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elderKFantastic :)00:13
elderKI guess the usual thing to do would be run revdep after the upgrade, and rebuild anything that seems angry.00:13
joacimmore or less what i did =)00:32
joacim+ rejmerge ofc00:32
elderKI guess I'll kick it off now.00:39
elderKI don't have too much time to lose though. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!00:39
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beli3verGood morning guys05:14
beli3verHave a nice day05:14
elderKbeli3ver: You too :)06:10
beli3verWhy is crux down07:22
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beli3verjaeger: did you know why the crux site is offline?07:49
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elderKDown here, too.07:52
pitilloDNS problems07:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: monit: update to 5.26.009:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: scite: update to 4.2.0, new dependency gtk309:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cups-filters: update to 1.25.109:51
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pedjalong, but interesting read
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beli3verTimB_: do you have a encrypted installation of crux13:59
TimB_beli3ver: nope13:59
TimB_I bookmarked this site here that was posted some days ago14:00
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john_cephalopodapedja: Interesting14:18
pedjaValve is really putting a ton of work into Linux gaming, respect.
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jolupaHi all! one question I read in the wiki that conf files for dbus moved to /etc/dbus-1 the ports I maintain with configs in dbus I need to move the files?15:10
TimB_jolupa: heya, usually everything from /usr/etc/dbus-1 needs to move to /etc/dbus-115:11
jolupaAh! OK... So going to see my ports.. Thanks!15:11
TimB_I'll actually need to do that too. My coffee is finally working15:13
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TimB_any contrib/networkmanager users here that would be willing to test the Pkgfile I'm going to push to contrib soon? The build system changed to meson and it's a version bump basically, but just to make sure :)15:22
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jolupaUmmm... there's any form to tell the installer that all the dbus files I want to put it on /etc?15:45
joacimthat would require modifications of the Pkgfile and a rebuild of the package15:46
TimB_jolupa: maybe there is, you'll have to check the configure script/meson/cmake/?? options15:48
TimB_if not, right now you can have a look over at contrib/networkmanager and seek the "crux oddity" line15:49
jolupaI was just wondering. Right now I'm moving files. TimB_ yes I check none of the packages have an option in the script...15:49
jolupagoing to check the network manager...15:50
TimB_;a=blob;f=networkmanager/Pkgfile;h=dcfadbc38396d7884eef13d4ac59a17deb08faf2;hb=refs/heads/3.5 lines 50 and the following15:50
TimB_you would basically need to create $PKG/etc and move usr/etc/dbus-1 there15:51
TimB_or change to sysconfdir=/etc which might be a fine approach as well15:51
TimB_although /etc should be reserved for system daemons and such in CRUX.. not sure if this will change?15:51
jolupayeah I try the sysconfdir but thunar (for example) only puts there the xdg files... And I think there's no the right place...15:53
TimB_No idea what's the best way to approach thunar, I don't use it over here16:02
TimB_but I'd suppose that moving the dir like networkmanager does (the other way around) would work16:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dar: update to 2.6.516:29
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mnkydethAnyone that can recommend a VPS service in the US?16:46
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jolupawell moved all the dbus-1 files... :P17:03
jolupaalso... Anyone can recomend a good irc client? I'm in the web browser and is not too appealing...17:07
mnkydethI think in the Crux ports there is irssi, hexchat, chatty ... Prolly a few others.17:08
jolupaI will check! Thanks17:08
john_cephalopodajolupa: I used hexchat for ages. It works really well. In console I am using weechat.17:11
jaegermnkydeth: I use linode for VPS service. No problems or complaints, but I haven't tried others so the sample size is small :)17:18
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jolupa_Trying hexchat...17:31
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kujirajolupa: ive been an irssi user for over ten years, its all i can recommend17:35
off_worldhardcore ii user here :P17:36
kujiraii is cool, so is sic, but ive never switched..17:37
jolupaprobably try it later... A few days ago I ended the mutt config to my needs... The terminal is somewhat grey to me :D17:37
kujirathe console is cozy, i know nothing else anymore17:38
off_world@kujira same17:38
kujiraoff_world: do you live in the framebuffer too ?17:39
kujirai rock a custom psfu font and i just cant go back to anything xorg related.. im way happier just staring at text17:40
off_worldwow, haha no! unfortunately,sometimes I need a graphical web browser or pdf viewer, you know :)17:42
off_worldmost of my work is done in the terminal though.17:42
kujiraoff_world: i have a tablet for pdfs and if i need a modern web experience for anything..  but i have been framebuffer only for a few years now17:43
pedjakujira, so you watch movies using aalib then :) ?17:43
kujirai dont watch movies17:43
kujirai dont do media really17:43
