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eyenxweednix: they found someone else to continue development of floppy drivers09:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: r: clean up footprint09:43
pedjar is09:48
TimB_the best09:49
pedjahard to google for, so python is kicking its ass :)09:50
TimB_pfew :P09:50
also_uplimenerd stuff09:51
TimB_lol, exactly09:53
pedjacivilisation is built on nerd stuff. and coffee.10:01
frinnstCoffee - Do stupid things faster, with more energy10:02
TimB_I know python is big in data science as well.. I don't care for which is better, I happen to use R where I can :)10:02
also_uplimeim far too bad at math (and graphics) to have a reason to use it10:03
pedjaanaconda notebooks can run r kernel too, afaik10:04
TimB_pedja: I remember :) but rstudio is great, really10:06
pedjaso I've heard from various people :)10:06
TimB_plus all the work i put into that port.. :p I have no options there10:06
pedjaI guess python is popular with the science crowd because it is more general10:08
pedjaand pretty much all ML frameworks use it10:09
pedjaeasier to find someone to ask endless questions, too :)10:10
pedjaI had no idea how much it is used in vfx industry too10:11
pedjamore math and graphics10:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: subunit: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.011:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: cppunit: 1.12.1 -> 1.14.011:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: python3: add symlink for include, py3boost needs this and maybe others11:21
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pedjawhen I kill ff by accident, it immediately goes down. when I want to close it, it takes extra 5min of it grinding the hard disk, doing...stuff?11:41
kvikalways kill it by accident, then11:43
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SitriFF saves your session to disk as a JSON string, which depending on how many tabs you have open can be quite large12:34
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jolupaHi everyone!! There's some place when I can check the time the computer boot? I updated to 5.2 and I think it speeds a lot faster!!12:48
SitriYou can use dmesg to get the time from kernal start to filesystem mounting (in seconds I think)12:57
jolupathanks... I will see...12:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-lxml: initial import13:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-cssselect: initial import13:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: python3-html5lib: initial import13:43
pedjaSitri, iotop shows that the majority of ff disk reads is its local storage thingie13:52
pedjabarely any writes13:53
pedjait usually happens when the system hits swap and I kill the offending application not waiting for oom killer :)13:55
frinnstah the joys of a -00's computer13:56
pedjayeah :)13:56
pedjasomeone is selling 1080ti for 1100€ on a local ebay-ish site. a bit optimistic, isn't it13:59
frinnst alright I laughed a bit14:13
jaegerpedja: yeah, that seems dumb when a 2080 is around $630 (563€?)14:46
pedjaon de.pcpartpicker -700€14:53
pedjagigabyte, asus14:53
pedja2080super is +50-15014:54
jaegerNot terrible14:54
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pedjaonly a few 2070super models, which is curious14:56
pedjaapparently, 2070 super is 4% slower then 2080, which might be why they are sold out14:59
jaegerbetter price to performance ratio15:00
weednixyesterday I discovel Talos II, I was thinking wow, something for me ? ... until I saw the price ... closed the site and go to sleep.15:36
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jaegerYeah, they're expensive... I'll be watching someone else use them on youtube or something :P15:39
weednixequivalent to 10 "good" cars, or two years rent where I live XD15:58
weednixwithout ram or the top noch cpu's I think,15:58
joacimfucking economy applications with sql databases and hard coded path names for folders that i see no references to anywhere in any kind of sane settings utility15:58
joacimcustomer got a new computer and i made the user on that computer not exactly the same as it was on the old computer...15:59
weednixis a source based one joacim ?15:59
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joacimhard codded as in defined somewhere in the settings. probably the sql db16:00
joacimsomeone should make a replacement, so they can make loads of money a few years later when visma buy their entire project16:01
weednixcan you say the name of the software ?16:02
joacimuni økonomi. by uni micro16:03
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weednixjoacim: searched a bit, not that much information show up and site was confusing to me. All I got to know is that is related with backups.19:07
joacimyeah their site is a bit annoying19:16
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