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brian|lfshello not sure if anyone is awake or not07:12
brian|lfsI keep getting a compile failure on pangox-compat any ideas here is my error
brian|lfshey Romster07:13
brian|lfsI tried looking on google and stuff not much of anything07:14
Romsterrecent pango broke stuff including pygtk looks like that pygtk is a dead project07:18
brian|lfshmmm ok07:18
brian|lfs\any ideas for resolution then07:19
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Romsteri haven't looked into fixing pygtk yet07:19
brian|lfsah ok07:19
Romstermaking more -compat ports to solve pygtk is the only option07:19
brian|lfsso gussing your saying pygtk is cauisng me issues07:20
Romsterno pango new version is07:20
brian|lfsah ok07:20
brian|lfswhat was the previous version lol07:20
Romsteri don't remember07:21
brian|lfsah ok looking07:22
brian|lfslooks like maybe 1.44.107:23
Romster seems to use a git commit plus a patch07:25
brian|lfshmmm ok07:26
brian|lfsya downgrading didn't work07:26
Romsteri would be more asking what needs it?07:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust: 1.36.0 -> 1.37.007:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: rust-bin: 1.36.0 -> 1.37.007:30
brian|lfskde plasma07:30
Romsterwhat a pain07:30
brian|lfsstupid question how do I pull these files on the link you pasted07:31
brian|lfsI tried using git it gave an error07:31
Romsterpkgmk doesn't know how to git07:31
Romsteryou'll have to goto that commit and hit the download link07:31
brian|lfsoh ok looking07:32
brian|lfsI"m on the link07:34
brian|lfsdon't use git a lot where do I go to click download07:34
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brian|lfsI'm getting the same error even with the patch07:57
brian|lfsand the git sourcee07:58
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brian|lfsok I've been messing with this awhile rather confused08:21
brian|lfsstill bombs out on my system08:21
brian|lfsunsign the patch and git and all08:21
brian|lfsI'm going to get some sleep I guess I can email the maintainer when I get a chance for pangox-compat08:23
brian|lfsseems like its going to be a mess to fix08:24
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joacimwarsow got a fork, and i cant find their sources anywhere...08:33
joacimthe qfusion engine it is based on is gplv2 licensed08:33
joacimthe assets from warsow is CC licensed08:33
joacimthey also made the fork not compatible with regular warsow servers and clients.08:34
joacimmust use steam to fetch it08:34
joacimtook a while to find a git repository, but im not even sure if it is the right one08:53
joacimthe git repository links to this (and it links back to it), so it probably isn't the same thing =)08:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: wine: 4.13 -> 4.1409:33
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pedjajoacim, are you talking about warfork?11:09
pedjathey want to replace all game assets, apparently.11:13
pedjaswitching to gltf2 is smart, quite a few apps can import/export those11:13
pedjablender-2.80 among them11:15
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striker1Is the cryptsetup-initrd file still provided on crux3.5 ? I installed cryptsetup from setup and can't find it anywhere13:04
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jaegerstriker1: I'm not aware of one15:55
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stenurKernel 4.19.67 compilation: 9min47 without  /sys/devices/system/cpu/smt/active, 13min56 with.18:10
stenurwow. hyperthreading on i5 8th Gen is dead.18:11
striker1jaeger: ok I build an initramfs with busybox18:25
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brian|lfsjaeger, any ideas for pango and pangox-compat19:26
brian|lfsI can't get pangox-compat to compile19:26
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joacimpedja: still wish it was easy to find sources. what i found seems to be something totally different19:37
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joacimdont know how CC works, but the GPLv2 qfusion engine definitely need changes provided back19:37
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pedjajoacim, CC0 is 'do the hell what you want', afaik.19:56
joacimforget which level of CC the old warsow assets are19:56
joacimthey're talking about copyrights of the old warsow project manager or something19:56
pedjaiirc, they talked about replacing assets with public domain/cc licenced ones.20:04
joacimthats good20:04
joacimbut it seems a waste if it is going to be locked to steam20:04
joacimwould love to see it freely available on completely free platforms20:04
pedjajoin their discord and ask :)20:05
joacimno thats a non-free platform120:06
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pedjaafaik, gpl doesn't forbid them to provide the source code to paying customers only, if they go that route.20:40
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pedjaof course, it also doesn't forbid the paying customer who got the source to make it freely available to others, too20:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: go: updated to version 1.12.920:46
joacimyeah. just think it is annoying how they go the non-free route of distribution20:47
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pedjathe majority of people use Steam to get their games, so the biggest audience21:05
pedja'The Boys' is amazing, btw21:14
joacimhas karl urban in it =)21:19
pedjaand he is awesome21:32
pedjaso is the rest of the cast21:32
pedjabest Judge Dredd ever, he is.21:33
pedjatoo bad there is no sequel21:33
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joacim"best Judge Dredd ever, he is."22:09
joacimJust finished watching that movie =)22:09
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