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TimB_if anybody is up for it, please let me know what you find:
TimB_libdbusmenu-32,libindicator-32 and libappindicator-32 are... horribly ported to say the least, but they work. If anybody knows a way around that please tell. I am still thinking about seperating the ports in gtk2,3 versions..09:12
jolupathe gtk2 is still used... Is ugly as hell!09:14
TimB_yeah I know... but sometimes you do what you gotta do... :)09:15
TimB_of course, if you don't need that icon you can skip mono,gtk-sharp and all of the above mentioned09:16
TimB_frinnst: btw, there is an updated gtk3 port with meson build system.. if you want to take a look. it seems to force having wayland headers installed with meson09:17
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frinnstgtk3 is in maintenance mode only now. i was planning on using meson with gtk4 or whatever they will call it09:25
frinnstah found it09:25
TimB_it's just a pita right now. those icon related ports failed for non-existence of some glib la file...09:28
TimB_I was able to sed around that for the most part but still.. I hope they update the icon soon enough to saner defaults09:29
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pedjaTimB_, if 'grep 'libglib*.la' /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d ':' -f1' outputs anything, perhaps rebuild them?10:50
pedjaI had to do something like that for glib, libjpeg and atk, iirc10:52
TimB_pedja: they seem to not be generated anymore, I rebuild them of course11:02
pedjaYeah, they are not shipped anymore.11:04
TimB_sorry, have my head in the books right now :) Ran the command, no output, not on lib32 either11:14
pedjaso study, *someone* has to fix the economy :)11:17
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TimB_probably *not me* but oh well :)13:16
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weednixyou all later ;P14:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: imagemagick: updated to 7.0.8-53. Fixes FS#175220:35
frinnstman I'm tempted22:13
pedjausually when someone says that they are tempted, they already decided :)22:29
frinnstnah. too poor22:30
frinnstits like 2 months salary22:30
pedjaeating is overrated anyway22:30
frinnstits kind of required when cycling :)22:31
Anselmojust learn to capture squirrles and rabits22:32
Anselmoshouldnt be too hard if you bike in the right places22:32
pedjaI know a few people that spend obscene amount of money on photo equipment22:32
Anselmopeople spend obscene amounts of money on all sorts of things . . .22:33
pedja'introduce your children to photography, and they'll never have enough money to buy drugs'22:33
Anselmoha ha ha ha ha22:33
pedjait's interesting. 5k€ for a car is 'a good deal', 2k for a computer is 'insanity'.22:36
Anselmoand 1k for a stick of gum . . . :P22:38
Anselmobuuut I dunno. I know a lot of people whove spent more than 2k on their computers, or even on one computer >_>22:41
pedjais it a stick of iGum?22:41
Anselmobut maybe I just know people with too much money and too few hobbies22:41
pedjaI used to know people with lot of money. we don't hang out any more :)22:42
pedjait's a bit awkward22:43
Anselmoah, hehe22:44
pedjaI know my place, poor peasant that I am :)22:44
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Anselmoehh. I have as much money as I need, I generally feel22:48
john_cephalopodaAnselmo: The computers are probably their hobby :þ22:50
Anselmoah yes, that was my point22:50
Anselmotheir *only* hobby :P22:51
john_cephalopodaPrices don't make any sense. You can easily spend 500 Euros on a simple PCB prototype. That's the price of a used car.22:51
Anselmothats a cheap used car and some expensive pcbs22:51
Anselmodepending how many layers / size I guess22:51
john_cephalopoda6 layers, ~20x20.22:51
Anselmoah ok, fair enough22:52
AnselmoACTION more used to teensy things22:52
Anselmobut electronics are also a fine moneysync hobby :P22:52
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pedjamuch healthier then alcohol my neighbour spends most of his hefty paycheck on22:55
AnselmoI mean, those solder fumes though22:56
pedjalead, right?22:57
Anselmoand all the little smt components that get accidentally lost in your food :322:57
Anselmosome of its leadfree but not all yeah22:57
pedjaaren't lead-free trickier to work with?22:58
AnselmoI feel like I've heard good things about some of them22:59
Anselmobut my experience soldering anything is rather out of date and limited to begin with22:59
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