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beli3verHow can I connect to an open wlan with the terminal I forgot the command07:21
beli3verI make it thanks07:25
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pedjanot a bad price for a massive upgrade :)
pedjathe only issue is that I am a bit short. ~1550€, to be exact :)10:21
TimB_64gb memory? XD I guess blender hogs some, hu?10:22
pedjablender, photogrametry10:22
TimB_oh, you do photogrametry as well? I got a friend invested in that matter as well10:22
pedjaI played a bit with meshroom. 2gb gpu requires patience :)10:24
pedjait took a couple of hours to get from around 50, poorly photographed, images to a 3d model10:25
pedjasurprisingly good quality 3d model, if I am honest10:25
TimB_I have no idea about what he uses, but I would suppose something adobe10:26
TimB_but he is happy with the results as well, as far as I know10:26
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pedja'reality capture' and Metashape are most common, afaik10:28
pedjaReality Capture is expensive af, but, apparently, worth it :)10:29
pedjathere are a bunch of them10:30
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pedjaMeshroom is cool. slower then the rest atm, but can't beat the price10:32
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TimB_I have no real idea, just know the concept of it :)10:34
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pedjait's some math magic :)10:41
TimB_I feared as much10:42
pedjathe concept is relatively simple, but the math required to do it is a bit complex10:44
pedjainterestingly enough, that's, apparently, what human brain is doing all the time10:45
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pedjaphotogrametry is magic, but remeshing them from 2+M vertices to 40k, without noticeable quality drop, is straight up voodoo :)10:49
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pedjait's common to see developers of those algorithms being hired by big vendors of 3d software, to implement them there.10:53
pedjalike the developer of Instant Meshes10:53
pedjahe works on ZBrush now, I think10:54
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pedjainteresting thread on a possible cause of ryzen3000 issues on some Linux distributions11:17
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Ergo0do I see a bunch of new port collections12:16
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korifor some reason12:29
koripkgmk is mangling all my headers12:29
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koriscratch that12:32
korinot only the headers12:32
koriits mangling all non-binary files...12:32
koria bunch of bytes at the start of the file are being replaced by NUL bytes12:32
korithat's so odd!12:32
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pedjapkgmk is a shell script, how can it mangle anything?13:00
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pedjajoacim, mesa-19.1.2 has some intel/amd vulkan fixes, that might fix your issues with vkquake13:10
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weednixthere is any reason for cron just stop calling a script that was calling in the past without any change ?13:28
weednixmy server is really strange, email stop working, cron stop working like was :'(13:29
weednixsince this server is all about crux, I wold not mind to create a ssh account to someone interested in ... yata yata13:30
weednixI was about and I'm to create a Linux user group where I live, I want to be around crux XD everything is being a crux XD13:30
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][_R_][Is there an image viewer that makes going through a bunch of images and renaming them really simple?13:34
][_R_][Right now I'm using sxiv to view them, then just using mv to rename them, but it's a bitch13:34
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stenurAh, AMD has a RDRAND CPU/firmware bug. But amazing that it took three or four months before systemd moved!14:00
stenur(I mean, they are all using it, Redhat, Oracle too, no?, and all the rest.  Wow.)14:00
stenurAnselmo: no no no no!!14:01
stenur(it's so easy to say that when sitting in an italian street cafe and having an espresso!)14:05
stenur(or aqua minerale.)14:05
pedjait's gone from "can't suspend again after suspending one time" to "OS won't boot at all" :)14:06
stenurshit :)14:07
pedjatbf, as firmware bugs go, it's still mild compared to Intel14:09
stenurTotally. It's strange they call that ASM directly -- to avoid Linux "RNG uninitialized" messages!14:12
stenurThat is really, really strange. What do they do on ARM, fe?14:13
Anselmoah right, I forget who I'm speaking to :P14:14
pedjaiirc, the idea was 'use HWRNG instead of /dev/urandom, since that stalls boot', or something14:15
Anselmooh, wait what is this14:15
Anselmooooh the systemd stuff you mentioned earlier ?14:17
Anselmobleh fun14:18
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pedjathey should've just used Crux, Tumbleweed or Leap :)14:19
pedjanone of them affected by that14:20
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weednixI created perl-geoip like on arch but keep missind GeoIP.dat file, someone have this port ?14:23
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pedjaweednix, you'll have to d/l that from maxmind's site, iirc14:27
stenurThey seem to use that for unique device ids, definitely a task you need strong random for.14:28
weednixthanks pedja for tip,14:28
pedjageoip-database port in arch, I think14:28
stenurThat "trust your CPU" "trust your CPU" is now everywhere ...14:28
stenurHow could you, if there is an entire operating system running there, and such?14:28
pedjawell, 'trust your cpu with crypto' and 'trust that your cpu works as advertised' are 2 different things, imho14:29
stenurAnselmo: yes, sorry, here ~22°, and below 30° i do not really function well.14:30
stenurpedja: yes, well.14:30
Anselmooh, ha, above 30 I get upset, it was 35 in my flat not long ago >_>14:31
stenurIn the flat it's torture, very true. If the chocolade melts and the cheese sweats, very bad.14:32
