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Worksterjohn_cephalopoda, Alexandr Savca updated them both 12 days ago05:40
brian|lfsah Workster holiday for us in the USA today05:54
Worksterlucky for you brian|lfs05:54
brian|lfsquite the name yovtqzaslhbikiie05:54
brian|lfsI didn't copy and paste that even05:55
Worksterrandom name generator i had issues with ghosting and identifying with name already in use05:55
brian|lfsah ok05:55
brian|lfs\so its not a real name in any language?05:55
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daftaupeI'm trying to see if CRUX can fit my needs, I read, so does that imply that kernel upgrades have to be manual all the time ?12:24
Anselmoyes, kernel updates are manual12:26
daftaupeinteresting, I never saw a distribution where the kernel was not part of the provided packages12:28
daftaupethanks Anselmo12:28
Anselmoof course12:29
Anselmobut yeh, its a bit intimidating at first, compiling your own kernel, but (given an acceptably fast machine) its not much hassel thereafter usually :P12:29
daftaupeI ran the installer in a vm, the compile time was pretty acceptable as you say Anselmo, plus I guess one doesn't have to change of kernel every day too, so it's only once in a while12:31
daftaupeis the version shipped with the install iso the recommended version to run though ? or just the one available at the time the iso was built ?12:32
Anselmoits just the one that was avaliable at the time, you if there've been major vulnerabilities patched as far as I know its never updated on the ISO12:36 has an updated ISO but I dont know how jaeger handles picking kernels for it12:36
Anselmobut thats an unofficial source, properly speaking12:37
daftaupeI see, thanks, I've run the install from the -updated iso coming from, it's shipping 4.19.6112:43
Anselmoah kay12:50
daftaupebut that sounds interesting for my workstation to keep that same kernel12:52
daftaupeso no unexpected breaking changes12:52
frinnstwe generally pick the latest long-term-support kernel available at release12:53
daftaupethanks frinnst12:56
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jaegerIn addition to frinnst's comment about LTS kernels I generally update the one on the -updated ISO periodically and test that it doesn't break on the hardware I have available13:27
jaegerNo set schedule, though13:27
daftaupealright jaeger, thanks for these additional details :)13:29
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daftaupeone more question, if I understood correctly the port system, there's no binary packages mirror available, one sync the ports repo and build his own package, then install them right ?13:35
jaegerThere's no *official* one but sometimes individuals host some for convenience. One such is at
jaegerIt's not everything, though13:37
daftaupeI see, I'm trying to get into the distrib :)13:39
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daftaupe -> no httpup url for official repos ?13:47
daftaupeI'm behind a proxy at work :/13:47
daftaupeand I don't think rsync can work in such an environnement13:50
jaegerI think you can use httpup, though I've not tried it recently at all. for example,
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: squashfs-tools: updated to version 4.414:02
daftaupehehe sweet jaeger, that works !14:03
jaegergood :)14:03
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daftaupewhere did you get that URL from jaeger ?14:07
jaegerI looked at the apache config on the server, heh. I thought I remembered that we served httpup but didn't remember exactly14:07
daftaupeah, hmm could that be updated on the ports page maybe ? should I do it ?14:09
jaegerrsync is meant to be the official way but we should probably have a wiki page or note in the handbook about the alternative14:12
daftaupejaeger, I'm a little bit confused, when I see the mirrors on the download page : for example the french mirror (I'm french),, I see it has the Pkgfiles, but not the REPO and some other files14:14
daftaupeI was trying with it before14:14
daftaupenow I understand it couldn't work14:14
jaegeryeah, without the REPO file httpup can't use it... so that mirror would need to be reconfigured, probably14:14
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daftaupeok, it's just hard to know if it's my understand which is wrong or if it's something else14:19
daftaupebut for now it should be good, can I contact Thomas Penteker as stated on the download page about this particular mirror ?14:20
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jaegerHe's not the owner of the individual mirror... I've no idea who's in charge of that one, unfortunately14:23
daftaupemaybe he has a list of the owners ?14:23
jaegerlooks like there's a contact email on
jaegerat the bottom14:23
daftaupeah right :)14:23