kujirai live in dash or oksh with tmux and nvi|vim17:44
pedjafair enough17:44
Anselmoaah, I feel like I'd do that, but too much I'd miss gimp :P17:45
Anselmoon my laptop though :317:46
kujirai kinda just opted out of all graphical things.. dont regret it at all..17:46
kujirai am an active lynx user17:46
off_worldthat's awesome! in fact, gimp, a web browser and a pdf reader are the only graphical programs I use. for everything else, I use the terminal17:46
kujirai run dinosaurs17:47
kujirai decided what my personal use cases were for an enviro, and stripped it down to just living in the console.. computer life got simple as shit after that17:47
kujirai wrote my own font with nafe, my enviro configs mean everything to me.. i could never go back.. everything is keybindings, i have a custom keymapping, and i change my colors on the fly17:49
kujirai boot into 20mb of ram at all times across all boxes17:49
kujirait matters with dinos17:49
off_worldbooting into X with 39mb :)17:50
kujiraoff_world: running what ?17:50
stenur256mb after a week of work (add 100MB tmux history)17:50
Anselmoto be clear, I think if I didnt use Gimp I'd probably cut my computer use to like once a week :P17:50
kujiraAnselmo: haha17:51
Anselmobut IRC is nice too :P17:51
Anselmochanging colours on the fly though, what is this for ?17:51
kujirai run crux, gentoo, and openbsd for the most part..17:51
kujiraAnselmo: im in a monochrome phase, i wrote a script, it takes a six digit hex17:52
stenurhad a time with night/day colour settings (background/forgeround), still have on-the-fly change macros for my MUA17:52
kujirawhat is MUA ?17:53
Anselmooooooh, interesting interesting17:53
off_worldkujira: just rxvt-unicode. of course, ram increases drastically when opening graphical browser e.g17:53
stenurmail-user-agent; hurted my eyes, white terminal in the night, after so-and-so many hours of work.17:53
AnselmoIve tinkered a little with changin g things like that, other than minor tweaks to fonts never seemed especially worth it to me x-x17:53
off_worldkujira: oh, and hlwm running, too17:54
kujirai have used a custom font for a few years now, i cant read anything else.. i totally understand that no one else can read my font.. haha, but i cant break from it.. also, my colours always gotta be changing.. my screen dimmer script is the most important tbh17:55
Anselmohahaha, this makes me wonder about your font17:55
kujiraoff_world: i was gonna go towards herbsluft once, but bailed...17:55
kujiraAnselmo: id send you a scrot, if i have written the port to make it happen yet, which i have not.. its just on a todo list still17:56
Anselmoah kay17:56
Anselmooh, had a good friend who used herblstuffwm or however its spelt17:56
Anselmosomehow I got hooked on ratpoison and now get irked at anything else ; - ;17:56
off_worldit's my first tiling wm, been using it for a week now, so far I love it17:57
kujiraI was a dwm user for a long time, i hate automatic tiling, but ..17:57
kujirai prefer tmux17:57
kujiraand i prefer to be in the console17:57
AnselmoI'm feeling sometimes like I should go back to tmux17:57
Anselmothat or find another textmode copypaste buffer setup thing17:57
kujiratmux is great.. im beginning to see the point of dtach17:58
kujirai dont use a paste buffer anywhere, but kinda wish that i could17:58
AnselmoI've been using dtach instead lately17:58
off_worldI switched from tmux to screen. no regrets. the config shrank down to maybe 10 lines or so.17:58
Anselmothe pastebuffer is the only part I miss17:58
kujirai should be using dtach for processes everywhere, on all my servers and shit.. but been using tmux, and it is pretty limiting so far.. but i havent bailed on it yet..17:59
Anselmo''pretty limiting''18:00
Anselmohow so ?18:00
kujiraAnselmo: a tmux session running already on another box, and the resolution of the box im on... blahblah..18:00
Anselmoooh right right that stuff18:00
Anselmomrp, dtach can have those same issues if you have multiple open sessions18:01
kujirai should just be treating shit as a process to attach to.. which is why im leaning towards utilizing dtach..18:01
Anselmobut yes, if you dont its entierly fine,18:01
kujirai gotta remove myself from the screen res bs18:01
kujirai just need procs18:02
kujirathis is simple flow shit.. i know..18:02
Anselmoah, and I guess dtach only cares about it for things like ncurses, but thats inevitable. .18:03
Anselmoand for most things thats not the case18:03
Anselmoalso: nafe, this looks like the font editor I have always wanted to find18:04
kujiranafe is great, i dont think it is supported anymore, but it has always worked for me.. i dont have a port for crux written for it yet, its on my todo list..18:05
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kujirait is editing a psf font in a text editor and converting it for you, which is great..18:05
kujiraif i still had a git hosted anywhere i would just point you towards my font, but everything is dead atm..18:06
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Anselmoah, its fine18:06
kujirai love my font, its always changing, but i really cannot function without it...18:06
kujirai think i am most familiar with it because i wrote it pixel by pixel over a few years.. im still not done, its not ready to be released as anything..18:07
kujirai once dubbed it spcwlz18:07
AnselmoI think the rate of change for all of my computer configuration stuff has slowed considerably . . .18:07
off_worldbtw is there a terminal crux ports browser/search tool ?18:07
kujiraoff_world: i dont know what you are asking..18:08
