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TimB_pedja: can you share your vulkan-validation-layers port please? I want to give it a spin, I can't seem to make the opt version work :(09:46
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TimB_ok, I got it with the script and omitting -DGLSLANG_INSTALL_DIR.. which is interesting. this will throw the same output where it usually broke for me, but not treating it as an error but as a warning.. thus it finishes10:07
TimB_s/the script/
TimB_pedja: thx11:08
TimB_it fails with the same error on xxhash.c.o.. weird11:09
pedjawant to check my glslang port?11:09
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TimB_I wonder if lowering the error threshold could help, but I have no idea how to do that with cmake11:11
TimB_ <- this is what I get as either an error or a warning..11:11
pedjaglslang related11:12
TimB_yeah I know :P11:12
TimB_but I wonder why11:12
pedjaslight version mismatch would be my guess11:13
TimB_it's updated to latest opt version11:14
TimB_all up2date11:14
TimB_no funky business with this stuff until now11:15
pedjathat's the issue sometimes. spirv* commit pulled when glslang is built vs separate spirv* release11:16
pedjapull request to build glslang against system spirv is still pending, afaik11:17
pedjahence the 'python' line in my glslang port :)11:18
TimB_I don't have it yet ^^11:18
TimB_you don't host a personal repo, do you?11:18
pedjaah, sorry. the cat needed my attention :)11:19
TimB_he :)11:19
pedjanot in the crux pkgdb/repodb thingie, no11:20
TimB_let's see what we get11:20
TimB_oh, this collides with spirv-something11:23
TimB_tools I guess11:23
pedjayup. sorry for not mentioning it11:23
pedjaboth headers and tools, since they are pulled with that 'update_source' script11:24
TimB_mh, guess I'll leave it as it is for now..11:26
pedjait's a bit of the mess still, granted11:27
pedjaeventually upstream will fix their shit, hopefully :)11:28
TimB_that's my motivation right there ^ :D11:28
pedja(I've been saying that for a while now, thou)11:28
TimB_hehe, well I'll see how it plays out11:29
TimB_or we will, more likely11:29
pedjathey are a couple of pull requests, which are in the queue for a while, close to something actually sane :)11:31
pedjaand the dev handoff is going a bit slower then anyone likes, but that's the way of the world, I guess11:31
pedjavendors involved are still learning to play nice11:34
TimB_I guess it is11:34
TimB_that's a hard thing to do for sure ;)11:34
pedjakhronos, google, valve, wine devs. damn :)11:36
TimB_yeah, true, not easy I guess11:37
pedjawinde devs develop vkd3d, because they think dxvk is 'dead end' or something, and google, with shaderc, is just being google, a special snowflake11:41
pedjadifferent agendas, different goals11:43
pedjaand this is interesting for amd gpus
pedjaeven in the early stages, some benchmarks suggest 5-30% performance increase in Vulkan on Radeon gpus11:47
pedjawhich is damn impressive11:47
pedjaworrying thing is that there wasn't any reply from mesa devs so far, afaik11:48
pedjawell, 'worrying' if you have such a gpu :)11:49
TimB_I'll have to check that out later11:50
TimB_I hopped into a round dead cells before I got to leave for work. Damn, that game is hard :D I unlocked a new difficulty yesterday, died in the first minute playing it :D11:51
workodera_I just bought a bluetooth speaker, can anyone give me some pointers on how to get it to work with alsa?11:56
workodera_didn't really do any research myself yet, but i'm wondering if there is like a simple "modern" way of doing things11:56
TimB_workodera_: I do have a bluez alsa wrapper in my personal repo, but I never got it fully functional with my gear11:56
TimB_I gave up and use pulseaudio11:57
workodera_i found this which looks promising and maintained11:57
TimB_yeah I think that's it11:57
workodera_alright, thanks, ill try this then :)11:59
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TimB_good luck!12:14
TimB_god damn, that game is insane in difficulty12:14
TimB_I love it :D12:14
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frinnstwow, is slow17:03
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: mesa3d: updated to 19.1.217:08
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weednixhello ;)21:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: nvidia: updated to version 430.3422:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rsyslog: updated to version 8.1907.022:41
