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hustle of01:47
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deep42thoughtHi, I have trouble updating grub2 after switching to crux 3.5 - I already ran revdep and rejmerge - what else might I be missing?08:39
deep42thoughtinterestingly, it didn't make any trouble on my other box which I upgraded a few weeks ago08:41
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frinnsthuh never seen that before09:53
frinnstcant reproduce it with my up to date system09:58
deep42thoughtwell, as I said: the other box updated grub2 just fine :-/09:59
deep42thoughtACTION reboots - this should fix *everything* :-)09:59
deep42thoughtlast thing I'll try is a "prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)" :-D10:00
deep42thoughtnope, reboot didn't fix it ...10:08
deep42thoughtrunning pkgmk without fakeroot seems to work10:11
deep42thoughthmm, nope, fakeroot isn't the cause either10:14
deep42thoughtstrange ...10:14
deep42thoughtit's ccache's fault O.o10:16
deep42thoughtjust in case, someone tries to interprete what I wrote so confusing: compiling without ccache worked, with ccache gave this strange error10:20
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frinnsthpe sales meeting11:59
frinnstgetting dumber and dumberer by the minute11:59
frinnstsooooo many buzzwords and fluff11:59
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pedjawhat are the latest buzzwords? 'synergy' was big for a while12:03
frinnst that bs12:05
joacimthat seems very nimble12:06
pedja'disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure' I understand some of those words12:07
pedjaah, yes, hyperfoo is the new thing, apparently12:08
dbrookesounds contradictory to me - disaggregate suggests separation and convergence is bringing together - could have just left it in original state 8-)12:11
frinnstright. so after 30 minutes they explain it's "like nutanix"12:19
Romsterand more brain cells die12:22
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pedjahm. nutanix bought a company that makes 'Software for virtualizing server-side flash memory and random-access memory.'13:08
pedjahth does that work13:08
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pedjaotoh, they are valued at 2B$, so13:09
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jolupaHi everyone! I opened a Flyspry to inform for a new vala version... I don't know if that is the correct way of do it? :/13:51
frinnstyeah or just contact the maintainer13:51
frinnstor complain in here. all 3 ways usually work :)13:51
jolupaah! ok! :D13:51
frinnstseems to be fairly up to date though.13:52
frinnstmight be a reason why its on the 0.36 branch13:52
jolupaThe last one is 0.45 and some packages, granite in my repo, needs minimum 0.40...13:54
jolupaStables are 0.40.15 long support... I think I put unstable in the Pkgfile with the flyspry task13:55
TimB_it's one of teks ports, it was patched recently by somebody (jaeger?) but not bumped so tek can do it14:06
frinnst0.36.19 is still listed as lts14:09
frinnst0.44.6  current stable14:10
jolupayeah! both are current stable... but much vala apps go at 0.40 minimum14:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.7.11 -> 19.8.017:36
alandipertanyone using flatpak or otherwise have an opinion about it?18:14
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TimB_I do18:14
alandipertACTION cups ear18:15
TimB_can't tell you much more :P It's useful sometimes, no big stories18:16
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jaegerNot I18:49
TimB_also, looks like there is 1.3.1 out :)18:59
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TimB_god damn, I hate it when I lose focus of my current window :D18:59
pedjasound in chrome has been weird lately19:00
pedjait either doesn't work, or it works partially19:01
pedjaworks fine after I restart it, thou.19:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pm-utils: improve README as per request20:12
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Sitriflatpak is an amazingly simply way to be running horrible out-of-date and unpatched software20:58
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jaegerAnyone using kodi with an AMD GPU currently?21:28
TimB_jaeger: I do21:52
jaegerDoes it crash when trying to play an x264 video with VDPAU enabled?21:54
jaegerSeems like a new behavior with a recent mesa update21:54
TimB_mh, haven't had it crashing since trying the project m plugin :) not sure if I don't have any media that way, but I'm pretty sure it's using vdpau21:55
jaegerAn H.265 video seems fine, it's just H.264 that crashes, so far. And disabling VDPAU in the player settings prevents the crash21:56
TimB_I'll check for a file that checks the criteria and see21:57
jaegerAppreciate it :)21:58
