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weednixI use a port, and a old kernel 4.9. I had so much problems that even toke note on a page, when I update from 4.9 I bet most of it will be gone.00:42
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weednixThere is always that feeling of never sure in many things, so I started with crux configuration, and then by trial / error ...00:43
weednixI scavenged a wifi to this laptop so I'm able to run linux-gnu (libre)... :P00:44
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elderKDoes anyone here get "scandir: No such file or directory" when using loadkeys?03:27
elderKMessages during boot..03:28
jaegeryes, known bug in kbd package03:37
jaegershould be updated soonish03:37
elderKAh, good. Googling told me the same but I wanted to check with you guys :)03:41
elderKMy chroot playing continues :P03:41
elderKAnnoyingly MacBookPro4,1 doesn't properly deal with KMS/EFIFB03:41
jaegerI'm surprised by that, most of them seem fine03:51
elderKIt may be some misconfiguration here04:12
elderKI mean, it works04:12
elderKIt just thinks the screen is bigger than it is04:12
elderKThis is not in X, of course.04:12
jaegerAh, funky04:13
elderKI wouldn't call it a "breaker", it's just annoying04:13
jaegerfair enough04:13
elderKI mean, once the machine is up proper, I'll be in X11 all the time anywya.04:13
elderKMachine uses Geforce 8600M GT04:13
elderKAny experience with that chip?04:13
elderKNouveau vs NV?04:14
jaegerI had a couple of desktop versions of that a LONG time ago04:14
jaegerwith one that old, nouveau is a good choice, probably04:14
jaegeryou'd probably have to use an old legacy version if you wanted to use the binary nvidia  driver04:14
elderKAnnoyingly, I have to compile some stuff as modules, else FW isn't loaded :|04:15
elderKAnd I don't want to build-in all the firmware :P04:15
elderKAlthough that might be for the best, really, once I know what stuff I need.04:15
jaegerThe GPU won't need any firmware, at least04:18
jaegerSo you shouldn't need any firmware to see a console04:18
elderKNo, but wifi and stuff does :P04:18
jaegerjust for wifi or whatever04:18
jaegerbut those can wait until after boot04:18
elderKTrue :)04:18
^is there a way to submit a patch for the nginx Pkgfile in contrib?06:13
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^erm, not the pkgfile, the /etc/rc.d script rather06:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib-networking: 2.56.1 -> 2.60.307:57
TimB_^: flyspray probably07:59
TimB_^: sorry, yep!08:19
^np, thats perfect. thanks!08:19
TimB_that or you mail the maintainer directly08:19
^cool, i'll write up a patch then look into both of those08:20
TimB_np, you are welcome08:20
elderKGod, Linux is such a time sink :P08:51
elderKBuilding "images", rolling them out, testing, tweaking kernel configurations, etc.08:52
elderKEasily eaten a day08:52
elderKIn one sense, I should be happy: I've been busy all day, doing something, focused.08:52
elderKOn the other hand, I thought I'd be further along. And Sunday is tomorrow :P08:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.8.0 -> 19.8.109:18
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cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: man-pages: update to 5.0210:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.5]: kbd: update to 2.2.010:30
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^has anyone gotten docker successfully running? I'm getting this when running `sudo /usr/bin/dockerd --debug`
^i've got cgroupfs-mount and libcgroup, and i think i have it setup right in /etc/lilo.conf: (i also ran lilo afterwards)11:47
ryuo^: it's probably missing part of cgroups.11:50
pedjawhy the lilo cgroups option?11:51
^ryuo: do you know how i can find the part?11:52
pedjadocker rc will run cgroupfs-mount that should take care of that11:52
^pedja: i found this: so thought it was worth a try11:52
^oh ok11:52
ryuoin theory, but that only does part of the work.11:52
ryuoit won't setup user cgroups.11:53
ryuo^: how'd you configure the kernel? i forget but you may be missing part of the required stuff.11:54
ryuoi only use LXC so i don't know what docker requires.11:54
^oh good point11:54
ryuoiirc, cgroupfs-mount works but it won't setup some of them like systemd cgroup.11:55
^ this is my config11:55
pedjathere is a kernel config check for docker, iirc11:55
^im `make menuconfig`ing again to see if im missing anything obvious11:55
^when i initially configured it, i didn't realize i'd be needing docker11:56
^so i could have missed something11:56
pedjarun 'usr/share/docker/'11:56
