jaegerworth checking15:43
TimB_no /tmp?15:45
TimB_might that be a problem?15:45
mnkydethI kept things very simple with this install. I don't typically create a /tmp in its own partition.15:45
frinnstshould be fine15:46
jaegerno need for explicit /tmp15:46
TimB_ k15:46
jaegerNothing stands out to me there15:47
jaegerpermissions in /dev/dri?15:47
pedjaif dev/nvidiactl exists, why the 'no such file/directory' and 'permission denied'?15:48
jaegerindeed. that seemed odd15:48
pedjanvidia-modprobe is suid, iirc?15:48
jaegermnkydeth: also, out of curiosity, what about 'md5sum /usr/lib/nvidia/xorg/' ?15:48
jaegerit should be, yes15:49
pedjamnkydeth, now that you freshly installed all, paste the Xorg.log, too. I wonder if there is some difference now15:53
pedjaif it still can't find liblglxserver even thou it's installed, idk15:55
mnkydethone sec15:57
pedjanot sure how it works, tbh. does xorg need both CONFIG_DRM to be configured in the kernel *and* nvidia-drm module already loaded so it loads nvidia xorg glx extension15:58
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mnkydethWell, I used the .config from the Crux 3.5 iso. Assuming it had everything needed. All I changed was * my sound and nic. I am currently on 5.1.15 but still have the one from the install as well.16:00
mnkydethoops let me get /dev/dri just saw it16:01
mnkydethhmm ... /dev/dri = No such file or directory16:02
jaegerhow about 'zgrep DRM /proc/config.gz' also?16:02
jaegerok, yeah, CONFIG_DRM is not set is probably at least part of the problem, if not all16:04
mnkydethkernel option?16:04
jaegerIt's very odd that no error about /dev/dri showed in the Xorg log16:04
mnkydethok, I'm gonna have to ask. I need to enable the Direct Rendering Manager?16:08
jaegerFor future reference, if you know a kernel config symbol name like CONFIG_DRM you can search for it in make menuconfig by hitting / and typing part of it after CONFIG_16:10
mnkydethI am assuming nothing else16:10
jaegerso hit / and enter DRM, for example16:10
mnkydethahh thank you16:10
jaegeryeah, I think CONFIG_DRM should be enough by itself16:11
jaegerI think I'll add a note to the nvidia README about this as well as add CONFIG_DRM to the defconfig on the install media16:13
mnkydeththank you, gonna reboot now fingers crossed16:13
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mnkydethWell, I think it's progress. And I am assuming I'll need to enable more stuff in the kernel.16:17
jaegerwhat does the xorg log say now?16:17
jaegerexactly the same? No change at all?16:18
mnkydethI'll pastebin it16:18
jaegerAre there any messages in 'dmesg' output about unknown symbols?16:18
mnkydeth[mnkydeth@Nostromo ~]$ dmesg | grep UNKNOWN16:20
mnkydeth[mnkydeth@Nostromo ~]$ dmesg | grep unknown16:20
mnkydeth[mnkydeth@Nostromo ~]$16:20
mnkydethlooking at dmesg I don't see anything16:20
mnkydethIt's alright. I think it's break time. :) It could be I need to run through the nvidia install process again maybe?16:22
jaegerI don't think that'll help, honestly16:22
jaegerafter the kernel change, does /dev/dri exist?16:22
mnkydethWell, my wife wants me to cook lunch. So I need to take a break here. Chickem on the grill. :D16:22
jaegerOK, take care16:23
mnkydethlet me see16:23
jaegerSorry, I've got no more ideas16:23
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MNKyDeth_I do appreciate all the help and research into the issue. I'll be playing around with the kernel config to see if I can resolve it fully. As it seems /dev/dri is needed and the kernel will play a role in it.17:18
jaegerI tried removing CONFIG_DRM from my kernel config as a test. It fails then as I expected but not with anything about libglxserver_nvidia, just that it can't find /dev/dri/card017:20
MNKyDeth_Also, if over time I do t resolve the issue. How is the Nvidia blob gonna effect me in the long run? Does it overwrite anything important? If it works is it a way to actually have glx acceleration if everything else fails. Any main gotchas?17:20
MNKyDeth_Ahh k17:20
koriyay we have a working17:26
kori``crux'' system now17:26
koribig quotes around "crux"17:27
koribiiiiiiiiiiig quotes17:27
korithanks crux devs17:27
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MNKyDeth_Congrats kori17:30
jaegerheh, nice17:39
jaegerMNKyDeth_: since glvnd came around the nvidia driver doesn't need to clobber anything else17:40
jaegergl-select used to mess with symlinks to make things work and that could get confusing17:40
jaegerglvnd removes the need for that17:40
jaegerSo generally you leave things alone. You just need to rebuild nvidia when you change kernel versions17:40
