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weednixeach port update come with a code diff also...00:00
stenurYou mean all the sources live on, and we would clone from there instead?00:01
stenurOne big git could be tough, i think each commit tracks all the tree content, which would be lengthy, then.00:02
weedniximagine core collection, each port also contains unpacked code, each update on the port,.. but yhea.. to much00:03
stenurWell i have my "arena" of code for over a decade, and it was never self-contained. Having a self-contained git would be fantastic!00:03
weednixidea was to have a clean diff between each port version ...00:03
stenurLike the BSDs, they are self-contained with sources. I like that very much, as i can look around.00:04
weednixsee :P... why not same ?00:05
stenurPardon? What do you mean?00:05
weednixor as an option, don't imagine the complexicity00:05
stenurLikely not more complex than today, rather less. The maintainer has to download the ball and prepare the package anyway.00:06
weednixtake port gcc for example, inside port is src directory with extracted code of port version,00:06
stenurHe could then simply check in the code alongside when doing so.00:06
weednixdon't know bsd, tested once,00:06
weednixfor to litle00:06
stenurYeah, i know what you mean i think.00:07
weednixand for us, a pull wold come with code, saving time...00:07
stenurYes. Of course the load would be on, then, with that "one big git". Otherwise wherever the packager stores the stuff.00:08
weednixmany big ones, core, opt, contrib, xorg...00:09
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stenurOf course its a bit about trust then; but most git repos use PGP for signing commits, and if the packager simply clones that and we clone from him, it can be verified, too.00:09
weednix:) also download from other source and just drop on top and see the diff00:10
stenurNeed to put trust anyway. Sure.00:12
stenurHave to go now.. Good night!00:20
weednixsee you00:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: thunderbird: updated to 60.8.010:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird: updated to 60.8.010:21
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stenurpedja: thought it could be of interest. Yeah, such i had seen too, and wondered a bit!15:09
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nullsixhi gnus18:49
nullsixcant seem to compile 'freeglut' on crux 3.5 (prt-get depinst freeglut). Anyone?18:50
nullsixwine depends on18:51
TimB_nullsix: hi, buildlog please?18:54
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nullsixhey TimB_ how do I get the log file, pkgmk deletes everything on exit19:00
TimB_grep log /etc/prt-get.conf
nullsixnice. it indicates /var/log/pkgbuild, but theres nothing there, i will try to compile mannualy to have the log19:05
nullsixi get it. had to enable in prt-get.conf. will share in a instant19:06
nullsixhere Tim_B
TimB_CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.19:10
TimB_-- Looking for include file usbhid.h - not found19:10
TimB_-- Looking for XParseGeometry - not found19:10
nullsixindeed, but what provides that? and why did depinst didnt resolve19:11
TimB_maybe there is something missing, it finds both on my desktop right now19:12
TimB_can you do prt-get update -fr libusb and see if it will find this afterwards with freeglut?19:12
TimB_also have you checked revdep lately?19:12
nullsixnope, will try those19:13
nullsixrevdep returned nothing, and reistalling libusb also didnt work19:14
stenurstackoverflow says libusbhid is missing19:14
TimB_libusb fails to compile?19:15
TimB_maybe there is something missing in your kernel, no idea. libusb is core, I never had problems with core packages19:15
nullsixgood, thanks steneur, theres no such package on the repos19:15
nullsixcompiled and reinstalled ok19:15
stenurWhich kernel are you using? Maybe it switches on some things that require stuff CRUX normally does not need.19:16
nullsixwill check there19:16
stenurHmm, there it was 32-bit/64-bit problem.19:18
TimB_ <- maybe those are missing in the kernel .config?19:18
stenurMind you, i have those, but usbhid.h is a private file in the kernel driver. No usbhid.h in libusb nor in glibc.19:21
TimB_mh, no idea :P19:23
nullsixi have them enabled19:23
nullsixjust cheked from /proc/config.gz19:24
TimB_if you have no idea you can run prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep freeglut`19:29
TimB_that's what I do when I'm stuck :P19:29
TimB_I know it's a caveman solution but sometimes it works without having a headache :P19:29
stenurThe actual error is missing OpenGL thing in the end, right. Urgh.19:29
TimB_stenur: opengl?19:30
TimB_oh, yeah, maybe I read it the wrong way ;D19:30
nullsixso, i must recompile mesa?19:32
TimB_no idea really19:36
stenurI think using TimB's command would be a starter.19:36
nullsixxD can u send freeglut and freeglut-32 pre-compiled?19:45
TimB_if your depends are b0rked this will likely fail as well..19:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pkgconf: update to 1.6.219:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: libssh: 0.8.4 -> 0.9.019:51
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pedjaI wonder why is there no 'FindOpenGL prefers GLVND by default' message in that freeglut build log20:45
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xauth: updated to 1.121:09
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libpciaccess: updated to 0.1521:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: iputils: updated to s2019070921:11
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: iproute2: updated to 5.2.021:14
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nullsixgood point pedja21:44
nullsixi have previously uninstalled it, as have no nvidia here. And that is nvidia software. But i have reinstalled already libglnvd. will recompile mesa now...21:46
nullsix3.4 woundt require it21:47
nullsixalso removed pam, no need for it. But it breaked login :{21:49
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stenurGood night everybody.21:57
jaegerwhile glvnd is nvidia software, it's not only used by nvidia21:58
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TimB_Ergo0: can I interest you in trying out my ports for steam-native?22:41
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