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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: libva1-32: add missing conf file02:17
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.5]: pango-32: 1.44.2 -> 1.44.302:47
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm still struggling with my fonts in X - is there any tutorial or man page how to install and set up fonts?06:29
ryuodeep42thought: that's a bit involved. what are you using? there's actually several different font systems.06:31
deep42thoughtI don't know what I'm using :-/06:31
ryuook... what applications?06:31
ryuook.. that's using GTK+ so it'll be using the fontconfig system.06:31
deep42thoughtand lazarus06:31
ryuoas far as installing goes, you can install them per user or per system.06:32
deep42thoughtlazarus is compiled with gtk, too06:32
deep42thoughtok, either is fine for me06:32
ryuoi'd suggest doing user for now. fonts aren't necessarily worth keeping.06:32
ryuowhat you do is06:32
ryuomkdir ~/.fonts06:32
ryuoand unpack all the font files in this directory.06:33
ryuothen do06:33
ryuothen they should be available for use.06:33
ryuothe older method doesn't allow user installation.06:34
ryuoXFS and XFT....06:34
deep42thoughtand how do I set up which font gets used?06:34
deep42thoughtCurrently I have a font which displays all characters as boxes with numbers in them :-)06:34
ryuodeep42thought: most of the time that can be configured via a toolkit utility, but it's usually third party.06:35
ryuothis is something DEs do for you.06:35
ryuobut are you even using one?06:35
deep42thoughtI *think* I use terminus06:35
deep42thoughtbut I'm not really sure06:35
ryuoi meant windowing environment.06:35
deep42thoughtfluxbox :-)06:36
ryuook... then you don't.06:36
ryuohow you configure it depends on GTK+2 or GTK+306:36
ryuobut ugh. it's been ages since I did this manually.06:36
ryuoyou have 2 main choices. configuring the default font chosen and/or overriding the default font aliases.06:37
ryuothose are06:37
ryuosans, sans-serif, and monospac06:37
ryuofontconfig is surprisingly powerful.06:37
ryuoput this in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf06:38
ryuomodify as desired06:38
ryuothat's part one.06:38
ryuopart 2 is configuring the toolkits06:39
deep42thoughtwhere do I put this if I want it system-wide?06:39
ryuough... that's a different can of worms. i've never bothered with system level configuration but it exists.06:39
deep42thoughtok, user-level it ist, then :-)06:40
ryuofor now.06:40
ryuoyou can explore it later.06:40
ryuocheck under /etc/fonts/06:40
ryuoit might be sufficient to write this as a system level option06:40
ryuobut i don't normally mess with it.06:41
deep42thoughtI just looked: /etc/fonts/fontc.conf seems to contain other options, too, so: later/never :-)06:41
ryuoit's the default config.06:41
ryuoit also includes a config directory.06:41
deep42thoughtyeah, right06:41
deep42thoughtsaw that, too06:41
deep42thoughtit's full of symlinks to conf.avail06:43
ryuouh yea...06:43
ryuoanyway, here you go.06:43
deep42thoughtI do not have any of those config directories06:45
ryuonormal. there's usually no default GTK configuration.06:46
deep42thoughtbut still the font is broken ... :-/06:46
ryuoin what program?06:46
deep42thoughtpidgin, lazarus06:46
deep42thoughtsome self compiled simple programs (with fpc) - probably also using gtk06:47
deep42thoughtgimp is another broken program06:47
ryuough. you never even said what fonts you're trying to install.06:48
deep42thoughtany font that works06:48
deep42thoughtI'm happy with the default if it works06:48
ryuoso what did you put in ~/.fonts?06:48
deep42thoughtit worked until friday ...06:49
ryuook... i wonder if the new pango broke something.06:49
ryuopango is what GTK+ uses for font rendering.06:49
deep42thoughtprobably it did06:49
ryuoin which case, nothing i can do.06:49
ryuoi thought this was some initial setup problem.06:49
deep42thoughtsry for the confusion06:50
deep42thoughtaha, I have an /etc/fonts/local.conf06:50
deep42thoughtas I said: I'm happy with any font - as long as it renders06:51
ryuoplay around with fontconfig then.06:51
ryuofc-match can tell you what fonts are being chosen.06:51
deep42thought7x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz: "Fixed" "Regular"06:51
ryuoi wonder if that's why. some fontconfigs do not select bitmap fonts by default.06:52
deep42thoughtaha, removing the local.conf fixed the font :-)06:52
deep42thoughtbitmap fonts cannot be rendered by pango anymore If I understood that correctly06:52
ryuouh, not quite?06:54
deep42thoughtswitching client ...06:54
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deep42thought... whoah, readable and everything :-D06:55
ryuowait, they develop for archlinux yet need help with stuff like this?06:55
ryuoACTION is baffled.06:55
deep42thoughtI *build* for archlinux06:55
ryuocoulda fooled me.06:55
deep42thoughtand: it's the 32-bit maintenance fork :-)06:55
deep42thoughtmy expertise ends when graphics starts :-D06:56
deep42thoughtthanks, ryuo!06:57
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pedja'just use cairo/gtk master' is the interesting response from pango devs to some of the people's complaints14:37
pedjainstead of, idk, waiting for them to actually release before making breaking changes14:39
TimB_"ne?" is a horribly german mouth art :D perfectly used14:41
weednix(: Mornings Crux !!!15:01
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weednixI'm thinking to try wasabi but to much python dependencies,15:15
weednixsorry electrum15:16
weednixnow I'm not sure, was to much late... :D15:16
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tilmanhohohoho, terribly faked accent, so funny17:22
tilmanTimB_: WRONG, it's fucking retarded. *nobody* who uses "ne" in german does so when they speak english17:23
stenurIch bin der Martin, ne.17:31
stenur(Came at once, necessarily.  He is actually dead for quite some time.  But performing.)17:33
TimB_tilman: I don't know, ne? there could be :P17:36
joacimzat video is a mockery, ja17:57
TimB_lubing every switch on a mechanical keyboard is some work... thank god for beer18:09
frinnstfun times. Cracked carbon frame18:23
john_cephalopodaOuch, that sounds expensive18:24
john_cephalopodaTimB_: You lubricate your keyboard with beer? ;รพ18:24
john_cephalopodaIs it even possible to repair carbon frames, or do you have to get a brand new one?18:25
frinnstthis is probably possible to repair18:26
[love the domain name though18:26
frinnstit's also a good excuse to go full suspension :-)18:26
john_cephalopodaI've worked with glass-reinforced plastic during my short dip into glider flying, and that stuff is really complicated to fix.18:27
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john_cephalopodaThe old aircraft were metal tubes with fabric over them. Anybody could fix that in a day :D18:27
frinnstOne of our customers construct carbon parts for boats and such18:28
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joacimremind me why peple buy ms products20:44
joacimspent 90 minutes trying to figure out why outlook wont login to a very specific account20:45
joacimother parts of office authenticates with no issues with that account20:46
joacimnever seen such issues with other clients20:46
frinnstoh come on. you know you love random profile corruptions21:41
TimB_repair a carbon bike frame? really? doesn't this fall under warranty in most cases?21:50
TimB_john_cephalopoda: not yet, thought about it though :P21:51
frinnstits pretty old and probably old crash damage that has gotten a lot worse21:52
TimB_ah ok, thought you were talking about the newer frame22:00
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frinnsti *probably* did the damage little over a month ago23:40
frinnststarted out as a small crack that I convinced myself was only paint/laquer. I've ignored it ever since :-)23:41
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