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weednixI'm having a error on GDB and solutions on the internet point to /usr/share/gcc-${versios}/python00:55
weednixbut the only thing related they also point is usr/share/gdb/auto-load/usr/lib00:57
weednixfrom libstdcxx.v6 import register_libstdcxx_printers01:24
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weednixwow I see, is remove on the port,01:46
weednix*removed on port01:46
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SiFuhThe internet is so crap in Pahang/Malaysia03:59
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jolupaHi! I think is obvious but: can a program not run 'cause it is searching some libs in /usr/lib and not /lib ?14:53
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pedjalib and usr/lib are the default library search paths, afaik14:58
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pedjarun ldd on the binary?15:00
weednixI ported etherape, but some icons don't appear, I searched, I start on terminal I see the errors but ...15:01
weednixI installed adwait (?) theme, but problem pressists15:01
pedjaerror log would be useful :)15:02
weednixport even have a patch to correct a error, wold be nice to let it more "perfect"15:02
pedjaweednix, have you tried running 'gtk-update-icon-cache' ?15:03
pedja'gtk-update-icon-cache $wherever_dir_icons_were_installed'15:05
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weednixpedja: sorry afk, will be back quick15:27
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weednixwow, so strange, git lost ~/.gitconfig ???? da hell15:30
[should have commited .gitconfig to git15:30
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dlcusapedja, did you see my email?15:36
pedjanot yet15:36
weednixpedja: will try that gtk-icon-cache the $wherever_dir_icons_were_installed is path as argument to where port adwait installs ?15:37
weednixanyway the output is here
stenurleah2: the outils/calendar commit was incomplete; _PATH_INCLUDE must include the -I.15:38
leah2it didnt before tho?15:39
stenurleah2: i updated my port with patch; had another instance installed in private path with higher priority, merde!15:39
stenurleah2: oh, my bad!15:40
pedjadlcusa, I've read the e-mail finally. I'll have to fix that, thanks :)15:40
leah2oh the -I15:40
stenurOh, it did (_PATH_INCLUDE   "-I/usr/share/calendar")15:40
leah2the . was a period :D15:41
stenurI am sorry, i did not look truly; rebuild and installed, but instance was not used, actually :(15:41
stenur(I am still hoping CRUX imports the small outils for an in-core up-to-date rdate, signify, ..)15:42
leah2still weird, let me debug15:42
leah2ok, now it works15:43
stenurOh. That -I. period was the sentence period, yes.15:43
stenurHunting for sunshine .. there it is.15:46
stenur..will do another port update round soon.  Thanks.15:52
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weednixHumm, pedja adwaita-icon-theme have a post-intall script that updates as you told16:29
weednixbut I get this error gtk-update-icon-cache: Failed to open file /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/.icon-theme.cache : No such file or directory16:29
weednixI don't had run pkginfo -o file to see what port have that missing file, because I was expecting installed as a dependency16:30
weednixstrange no pkginfo -o /usr/share/icons/Adwaita16:31
weednixwow sorry my error, not sure how it happen, missing dependencies16:32
pedjaweednix, do you have librsvg installed?16:34
pedjaor try 'gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders | grep svg'16:35
pedjaI think that the icons etherape is complaining about are svg16:36
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jolupaI was reading about pine book pro... If I go for it can i install Crux? I think there's n arm version?19:26
jolupaAlso thanks pedja for the answe for my libs question... I was comparing an ldd from obinskit fron Arch and the one in Crux and there are some libraries running in manjaro but not in my crux install... But the programs are installed...19:28
jolupaSorry not Manjaro but an Arch install... But the same I think.19:29
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