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john_cephalopodaFixed it00:00
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jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: good deal01:22
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also_uplimewhat ntp client does crux use?01:56
jaegerwhichever one you prefer that's available in ports02:03
jaegerI use chrony but there are others available02:03
also_uplimeah, yeah, i just saw it was in ports02:04
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nwefrinnst: there?07:36
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nwekolla priv..07:37
ryuofrinnst: cruxbot quit. time to send out the hunting parties?07:39
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frinnstfuck it, survival of the fittest07:43
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pedjaheh, by the time I make some decent photos, metashape trial will expire14:32
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monarrkwould this be an appropriate place to ask questions about crux?22:35
jaegerSure. Just be patient when waiting for answers :)22:39
weednix:) hello jaeger22:43
monarrkok! I'm having trouble building stuff with pkgmk. I'm trying to build cwm and continue to get this err when running `pkgbuild -d`: ERROR: Signature mismatch found: MISMATCH signify22:44
monarrkthat's without linebreaks and tabs btw22:44
weednixmonarrk: you mean pkgmk -o22:44
weednixsorry s/o/-d/g22:44
jaegercwm isn't in the main repos if I remember right. you're using one of the mk, seiflek, or z3bra repos?22:44
monarrkyes, z3bra22:44
jaegerok, so you need the .pub key for that repo in /etc/ports22:45
jaegerThe signify error is because it can't find the pub key for the port's signature22:45
monarrkso where do I find the .pub key and where in /etc/ports do I put it?22:46
jaegerIf you look in /etc/ports you should see some .pub files already there, like core.pub22:47
jaegerAs for where to get it, good question. Usually it's listed on the portdbs or included in the repo when you sync it but I don't see one for the z3bra repo immediately22:47
jaegerOh, now I see it. It's included in the repo, just took a while for me to sync it22:48
jaegerso if you synced the repo to /usr/ports/z3bra, copy /usr/ports/z3bra/ to /etc/ports/22:49
monarrkok, lemme test this up22:56
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elderKHey guys, how do you generate your kernel configurations?23:51
elderKI was wondering if you are as nuts as me and distclean then go through them all, turning on what seems useful or needed (Based on help)23:51
elderKOr do you use defconfig and do what you need for your hardware, and call it a day?23:52
elderKHow do you even know what's needed if it's not hardware related? If you are super-precise with your selections, how do you know when they are insufficient? Strace?23:52
john_cephalopodaelderK: I usually just do "make menuconfig" and then turn on what I need for my hardware.23:52
elderKMore and more options these days don't have suggested settings.23:53
elderKSome do, very useful.23:53
elderKI can rely on the dependencies for say, hardware selection or whatever, but I'm more concerned with userspace.23:53
jaegerI usually just make sure my required hardware is selected and remove things like NICs or wireless or filesystems that I'm not using. It's not 100% everything strictly that I require but it's good enough for me. And I tend to back up my configs when reinstalling so I never really need to start from scratch23:53
john_cephalopodaThe standards are relatively sane. I only have to add some stuff, like GPU, Audio/MIDI drivers, Wifi blob, possibly EFI stuff, some special filesystems.23:53
jaeger'lspci -k' and some stored knowledge :)23:54
elderKSay "relay - unified userspace connector" and stuff like that23:54
elderKI've had that disabled for years with no problem23:54
elderKbut I do wish I knew what needed it.23:54
john_cephalopodaI configure from scratch every time. When I forget something, I'll notice the missing audio pretty fast ;)23:55
elderKI usually make distclean followed by make menuconfig23:55
elderKUnless I'm simply upgrading, then I just make menuconfig, save, build.23:55
john_cephalopodaReminds me, I should update to a new version some time. But not at 2 am :þ23:56
john_cephalopodaStill at 5.0.023:56

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