dlcusaelderK, it does feel like Linux sysadm is requiring more hours in the past decade, and it's not just a matter of more packages to deal with.11:56
^ah yeah, its missing a lot11:57
pedjasome are optional, as output suggests, iirc11:58
^thanks, ill go through those and rebuild11:58
ryuocgroupfs-mount has limitations. it doesn't mount newer cgroups at all.11:58
ryuothe one i wrote for LXC package does a lot more.11:58
^different (but still docker-related) question - is there a way to `modprobe loop` automatically?11:59
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ryuoyea... you've never used /etc/modprobe.d?11:59
ryuoor w/e crux uses.11:59
ryuothere's some place you can mention them.12:00
^no, i've never needed to in the past12:00
ryuocourse, you could always make loopback builtin instead.12:00
^thanks, ill check it out12:00
ryuoCONFIG_CGROUPS needs to be defined for the proc file to exist.12:02
ryuojust checked the kernel source.12:02
ryuoand it's not set in your kernel.12:02
ryuofyi, this is how i mount for LXC. it's probably more than you'd need for docker.12:03
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ryuolargely inspired by gentoo's documentation.12:05
^oh cool thanks12:05
ryuoi doubt the user cgroups would be needed by docker. LXC uses them to support user containers.12:06
ryuoand the systemd cgroup is only needed if the container uses systemd.12:06
ryuobut i included it because a lot of containers will be using it.12:06
ryuoit's harmless to include otherwise.12:06
ryuoin fact, gentoo is a good place to research issues you might have when using a systemd free distribution.12:09
ryuoi think they're the largest holdout.12:09
pedjaisn't systemd a supported config on gentoo?12:10
ryuoyes, but not the default last i checked.12:11
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dlcusaActually, funtoo, with drobbins as BDFL, is unsupportive of systemd (yay!).12:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: glib-networking:  ->13:22
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jolupaHi everyone... If I make prt-get update $(revdep) this will install the packages affected in revdep?13:47
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john_cephalopodajolupa: Yes.13:54
john_cephalopodajolupa: But it will only install packages affected that are not up-to-date yet.13:54
john_cephalopodaIf a package is up-to-date but breaks due to a dependency, it won't be updated. So to actually get all the affected packages rebuilt, you have to do "prt-get update -fr $(revdep)"13:55
john_cephalopodaThat forces a rebuild for all those packages.13:55
jolupaah! ok... actually is compiling gtk3 with prt-get update $(revdep) let's see :) Thanks!13:56
john_cephalopodajolupa: You should use "-fr" to really cover all the things revdep outputs, not only the ones that happen to be not up-to-date.14:00
john_cephalopodaFor example, inkscape is up-to-date on my computer but a poppler update in the meantime broken it. revdep will find it but "update" will not update it because it is already up-to-date. "-fr" (force rebuild) makes sure it is rebuilt, no matter what.14:01
jolupaOk... so I start the package to make things well... :)14:02
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obarun^:  this is my config at boot time to mount cgroups, docker work properly with it. this is execline script but should be understandable. Take care about the nsdelegate at cgroup. You should mount every cgroups given by the kernel at proc directory14:57
obarunnsdelegate at cgroup2*14:57
obarunredirfd, pipeline,forstdin, importas are just a loop to read every proc/cgroups and mount each one at /sys/fs/cgroup14:59
jaeger^: what are you wanting to change with the nginx rc script?15:04
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^jaeger: a reload command so i can tell nginx to rehash the config file15:30
^obarun: thanks! I'll take a look throuhg that15:31
joacimi thought ^: was some kind of new age smiley at first. took me a while to realize ^ was someones nick15:31
^ACTION ]15:31
^wait wrong nick15:31
[ACTION :15:32
jaegerAh, not a bad idea. an 'nginx -s reload' basically?15:32
[jaeger: yeah thats what i was thinking15:32
jaegerI'll look into that today, playing with ffmpeg options currently :)15:32
[ah cool15:32
[i was going to do something for it earlier, but needed to take a break after docker15:33
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jaegerUnderstandable, it can take a while to get all the kernel options set up that docker wants15:33
[yeah, it was a bit more than just `brew install docker` like im used to15:34