Anselmowell, prt-get {,d,f}search, but also the webstuff18:08
Anselmocan just use any webbrowser to run the search on the site18:08
kujiraas in a terminal crux ports browser ? not that i know of..18:08
kujirai search cruxports from the crux site using lynx18:08
kujirai tend to see what is available, and write my own based on what i find..18:09
kujiramy repo is dead, but i still write my shit locally18:09
off_worldyes, I feel like there should be console program for that. searching crux ports online18:09
kujirait would be cool, and it would be appreciated, but it does not exist yet as far as i know..18:10
stenurkujira: dtach is cool, did not know it yet!  Now running my irssi!18:10
AnselmoI mean, if you can reach the internet you can search it pretty easily18:10
Anselmoyou could write a miniscule script that makes the appropriate url for a search and opens the output in a browser, in one line of shell18:11
kujirastenur: dtach is cool.. i need to use it more, cause it makes sense.. ive never really vibed with dvtm to switch, but my needs are simple and dtach does fit what im looking for most of the time18:11
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AnselmoI wrote a little wrapper script for dtach so I can keep better track of sessions18:12
kujirai need to figure out to handle my sessions better across all boxes.. i bounce around too much..18:13
stenurLocally i have tmux (in st on cwm), but the server now uses dtach for irssi session, so i can ssh in and out.  Removed tmux there...18:13
kujirastenur: that is what i need to do to.. irssi cannot be stuck in a tmux session because of resolution bs..18:14
Anselmoaah, heh, sometimes I have dtach sessions who only open another dtach session on another machine :P18:14
kujiraAnselmo: nice :D18:14
Anselmoused to would have tmux sessions nested three - four layers deep ;-;18:15
kujiranested sessions get hairy fast18:15
kujiraits the limitation that i tend to face.. im just keybindings18:16
AnselmoI've had very few issues with it,18:16
kujirapfx how many times ? do i have special keys just for nested things ? been trying.. but basically need to seperate processes from a connection and an enviro still18:17
Anselmobut each layer of machines would have different bindings,like, a terminal I'll actually physically use escaped with C-j, a server I'd reach with C-f, gateway servers C-g. . etc18:17
kujirai think dtach is the answer, but i still love tmux..18:17
kujirai need to switch over all my shit18:17
Anselmopfx ? hmm18:18
kujirapfx is prefix18:18
Anselmoooh, yeh, mine was arranged so I didnt have to do it but once18:18
kujirauh, diff approach, trying to wrap my head around it..18:19
kujiraim about to lose the g6.. which is a 24core amd server with 256gb of ram and 1.5tb of storage.. everyting is coming to a halt..18:24
kujirathis is life18:24
kujirai will soon have nothing but a lil netbook running gentoo18:25
kujirawoot, its time to smoke a cig about it all18:26
stenuri now have a dtach port even.18:27
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Henschidoes anyone problems with compiling of ghostscript 9.27 in crux 3.5? the compiling ends without an error, i can't see an error.
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: zziplib: initial import19:09
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stenurHenschi: worked for me on May 27st; could post the ball if you want19:42
TimB_Henschi: works for me just fine19:48
Henschihm crazy, i can't see any error during compile. i can post the complete build log19:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: flatpak: remove duplicate dependency19:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: r: bump to 3.6.119:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.7.219:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: lightdm-mini-greeter: move sysconfdir to /etc19:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: lightdm: move sysconfdir to /etc19:55
Ergo0updates pog19:55
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Henschistenur: here is the full build log
stenurHenschi: let me try it in comparison..20:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: networkmanager: quick fix against the old crux odditiy20:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: networkmanager-openvpn: move sysconfdir to /etc20:08
stenur(wow, compiling ghostscript just for fun, i am stunned)20:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libndp: bump to 1.720:11
Henschistenur:  ;-)20:12
Henschistenur: i found the problem in line 564: ./base/std.h:25:10: fatal error: arch.h: No such file or directory20:17
Henschibut i haven't an solution20:17
stenuri do not have libidn installed (yet), nor OpenGL support, we are not truly comparable20:17
Henschistenur: anyway, thanks20:19
stenurproduced by base/genarch.c it seems.20:19
stenurMysterious. That gsmd5.c is first compiled from soobj/aux here, and obj/aux as a second step; in your log that soobj/ is missing for that file.20:30
stenurUsed before and thereafter, however. Totally different paths taken. Sorry.20:32
Henschihm, head scratch20:32
Henschino problem20:33
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Henschistenur: i found the solution. compile with make -j 1 is successful20:54
stenurreally? here it works with -j4! But great!!20:55
stenurTotally different paths taken, like header generation which here is entirely missing, and such..20:55
stenur(Hmmmm.  Nah, i am lying.  But it is a very large log diff.)21:02
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