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: nvidia-32: updated to version 430.3422:41
stenurI'd wish i could port the syslog from FreeBSD. Find the time and so. It is small. neat, with auto-log rotation, with simple config.22:43
stenur'Looked at all the CRUX options, but sticked with the default. Still not setup inotify to cramp log and send mails, sic.22:45
stenurNo LXC test, no nothing. What a shame.22:46
weednixfirst time I'm using bluetooth, configuring for someone that need something to click on :P22:53
weednixI found bluez, but is command line,22:53
weednixthere is bluez-qt , but I think is not what I'm thinking ...22:54
weednixis there somewhere something graphical to help "manage" bluetooth ?22:54
stenurAh, David Peel and the lower East Side and their legendary debut!22:56
stenurAlso not! I wish i would have setup bluetooth audio streaming to that separately controllable part of my TV (the boxes), i think that should work.22:57
stenurThen plugin the boxes in the jack over there!22:59
stenurGraphical. I am sorry, not my thing. But that alsa blue thing TimB has noted (hasn't he), i looked on github, wasn't there a step-by-step thing??23:00
stenurAh, sorry! This was workodera_, not you!23:01
stenurSorry. Grr. Bluetooth also missing.. -qt seems to be DBUS stuff.23:03
weednixI prt-get dsearch blue, ... I have some collections but not all that I have discovered ...23:03
stenurArch wiki mentions gnome-bluetooth, bluedevil (kde), blueman ("a fully featured bt manager")..23:05
weednixI don't use bluetooth, strange if there is not on ports, then I think is not a thing ... or just bluez is enough for cli ?23:06
weednixsmall pause, before scavange a way to have gnome-bluetooth and / or bluedevil ...23:08
stenurHm, i have bluez only not yet tested; if i try bluez-list-devices, i get "ImportError: No module named dbus".23:09
stenurAnd no *ctl tool here, anywhere.23:09
weednixhere it worked :D23:09
weednixI got lost with so much bluez-* ... you spoted one obvious just to see if kernel is ok,23:10
weednixalso add your user to messagebus, lp ? saw that somewhere, maybe to be able to as a user23:10
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stenurMaybe on Saturday. :(23:12
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weednixback, well forgot to search an port db :P23:19
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stenurOh! Blueman there, bluez-alsa is, too. And gnome-bluetooth, and a newer bluez. Diamonds.23:22
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weednixyep, added TimB and Timcowchip to the list of ports,23:34
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stenurbluez seems to be my first hit in that "outdated packages in opt/" topic.23:37
weednixwell, if it works,... I wold use a cli,23:37
weednixI'm just configuring for a person that don't know nothing about informatic,23:37
weednixthat's why is able to use a crux system :D23:38
stenurSounds logical.23:38
weednixwell, is all about the browser, now this keyboard bluetooth, then to see if HDBMI works...23:38
stenurYou mean HDMI? That i have not tried yet either ;-)) (but i have the cable)23:40
weednixsorry that typo23:41
weednixand all the others and future ones ...23:41
stenurno problem23:41
weednix:D gnome-bluetooth does a git clone inside build :P23:48
weednixI was thinking ... but in one port I also do signature check23:49
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stenurI am more in favour of such than the opposite, if it is a shallow clone; fetching can now also have a depth, so effectively one could end up with only the difference.23:53
stenurSignature checks on the commit itself via PGP.23:54
stenur(And download via HTTPS)23:54
stenurWhy not. CRUX comes with the autotools anyway, and you could follow stable branches easily whenever bugs are fixed.23:55
stenur(Actually came up on the oss-security list.)23:56
weednixI like it because of simplicity and flexibility23:56
weednixI don't yet understand much about security, just usual todo well known lists23:57
weednixnot native english, ... must be terrible...23:58
stenurBut anyway, package maintainers no longer need patching, they could point the package directly to a stable branch commit which fixes.23:58
stenurLook at me, i live in english world with only 100 words. ;)23:58
weednixstenur: why not all ports contain sources and are one big git ?23:58
weednixI have been thinking about this,23:59
weednixbut don't even imagine the size it ould be ...23:59

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