[but i guess thats kind of why i installed crux anyways :)15:34
jaegerDoes brew have a good docker formula now? I haven't looked at it in ages. I use the "native" install, though I still think it's silly that they call it native15:35
[yeah, $work just made a new product targeting mac's that is installed through brew, and requires docker, so its been a good excuse to mess around with the brewed docker too15:36
[im no power user, but it seems to be pretty decent15:37
jaegerDoes it use xhyve as well?15:37
[hm, i don't think so. what's that?15:39
joacimbrew has powershell too15:39
[heh, not surprised15:40
jaegerIt's the macOS version of the BSD bhyve virtualization stuff15:40
[oh neat15:40
jaegerthe "native" docker for mac uses it to run a linux VM15:40
john_cephalopodaWOAH! Blender 2.80 is out!16:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: nginx: updated to version 1.17.2, added a reload option to the rc script16:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.11717:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: i3: update to 4.1717:36
[\o/ thanks for the help everyone17:53
[is there a folder i can add custom certificates to? i've got a personal ca for testing so i need to trust it on the system18:39
[nmd, looks like it goes in /etc/ssl/cert.pem18:48
SitriGood to know18:50
SitriACTION is going to be doing something similar soon18:50
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[yeah, i should probably start a notebook for stuff like that18:52
SitriI have a git repo with documentation of stuff like that18:52
SitriMind you I have an internal centralized git repository that I setup ages ago18:52
[i think i might setup a git wiki thing on this server now that i've got gitea setup18:53
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tastax420Hey, anyone know a good source of .config files to use with compiling the kernel? Because while I love compiling, I really hate compiling the kernel and I keep failing.20:51
stenurBoot a kernel with everything (from somewhere, AlpinLinux default kernel has most, as module, for example)20:53
stenurThen do "lsmod>f; LDMOD=f make O=/usr/obj/linux localyesconfig oldconfig"20:53
stenurAnd then only minor adjustments should remain.20:54
stenurI.e., if you want a kernel that fits a specific machine just fine.20:55
tastax420I'll try that, a more specific error I get is "VFS, unable to mount root fs unknown block." I know its most likely caused by my awfulness with configuring the kernel20:56
stenurYeah -- that i know very well!  Most likely some controller minor config entry is missing, but do not ask me what it was!20:57
stenurI would never have found the actual single (it was just one option that was missing!) without that localyesconfig.20:58
stenurAnd i got too frustrated after hm almost two days to spend just one more second; it became plain guessing some time.20:59
tastax420I'm suprised there isn't a repository somewhere with a bunch of kernel configuration files. Atleast none that I could find.21:06
joacimtastax420: typically that error is due missing support for your controller of filesystem. make sure all filesystems you use are enabled as built in, and same for your type of controller (AHCI is common if SATA)21:47
jaegertastax420: the kernel config installed by setup is a good place to start21:48
ryuomaybe i really should create a repo just for kernel packages... it's one of the main nuisances to setting up crux.21:49
stenurDoes not have anything firewallish though, iirc21:50
joacimany music organizing tools that isnt beets?21:50
joacimbeets makes a bit of a mess with lesser known albums21:50
joacimsplits up albums in different artist folders, just plain wrong, due to the online db not being that great for that artist21:51
jaegerI've yet to find anything better than beets21:53
jaegerIt isn't perfect but it's better than anything else21:53
stenurI have my own perl based CD ripper, places anything in CDDB-id dirs, with one text file.21:53
tastax420jaeger: The kernel config that comes with crux is pretty minimal, its actually what i've been using, but I have to enable some things in the kernel to get my hardware working, when I go to run 'make all' it gives me a bunch of options that I guess were added since 4.19.38, and I don't know what any of those options means, even when I look at the he21:53
tastax420lp page of each option.21:53
joacimsomething that keeps the original tags in a textfile would be nice too21:54
jaegerIt's meant to be pretty generic, mostly just to have enough configured to get you booting21:54