jaegerI think rather than "trust your CPU", "assume your CPU works properly" is more important... you have no choice, really. If the CPU doesn't work as expected, then no code you run on it can be expected to work properly14:32
stenurBut i like that southern living, in an italian city (deserted in Summer, anyway :), open windows, Mammas calling, streets are alive.14:33
stenurHere anything is closed but mine, only cars have open windows.  Bah.14:34
stenurOpen a bit, to correct myself. The cars, that is.14:34
weednixwold be awesome a script that fetch ports from arch and transform them into crux14:35
stenurYes, of course. But using RDRAND to seed some PRNG to avoid syslog messages on uninitialized RNG.14:36
Anselmohaha, I sometimes steal their ports, butnever systemetized how14:36
stenurFor unique device ids.  -- And that random agenda is on the table for years, and it is such a mess.14:37
stenurI seem to not understand why they are turning in circles there.14:38
stenurAnd on that bug report, the final communication partner says something.14:39
weednixAnselmo: :P some times is just handy to do it quick.14:39
stenurLike, "just use a counter, and (and a secret key and) pass that as a seed into message digest"14:40
Anselmowell, if you want to do it quick you can straightup steal compiled arch packages ~14:40
Anselmoor debian or whatever you want14:40
Anselmo(and pray that it works without too much issue)14:40
weednixAnselmo: yep, but I like to keep the source based, now I'm looking at geoip-database and it have .gz files, will extract right ?14:41
pedjablindly copying arch packages is a bad idea[tm]14:41
AnselmoI concur with this from experience, ^^14:41
pedjausing them as reference is OK14:42
Anselmobut then sometimes I like to have fun14:42
stenurpedja: yep; and the next (and second next) comments i referred to.14:42
weednix:P is not "blindly" but almost ...14:42
Anselmoweednix, uhm, presumably yes ? I dont know all the mechanics of the packagebuilding system but you can always test14:42
Anselmomeh, often it works to do it blindly, but it pays to glance over things14:43
stenurLast words now: "Do one thing and do that right is a good idea for functions in C programs, too."14:43
Anselmothe fun starts when you have a weird mishmash of arch/debian/crux packages and different things work with different levels of reliability ^_^14:43
stenurThis could be understood as an attack against systemd as well, me thinks.14:43
stenur(And parts of my own :()14:44
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pedjatbh, I am surprised no one rewrote systemd in rust yet15:06
weednixpedja: XD15:11
pedjahm. capsLock/esc switch no longer works. wth15:15
pedja'setxkbmap -option 'caps:escape'' is set to run on Xfce login, but apparently it didn't15:19
joacimit will happen15:23
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pedjaI added that line to .xinitrc, just in case15:32
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koripedja: I'm not sure what exactly is doing the mangling15:40
koribut like15:40
korithe first few bytes of any file in a package15:40
koriare being replaced by NUL bytes15:40
koriand this is actually creepy15:40
korii don't know what's causing this15:40
korii tried rebuilding pkgutils and... the problem persists15:41
pedjabsdtar handles packaging15:41
pedjamaking an actual port.tar.gz15:41
koribsdtar isnt installed though15:41
koriGNU tar is15:41
pedjado you have libarchive?15:42
pedjabsdtar is part of that15:42
koripkgmk itself is mangled now, great15:42
korihave you ever seen this before?15:43
pedjarun fsck on a filesystem, perhaps?15:43
koribrb then15:44
stenurActually yes. Virus distributed by c't magazine when running program StreetGraphics (or so). Was Windows95B, however.15:46
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korifsck returns clean15:47
stenurAaaand, with an old Cyrix and spinning hard disc, once that was about to go.15:47
koristenur: heh15:47
korithis is an SSD :)15:47
korimaybe i'll try mounting the iso and just15:47
stenurDunno then.15:47
korireinstalling everything from there15:47
stenurSounds best.15:47
korithis caused me so many headaches lately15:49
koriI kept wondering why lua or unibilium weren't building15:49
koriturns out it's this... the headers were mangled15:49
stenur(Not to say that c't did that consciously or so.)15:51
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pedjakori, never seen behaviour like that, sorry15:54
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koripedja: that's very odd indeed16:02
kori for p in a/crux/core/*; do pkgadd -u $p; done16:03
korihere we go16:03
koriin a live system, because im crazy like that16:03
koriit's still doing the thing16:08
koriwhat the actual [expletive deleted]16:08
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joacimnice looking motherboard22:35
jaegerhas a bit of an industrial look to it22:39
joacimi like the simpler look to it22:39
jaegerI went with for this one... looks pretty different from some of the previous taichi boards but with some of the same bits here and there22:41
joacimprice is a bit much tho. but i guess the asus ws series always have been a bit expensive22:41
weednixjaeger: I had one ws in the past, I don't regret. Is the x570 to go with new AMD cpu's ?22:45
weednixsorry not jaeger but joacim :/22:45
jaegerIt is22:45
jaegerfigured :)22:45
joacimfirst time seeing an asus ws board for amd systems too22:50
weednixI had one in 2006, it lasted until 2014 ... I gave it away ...22:51
joacimused my c2d for about as long22:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: rofi: removed redundant check dependency22:54
joacimwas a nice platform. replaced the cpu in mine after a few years, and got a huge performance upgrade22:54
weednixI was working to see if I got freqtrade working :P, I think i will make a pause and get back to php and web part of things...22:59
weednixwold be nice if all acounts wold be integrated, and use email structure as a base,23:00
weednixthat way flyspray, pmwiki and email, same login...23:00
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