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also_uplimeone last question - does anyone know if its possible to set an eviroment variable in a pam module that propagates to the login shell02:42
also_uplimeah, looks like there is pam_putenv02:45
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jolupaHi! Anybody nows if I can use elilo for booting in a macbook machine? I'm a little tired not controlling to much Grub... And I want to write what's on the menus...14:46
also_uplimeyou're flashing a macbook with crux?14:46
ryuojolupa: meaning you want to customize the boot menu?14:47
frinnstI wouldnt use elilo14:47
ryuoit's not even maintained anymore.14:47
stenurrefind has support for macs. Worked for me on MacBook/2009 and MacBook Air/2011.14:47
frinnstits dead upstream14:47
jolupaalso_uplime I have Crux installed on it...14:48
ryuoafaik efilinux or even gummiboot would be better than elilo, though they can't boot kernels like grub2 can.14:48
joluparyou yes.... Some customize... Is boring... And everytime I try to do something... Doesn't boot... :)14:48
ryuoyou can customize it, but it's not well documented. i used to generate custom menus for an ISO.14:49
jolupafrinnst yeah I read is dead.. I want something not boring... :/14:49
ryuoit's a bootloader, why does it need to be exciting?14:50
ryuoyou don't spend much time in them anymore.14:51
ryuoi guess you didn't even do that much in the early PCs either.14:51
joluparyuo yeah! Maybe I'm maniac with this things... XD14:51
jolupayesterday I read that grub can play a tune on load... But no way... :/14:52
ryuorecall grub was built for regular PCs in mind. macs aren't exactly that even if they currently use intel processors.14:53
jolupayeah I suppose that is something that Mac's can't do... :)14:53
ryuoit might be built to use the PC speaker. not all PCs have one anymore.14:54
jolupaOh! I see that's a grub theme in ports I try with that...14:55
dlcusaComplex bootloaders should be considered contra-indicated for KISS distros; however, ...  playing music while booting--really?14:55
jolupadlcusa... Yeah! Cool!! XD14:56
jolupaThe imperial march! XD14:56
dlcusaCaptain, the attack vector is increasing exponentially.14:57
dlcusaUnlike Spock, I _need_ coffee.15:10
jaegerjolupa: if you don't want to think about grub config files, grub-mkconfig can generate them for you15:42
jaegerwith that said, the aforementioned suggestions should work. efistub, refind, even syslinux15:42
jaegerwith regards to the "grub was built for regular PCs" comment, in this case we're talking UEFI rather than BIOS and it works fine on many models of macbook pro15:43
jaegerIf you have one of the really old ones with 32-bit UEFI but 64-bit system that's a bit of a pain, but anything newer with 64-bit UEFI shouldn't be a big deal15:43
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jaegerin fact I have a macbook pro temporarily with crux 3.5 on it using grub2, for what that's worth16:56
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