joacimmakes it easier to roll back bad tagging21:54
stenurtastax420: there is also a "allyesconfig" or so.  build one with everything, then do the dance i've shown.21:55
stenur(or not, if such a big thing is all right.)21:55
tastax420As long as performance doesn't take a hit, I wouldn't mind a large kernel.21:55
joacimdont think larger kernels matters that much for desktops21:56
stenurLook in Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst, there they are21:56
joacimit's a bigger deal with systems with very tight ROM and RAM space21:56
tastax420The only issue I see with allyesconfig would be that some kernel features are advised against being turned on (Like legacy drivers), would it enable those too or does it just enable everything that's "No harm done" kind of deal.21:57
stenurHey!  I never actually used that, sorry.  I had the AlpineLinux kernel around, and booted that.  For me it was enough for the localyesconfig.21:59
joacimi'd enable filesystem and controller related options, then make changes from there21:59
joaciminstead of going big22:00
stenurI think jue said some years ago something like "just boot Ubuntu once", or the like.22:00
jaegerThat's another option if you don't want to spend the time learning what your hardware needs... take a kernel config from  aworking system22:00
tastax420I did enable all filesystem related things. Didn't work. That's why i'm here scratching my head.22:00
stenurIt is more lie joacim said, AHCI etc.22:00
jaegerpastebin your kernel config and the output of 'lspci -k' if you like, I can take a look22:01
tastax420Can't, just deleted the config file to start over again. Though, I do swear I enable all filesystems and AHCI.22:02
ryuoyou also need to make sure your disk controllers are builtin.22:02
jaegerwell, what's the output from 'lspci -k'?22:02
ryuounless using modules.22:02
ryuoand an initr22:02
tastax420jaeger: You want that output while in crux? Because i'm not using crux right now.22:03
jaegerdoesn't matter which distro if it's the same machine22:03
stenurEven easier, install and chroot into crux/linux src, then lsmod from within you working system, i'd say22:04
jaegerif you want an easy pastebin with just curl, try lspci -k | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io22:05
tastax420I am considering the allyesconfig option, since I REALLY hate messing with kernel stuff.22:07
jaegeryep, looks like just ahci22:07
jaegerwhich, by the way, is enabled by default in the config installed by setup22:09
jaeger;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.19.61.defconfig;h=9af76ec201a8cd6c0c0de08d2ea00bc2f319197a;hb=refs/heads/3.5#l1280 for reference22:09
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tastax420Okay, so how do I get an initrd? I can't find any documentation on it for crux.22:32
joacimi dont use one22:33
t58I don't either22:33
joacimgeneric documentation that works for other distributions generally works for crux too22:33
jaegerI think very few crux users use an initrd... but you can make one with dracut, better-initramfs, mkinitrd/mkinitramfs, one of those22:33
joacimjust gotta avoid the kind that contain very distro specific tasks22:33
tastax420Okay, and one last thing i'm not clear on. Does the kernel load modules when it detects that it needs it or will I have to manually do modprobe? Probably a dumb question, but I really don't understand how the kernel works.22:37
jaegergenerally the kernel and udev work together to load them when needed22:38
SitriBut there are cases where modules won't get autoloaded22:38
jaegerIf you need a module that the kernel and udev don't load automagically you can add a modprobe to /etc/rc.modules22:38
SitriSuch as `bridge` `tun` and `tap`22:39
SitriGenerally if it's not linked to hardware directly it won't get autoloaded22:39
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pedjaapparently, Greys *love* Germany :)
tastax420Do I have to load udev as a daemon or does it just start with the system?22:42
jaegerIt's started for you22:42
SitriIt's started on its own22:42
tastax420Okay. You guys are really helpful, thanks =)22:42
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stenurA nice Sunday i wish, ciao.23:19
axciao a te23:20
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axbuon sabato sera stenur23:20
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weednixPage about kernel on crux
weednixand a port that generate initrd and grub config
weednixI know a old one ...23:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: pango: updated to 1.44.223:59

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