daftaupeI'll drop them an email, thanks for your time jaeger14:24
jaegersure :)14:24
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daftaupeok I had success in updating a few ports using prt-get sysup :)14:44
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daftaupenice to see, a clean and tiny pstree14:47
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raph_aelhi, I'm one of the maintainer of, we're just syncing rsync://
daftaupehello raph_ael, thanks !15:20
raph_aelseems it doesn't sync REPO, but i don't see why15:20
crash_it's nice that i3 is in contrib, but it would be nice if i3status could be in contrib as well  :)15:57
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TimB_crash_: i can offer i3status-rust if you like17:21
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daftaupesounds good TimB_ :)18:23
daftaupeI didn't even know there was a rust port18:23
TimB_can push it to contrib, if you use it maybe there is more users than just me18:25
TimB_it's pretty fresh, but very active and works very stable for me18:25
daftaupeCool, actually I've just installed CRUX :)18:29
daftaupeMight try it soon if it becomes available18:30
TimB_you need either rust or rust-bin, first one will take some tile compiling ;)18:37
TimB_and welcome18:37
daftaupeThanks !18:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.5]: firefox-bin: updated to 69.018:55
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john_cephalopodaRomster: "Alexandr Savca updated them both 12 days ago" <-- Alexandr Savca wrote a few days ago to the crux-contrib ML, that they are leaving CRUX.19:52
john_cephalopodaAnd that those packages are free for adoption. Just wanted to know if somebody already got their sights on tor and torsocks or if I can adopt them.19:53
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TimB_i wasn't subscribed to contrib ml.. damn20:22
ryuoWho was that person?20:23
ryuotek__? D:20:23
ryuo... lol20:24
john_cephalopodaAlexandr Savca is chinarulezzz.20:24
ryuoi find the nick ironic considering they had the tor package.20:25
stenur..still not subscribed..20:26
ryuoyou know it's a sad day when the automated mailing list is more active than the regular ones.20:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: i3status-rust: initial commit, version 0.10.020:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.5]: qownnotes: 19.8.8 -> 19.9.020:55
crash_TimB_: nice thanks for putting it up in contrib :)21:25
daftaupeany idea why the REPO file is being excluded from the conf showing up in ? Because the ircam mirror seems to be suffering from this thing, the repo is syncing but not the REPO file, so the mirror is not usable with httpup21:27
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stenurI thought REPO is only for HTTPUP, it is created by httpup-repgen.21:32
stenurThat is, why would you use httup if you track the thing via rsync?  Seems to be the idea..21:33
daftaupehmm what if the mirror decide to offer both rsync and httpup ?21:33
daftaupecouldn't it just mirror the official mirror including the REPO file ?21:34
daftaupethrough rsync let's say21:34
daftaupeI looked at the REPO file but it doesn't seem to be dependant on the mirror itself21:35
stenurWell, i'd say sure. I offer git+HTTUP, and the git stuff includes this. It is kind of ugly for git users.21:36
stenur(For my ports, i have no mirror (yet).)21:36
daftaupeI'm trying to understand things at the moment, so I might be wrong regarding some things about mirrors21:39
daftaupeit's related to what raph_ael asked earlier about the IRCAM mirror21:42
daftaupeit's being displayed as HTTP mirror on the Download page, but can't be used with httpup21:42
stenurYeah, hmm, well.  I cannot tell.  Either the download page needs an update, or HTTPUP file needs to be included in rsync list.21:46
stenurRight? :)21:47
stenurThe web pages are not really up-to-date.  Often.  Mostly the wiki.21:47
daftaupeNo worries, it's just that I did try today and I was behind a sort of secured network, so no rsync available21:48
daftaupeGotta go now, bbl21:48
stenurIt seems to be a rather small actively developing community here, and so it evolves in IRC and maybe in private..21:49
stenurthen updating a wiki regarding development practices is maybe even an odd thing to do.21:49
stenurBut i really cannot speak for the project.21:50
stenurMaybe you could use a proxy?21:51
john_cephalopodastenur: I think the files are excluded in case you are using rsync and httpup in parallel.21:57
stenurjohn_cephalopoda: looking at the download page, that HTTP seems to be for ISO only, everywhere.22:01
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stenurdaftaupe: seems to me the basic repositories are not provided via httpup at all.22:05
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