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frinnsttoo familiar...02:28
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: curl: update to 7.65.310:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.3.111:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: gutenprint: update to 5.3.111:11
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-libxcb: update to 1.13.111:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: whois: update to 5.5.011:48
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pedjaLitening to Buildzoid rambling about Gigabyte x570 m/b is a geeky way to spend Sunday afternoon14:59
joacimhow are their motherboards?16:30
joacimi've always been less impressed by their graphics cards16:30
joacimtheir coolers have been less than capable in my experience16:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.7.716:32
pedjajoacim, x570? according to Buildzoid, their lineup makes the most sense :)17:42
pedjagoing from the bottom up, m/b get additional features that you pay more for17:43
pedjamy potatoputer has a Gigabyte m/b17:44
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jaegergigabyte got some flak for using cheap caps on some of their lower lines if I remember right... I don't remember which ones18:04
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pedjajaeger, you got x570 Taichi, right?18:49
pedjasomeone mentioned an issue with GPU blocking the chipset fan18:51
pedjathat can't be good :)18:52
jaegerI did. Haven't noticed any issues with it yet. If it were a problem I could move the GPU down18:56
pedjaI don't think it is an issue with a decent airflow in the case. could be wrong, thou19:06
jaegerProbably not... I have a fractal design define R6 and good front-to-back airflow with positive pressure19:07
joacimthink i would prefer if they went a bit backwards with chipset coolers. with heatpipes going to some larger cooler near the cpu19:12
pedjayou'll have to pay ~700$ for passively cooled chipset, I am afraid :)19:14
pedjaGigabyte's flagship m/b has something like that, iirc19:15
jaegeror do some DIY surgery :)19:16
pedjawell, there's your business idea. sell the kits to do that :)19:17
onoderaRomster: Could you please update contrib/fontforge from version 2017something to 20190413?19:24
onoderajust bumping the version and removing the desktop/icon install lines seem to be enough19:24
TimB_onodera: I have an updated version in my libreoffice repo19:27
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oidis the portdb down or is it something on my end?19:34
joacimwonder if you could transplant the cooler from a c2d era motherboard19:34
jaegeroid: working on it right now19:34
oidahh, good to know19:34
oidthank jaeger19:34
TimB_oid: this one works19:34
oidand thanks TimB_19:35
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jaegerIt's happier now19:38
oidseems to be working19:39
pedjajoacim, 'c2d era'? that sounds so ancient. oh, wait, it is :)19:39
joacimtime to upgrade to am3 maybe =)19:44
oidso ports -u did not actually sync the ports tree it seems, is this related to the portsdb issues?19:53
jaegerports -u and the portdb have no effect on each other, no19:53
jaegerdid you see errors when running it?19:53
oidthat is what I figgured19:54
oidnope, no errors19:54
oidit did some things, but not all19:55
oidit did not sync the ports for any of the qt submodules, just qt519:56
jaegerqt5 submodules?19:56
oidqtwebengine, qtwebkit19:56
jaegerIt looks ok from my end, the versions in my opt match those listed in the portdb20:03
oidthe qt stuff are the only things that did not sync that I have found so far20:04
jaegerBy did not sync do you mean they're missing?20:05
oidthey stayed at the old versions20:05
jaegerwhat's in your /etc/ports/opt.rsync file?20:06
oidjust host, collection and destination, all are correct20:07
jaegerAnd if you try to sync them manually? such as with 'rsync -a opt/'20:07
oidsame, is ports -u smart enough to ignore ports who have had their pkgfile edited?20:09
oidit is possible I made a change to it, do not recall20:09
oidI remember I was having some issues with building it, then life got in the way and I am just getting back to it now20:11
oidbut I have no idea what I did and did not do regarding those problems20:11
oidI can not find any other packages that failed to update, so it has to be something I did.20:13
jaegerMaybe a better question is this: what versions are you getting and what versions are you expecting to get?20:13
jaegerI see qtwebengine 5.12.4 and qtwebkit 5.212.020:14
oidold was 5.11.3 new is 5.12.420:14
oidfor webengine, focusing on it right now20:14
jaegerAh. You haven't upgraded to 3.5 yet, I take it20:15
jaeger5.11.3 is the version in the 3.4 opt tree20:16
oidthere we go!20:16
oidI missed that in the news20:16
oidthe news page just changes so rarely, it is easy to forget about it20:17
oidthanks for that20:17
jaegerThere's also the mailing list and here :)20:17
jaegerThe topic here always contains the current version for what that's worth20:17
oidguess I will do an update tonight20:19
oidinstead of spending a ridiculous number of hours compiling qtwebengine20:20
oidlast time I got to the 7 hour mark when I went stupid and closed the terminal20:22
jaegerIf you don't already after that, I would highly recommend learning to use tmux or screen20:22
jaegerCan save you a lot of time in a situation like that20:22
oidI use notion, so essentially a fancy tmux or screen20:23
oidI closed the wrong terminal, I have since made it much more obvious as to which frame has focus20:25
oidnormally I compile in a console as well, but for some reason, that time I did not.20:26
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