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elderKHey guys, how do I fix up missing .la issues?02:53
elderKA lot of things are failing to build because of missing libgio*.la02:53
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elderKAnyone about?04:06
elderKI'm getting missing .la problems. I'm not sure of the best way to fix the issue other than searching for all the .la's in /usr/lib that require, and rebuilding them04:07
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SitriDid you do a full update?04:15
elderKI did an update from the CD, yes?04:15
elderKI'm in the middle of doing a sysup now.04:16
elderKSome things keep failing, of course, like consolekit, polkit, etc.04:16
SitriThe sysup is what's causing your .la issues?04:16
elderKSitri: Thanks for responding, btw :)04:16
elderKNo, trying to update consolekit... fails on missing .la04:16
elderKI don't know what exactly caused it all :)04:16
elderKI decided to update to 3.5 today from CD.04:16
Sitrik, wait for the sysup to finish04:17
elderKI noticed, of course, that the rsync for compat, etc, weren't updated to 3.5. So, I fixed that manually.04:17
jaegerelderK: rejmerge should have updated the rsync files. As far as the .la stuff, you'll have to do some rebuilding. grep for the ones it complains about in /usr/lib/*.la, then rebuild whatever packages own the files that match04:46
jaegerIt's a bit annoying04:46
elderKIt's a LOT of libraries.05:00
elderKIt doesn't seem to missing stuff now, weirdly.05:00
Romsteri am still rebuilding stuff here for crux 3.505:01
elderK:P Great, I tried to rebuild the things that wanted libgio. Now they are failing because they want libgmodule.la06:01
elderK:P The madness continues :P06:01
jaegerYeah, it's a bit of a rinse/repeat cycle. Eventually you'll get them all06:08
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elderKpulseaudio is broken :|06:31
elderKSeems to be a well known issue, too06:31
elderKDeprecated functions in ALSA, or something.06:31
elderK(I use bluez5 rather than bluez4 in repo.)06:33
SitriPA can be not broken?06:36
elderKYep. It can be very useful.06:37
elderKIs there any need for .la files at all anymore?06:43
elderKI'm curious.06:43
ryuoused by libtool06:45
elderKI wonder how long it will be until pkg-config replaces libtool.06:45
ryuomaybe when pigs learn to fly.06:46
elderKThat's what I suspected :)06:46
tilmani successfully ran a crux system where i had a INSTALL hook for pkgadd that ignored *.la06:47
tilmanthe only thing that broke were applications that use lt_dlopen() to load their plugins06:47
tilmanbecause that function actually wants to read la files at runtime06:47
ryuoi suspected as much. it's used for more than just dependencies.06:49
tilmanlt_dlopen's use is not very widespread though from my experience06:49
elderKPA uses ltdl :(06:52
ryuoyou'd be surprised. mesa also uses plugins.06:53
ryuothough maybe not lt_dlopen06:53
tilman... which is all i'm talking about06:53
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elderKGod, I hope this bottoms out soon :P07:39
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elderKhmm, what happened to pygobject?07:45
elderKAh, right, pygtk07:45
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elderKThanks for the help, guys.08:51
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TimB_john_cephalopoda: still looking for a better texlive port?09:48
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john_cephalopodaTimB_: Yeah.09:59
TimB_I might have one ready in a few, currently going through another build in my container09:59
TimB_j_v and myself have been exchanging some mails on the topic09:59
TimB_you would still need contrib/zziplib because the source that texlive ships will fail10:00
TimB_well, not to sound too good to be true, but it's worth a try because this is working for j_v and myself - I have no idea what you need from texlive but I'm currently trying to enable xindy and luatex - not sure if that's beneficial10:05
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TimB_ok, almost done, ~5min10:12
TimB_time to prepare a coffee10:13
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TimB_john_cephalopoda: please try this and report what you find10:25
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john_cephalopodaTimB_: Thanks, I'll check that out.10:28
TimB_Great, I am very interested in what you will find.10:39
TimB_it seems, a more system lib approach is currently broken because the configure script doesn't find graphite2 and harfbuzz? weird.. I am checking out that route now, I like the more system libs approach much more10:41
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