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weednix:'( zeromq
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Worksterweednix, pass bash to configure as we use dash by default01:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: xbanish: initial import02:42
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jolupaHi, looking for help... Again... :P07:56
jolupaHow can I take a look why a program is segfaulting...? I launch the program if I take a look at the sysadmin the program is there running but no window... And if I made a ctrl+c on terminal it says segfault07:57
jolupaany hint?07:57
frinnstwell you can use tools like gdb, strace and other debugging utils07:59
jolupaand a lot of programming skills?08:00
frinnstwell that would be useful08:01
jolupa:) o I try my best...08:01
frinnstsearchengines are your friends08:08
ryuojolupa: segfaults are difficult to diagnose when you're not familiar with the underlying language, let alone machine architecture.08:14
jolupayeah i suppose... is strange 'cause if i launch the program i can see the process running...08:15
jolupadeleted the .config files but nothing... :/08:15
ryuoctrl+c triggers the segfault?08:16
ryuothat sends SIGINT in most cases.08:16
ryuoit could be a glitch in the signal handler and/or the response to the signal.08:17
ryuowhatever the reason, that only occurs because the program is segfaulting after catching the signal.08:18
ryuoif it has no signal handler defined, the process would just terminate abnormally.08:18
ryuoso that's something to look for.08:19
ryuolook for SIGINT, signal, sigaction stuff.08:19
ryuo2 APIs for registering signals.08:20
ryuokinda messy.08:20
ryuoone's from ANSI C while the other is POSIX.08:20
jolupaok! I try... Is an atom program is the same i think?08:20
ryuoatom program?08:20
jolupaelectron sorry08:20
jolupais made in electron08:20
ryuooui... if that's the thing that's segfaulting, i wouldn't know where to begin.08:21
ryuoit's basically using a web browser for a desktop application.08:21
frinnstthe joys of modern frameworks08:21
ryuoi assumed it was some regular C or C++ thing.08:21
frinnstreporting your problem upstream is probably your best bet08:22
ryuoit's likely a flaw in chromium or electron's C or C++ code.08:22
ryuoit shouldn't be possible to segfault the program from bad JS/CSS/HTML08:22
frinnstoh you sweet summer child08:22
ryuoi know, it's historically happened but08:23
ryuoit shouldn't be as EASY to segfault as is in C or c++08:23
jolupayesterday i have some exact problem with chorme but deleted the .local chrome folder and done!08:23
ryuois chrome really that bad? i don't see many crashes with firefox.08:23
ryuoat worst sometimes a tab crashes.08:23
frinnstdunno. everything is shit so08:24
jolupanormally works fine... but yesterday he didn't want to launch08:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: aspell: update to 0.60.708:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: dialog: update to 1.3-2019072808:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: geeqie: update to 1.508:55
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.5]: xorg-xf86-video-sis: update to 0.11.009:12
jolupaHi, can somebody please try this and tell me if it launchs or the problem is on my side?09:15
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also_uplimethis might be a bit of a silly question, but im very new to uefi. i've successfully installed crux on a VM using BIOS to boot it. i tried to install it on a bare metal appliance, which mostly worked, except i could only boot to the iso (via usb) using uefi. when i try to install a bootloader, it doesn't seem to pick up lilo on the boot menu, and i get an error when trying to grub-install (saying it can't fine09:54
also_uplimethe uefi directory). is there a wiki article or something similar on how to setup uefi booting properly?09:54
frinnstyeah there is, just a second09:55
frinnstyou can probably change your VM to use bios boot if you'd prefer that. lilo doesnt support uefi at all09:55
also_uplimeyeah, i'd ideally just like bios on the bare metal. idk why its not picking it up09:56
frinnstprobably a "bios" setting09:56
also_uplimeprobably, ill have to poke around09:57
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dbrookeI use the kernel EFI stub method, since CRUX is the only OS on this system and I don't need a fancy boot manager10:19
frinnsthow pratical is it to use stub with different kernels / kernel arguments etc?10:25
dbrookeI don't, but I suppose it would depend on the motherboard firmware10:33
dbrookeI have my boot entry as Boot0002* Linux HD(1,GPT,f65c7c9c-8a47-4a89-8cf8-2cae82618311,0x800,0x100000)/File(\EFI\CRUX\VMLINUZ)r.o.o.t.=./.d.e.v./.s.d.a.3.10:34
frinnstgotcha. I like the simple option to edit the root (btrfs snapshots) and similar10:35
dbrookeI just use the same all the time and a /root/bin/installkernel so that a sudo kernel make install puts it in the right place as per that boot entry10:37
dbrookes/sudo kernel/kernel sudo/10:40
jolupahow can i find wich package provides libasound10:43
frinnstprt-get fsearch *libasound*10:46
frinnst something to test out your audio with11:09
jolupait was for a program i have a program giving me the segfaults and the people at obins tells me the new version needs libasound2... Is installed from a long time ago... XD11:12
weednixWorkster: sorry to ask how I11:20
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weednixpass bash to configure, I ./configure --help | less to see ... but to much nood I guess11:20
frinnstSHELL=/bin/bash ./configure iirc11:21
weednixthanks frinnst , never saw that on Pkgfiles and is strange why 6c37 seems to have built and now don't work,11:22
weednixwill try that way11:22
weednixfrinnst: :'( no success \11:23
TimB_weednix: maybe CONFIGURE_SHELL=/bin/bash11:24
weednixTimB_: same, maybe is really what is saying to me, a problem with epoll / poll ... but no idea what it is...11:26
weednixI will try same version as 6c37 used11:27
frinnstah that might be it11:28
TimB_weednix: libzmq is what you are trying to build?11:29
weednixyes, I just call it the wrong name zeromq because was what I saw on bitcoin dependencies, later discover others call it libzmq11:29
weednixI even made a post to help11:30
TimB_seems to build fine over here from a git checkout?11:30
TimB_using zsh, which makes me think it's not a bashism?11:31
weednixTimB_: :O not a git checkout here, I like to keep sources organized by name-version.tar.gz/xz/gg ... so I was using versions ...11:32
weednixI think I have your port collections on a list ...11:32
TimB_I pulled your pkgfile and bumped the version numbers, it builds (had to move --enable-pgm since I don't have that) fine?11:35
weednixTimB_: same problem here with old version I was testing now, give error with pgm,11:36
weednixthanks will take a look11:36
weednixother problem I'm having is https connections, lot's of errors, "downgrade attack" firefox say11:37
TimB_ hth11:37
weednixis building without pgm :D hope it goes and then I just need to fix pgm :P11:42
weednixWOW thank you all, it built,11:45
weednixshould I rename the port to libzmq ?11:45
TimB_since that's the upstream name for it I'd say yes11:47
jueFTR, its CONFIG_SHELL12:01
weednixthanks jue , was the first time I saw that and it builds without that, now I must understand why it fails to detect pgm,12:02
weednixI'm trying to ask the less I can here, but as you may now is hard :P12:03
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weednixsolved :p --with-system-pgm14:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: bump to 19.7.1016:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: kvantum: bump to 0.11.216:29
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TimB_pedja: fyi, updated the indicator ports17:37
TimB_just a little clean up, if you built them before, no need to rebuild17:38
weednixI manage to build bicoin, but bitcoin-qt fails sayng xcb not found and I forgot or failed to install debug symbols. I have other port bitcoin-bin with upstream without debug.17:59
weednixgonna make a pause :P17:59
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weednix:) pkgmk no strip option...23:48

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