MNKyDeth_That seems pretty normal. If I use the binary from Nvidia are there any gotchas with Crux?17:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iasl: update to 20190703 release17:56
jaegernot that I know of18:23
MNKyDeth_Cool... If I find what's actually happening and why I'll let you know for sure.18:24
MNKyDeth_But if I want to play a game I know I can slap the blob in there and go at it. For the moment.18:24
AnselmoI have successfully used the nvidia blobs on occasion18:25
Anselmoseemed to work fine but I dont do any gaming things so cant comment on that18:26
MNKyDeth_I wanna say I used to use the blobs back in the 32 bit only days.18:26
MNKyDeth_So you know it's been a while. I wish I would have stayed with Crux more. Instead of on and off. I prolly would have learned a lot more lol18:27
Anselmomy experience would have been only 64 bit18:29
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pedjaso, Americans, any sign of alien invasion (the extragalactic kind)? it's July 4th there, isn't it :) ?19:17
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MNKyDeth_Well that was back in the 90's. Most kids these days wouldn't know what you are referencing I am finding out.19:28
MNKyDeth_But ummm nope. :)19:28
MNKyDeth_Yarr... Cooking is done, beer is drunk... Nap time here. My weeeee one... Yes I can say weee, wife is Irish. Is awake and playing and it's hot as hell here.19:31
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stenurWhat would have been cool is a reference to "localyesconfig" somewhere in the handbook.19:58
stenurThat is how i got a fully working linux config via the AlpineLinux kernel (anything, as modules):19:58
stenur[lsmod>f; LDMOD=f ]make O=/usr/obj/linux localyesconfig oldconfig19:58
stenurAnd then stripping/adding in more wanted things (like overlayfs, here).19:59
stenurTook me some days to find out.  Had even forgotten whether i knew about that in the past.19:59
stenurWorks only with a kernel that "has anything", of course.20:00
stenurJust saying.20:00
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joacimpedja: in the current political climate, they're more worried about illegal aliens. which is why the general population is completely blind to how their political and corporate leaders are being replaced by alien skinjobs.20:37
joacimI don't have proof, which is why it must be true.20:37
pedjawell, the proof is that the new X-Files series had that as a season arc, and was swiftly canceled. coincidence? I think not20:42
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pedjaI love the premise of one of the short SF stories I read years ago. other galactic civilisations are keeping us in cultural quarantine of sorts, like that drunken douche bag no one asks to parties.20:48
pedja'maybe in a 1000 years, if their civilisation doesn't cook/drown themselves until then'20:53
pedjaafaik, by some protocol, part of the first contact delegation are UN general secretary and POTUS, among other people. now, *that* would be fun to watch20:57
joacimsounds a bit like babylon 521:00
joacimexcept the greater races were meddling with the affairs of the lesser ones21:01
pedjathat sounds familiar...21:01
pedjanah, I have no fear of first contact with intergalactic species, Skynet will wipe us out way before that happens21:02
pedja'people built a greatest computer of all time to answer the question that has been on their mind for millennia.'21:07
joacimwhat happened to my money21:08
pedja'once it was online, they asked it: Is there a God?'21:08
pedja'It answered: There is now.'21:09
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pedjasorry about that.21:31
joacimsorry for what?21:32
pedjarandom rubbish :)21:35
joacimgetting drunk sounds like a good idea right now21:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: stellarium: Update to 0.19.121:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: iperf3: Update to 3.721:44
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pedjadrunk? last time that happened was decade+ ago :)21:54
pedjasad, really. we were celebrating a friend of ours surviving second round of chemo, with, as doctors said 'a bright and healthy future ahead' for him21:59
pedjahe died 6 months later. haven't been drunk since.22:00
*** trouble_maker has joined #crux22:01
pedjainstead of apologizing all the time for channel noise, I better go to bed :)22:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: redis: 5.0.4 -> 5.0.522:26
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