jaegerI have a workaround so it's not a showstopper, but curious if others are experiencing it21:58
TimB_does it actually call it vdpau anymore or is it vaapi?22:08
TimB_if it is, no problems here. running from console shows it queries the driver upon startup, seems to go through with "returns 0", vaapi is all turned on. currently on episode 13 of an all x264 encoded season :)22:13
TimB_I have no option for vdpau? I remember configuring everything with mpv for it, had no idea it broke for me22:14
TimB_vdpauinfo seems to be correct22:15
jaegerwhat's vdpauinfo?22:15
TimB_interesting, I don't have excatly that option, for me it says that with VAAPI22:16
jaegermaybe it's a build-time detection22:16
TimB_vdpauinfo is from romsters repo22:16
jaegerI'll build it again with a log and see what it says about vdpau or vaapi22:16
jaegerdo you use xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu?22:17
TimB_I do22:17
TimB_rebuilding too, this is what it looks here. exactly the same place where you have the VDPAU option, nothing else
jaegerMaybe I should try with vaapi support. I'm guessing this is a case of vaapi being preferred over vdpau22:24
jaeger(if available)22:24
jaegerI do not currently have libva installed, which jives with that configure output22:25
jaegerwith libva installed,
TimB_might be, -- Found VDPAU: /usr/lib/ (found version "1.2")22:28
jaegerIt's rebuilding now, will see22:29
jaegerthis CPU is speedy but it still takes some time :)22:29
TimB_ never really asked why or what22:31
jaegerhrmm, interesting. Even after a rebuild VDPAU is the only option22:33
jaegerBut now it hangs on exit, heh22:34
jaegerSo there's *something* different22:34
TimB_progress! :D22:34
TimB_btw, is there any interest in amdvlk?22:35
jaegerWill try another build with libvdpau removed but libva installed22:35
TimB_I do have libva-vdpau-driver installed, not sure if that could be it?22:36
TimB_nothing depends on it, so I must have installed it at some point22:36
ryuoTimB_: it was used by things that never had a vdpau driver but had a vaapi one.22:55
ryuoprimarily that was Intel.22:55
ryuoit's a bridge driver, nothing more.22:55
ryuoiirc, main use was for flash.22:55
TimB_ryuo: thx22:57
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TimB_I never really read into the topic tbh, not sure why I had that installed but it might be a left over package I could remove23:00
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jaegerinteresting... even after a rebuild it's failing to open (because I removed the package) but it shouldn't be trying. will have to dig more later23:03
ryuojaeger: vdpau?23:06
jaegeralso removed (intentionally)23:07
jaegerI'm trying to figure out how to get it to use vaapi instead for testing23:07
ryuojaeger: what program?23:07
ryuokodi was it?23:07
ryuodoesn't it have a menu option to choose which one to use?23:07
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jaegeroh, it's probably linking through ffmpeg, need to rebuild that23:13
jaegerNo, as in the screenshot I linked, there's no option23:13
[d/b 2123:13
jaegerinteresting... another rebuild with only libva installed removed both from the menus... but playback seems to work fine23:22
jaegerfor reference, the crash looks like this in the terminal:
jaegerAnyway, rebuilding again does not produce any kind of vaapi options in the menus... enabling vdpau still causes it to crash23:34
jaegerSo for now my answer is just 'disable vdpau' but I don't know much more than when I started23:34
TimB_ this is mine, for reference23:34
TimB_it's weird it chooses vdpau for you and vaapi over here, isn't it?23:35
TimB_I do have both installed23:35
jaegerdo you have /usr/lib/dri/ ?23:37
jaegerwhat owns it?23:37
jaegerAlso, do you have CONFIG_DRM_RADEON in your kernel?23:38
TimB_yes to mesa3d, and no to CONFIG_DRM_RADEON23:39
jaegerThat file doesn't exist for me23:39
jaegerI wondered about that due to it throwing an error on my end but didn't see it in any ports23:40
ryuojaeger: mesa is responsible for both drivers.23:40
jaegeryes, so why's one missing?23:41
TimB_I do have mesa3d in my overlay, but just for the new intel driver23:41
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jaegersaid file is NOT in the default mesa3d footprint for what that's worth23:42
TimB_I'm stumped23:42
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/nouveau_drv_video.so23:43
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/r600_drv_video.so23:43
jaegerNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/radeonsi_drv_video.so23:43
jaegernow testing mesa3d without libva23:43
TimB_without? oO23:45
jaegerok, so libva looks to be the deciding factor23:48
jaegerwith it installed, mesa3d produces those 3 extra files23:48
jaegerwithout it, not23:48
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